I Just Thought You Should Know

This is written by one of my study buddies while we were reading the cases for our class. I have no idea what she is going through but I know that publishing her note on my blog will make her happy. Sometimes, people need to express their thoughts and feelings. By doing such, they can learn to let go of whatever is holding them from moving on. 

I'm still trying to figure out how to fit in what you say and what you actually do. I'm trying to make sense of the pain that I feel.

Do I seem overly sensitive? Do I seem overly possesive?  Well, guess what, this is who I actually am. 

You are, unfortunately, in a relationship with an overly sensitive and overly possessive girlfriend. Is it my fault now? Didn't I warn you before that I am overly sensitive, overly posssessive, overly jelous, overly selfish, overly over bull shit? 

Now you're making me feel guilty of all those personalities I warned you with! How could you be so blind not to see how much this is hurting me? You are tearing me up.  

I love you but I know longer know how. I love overly sensitively, overly possessively. That is the only way I know how... and yet you don't want it. 

How could you easily reject and hate the only way I know how to love you?


  1. I actually don't know what to say but I think for a relationship to work, both parties should work hard and work things out together.

    Thanks for sharing Gene. :)

  2. There's no one way of doing anything. There's as much best way to love as there is creative minds. Nice hand writing by the way. Very neat.

  3. So much emotion into it! At ang ganda ng penmanship! Mag-aabogado din ba yan Algene tulad mo?

  4. ah hahayy, LOVE...

    i miss starbucking :(

  5. Hmmm, I am not in the position to give any love advice. But I do agree with ate Rovie that both people should work things together for their relationship. I can totally relate with being overly EVERYTHING. And nothing much changed with my mood or attitude since 4 years ago when I entered into a relationship. I guess communication has been an important part of my relationship, so, tell your friend to learn how to talk without the nag, and learn how to listen from the heart. Instead to writing her emotions on the tissue, I think a heart-to-heart talk with her partner would really help her.

  6. i recognize the handwriting hahaha anyhoo, whoever this "overly possessive, overly jealous, overly over bullshit" girl may be i suggest if she really loves the guy try to meet him halfway. if ze bf is complaining about being over about everything, it wouldn't hurt to at least tone the jealousy and possessiveness a little, would it? to be in a relationship, one needs to understand the word compromise. difficult to do but hey, love is worth fighting for right? even if it's your own "over-the-top" tendencies you have to fight.



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