4 Ways to Save On Your Baby’s First Year

We all hear a lot of talk about how much children cost, but while there are definitely added expenses with a new baby, there are also ways you can minimise the amount you’re spending in Year One! Here are four tips on how to save:

Use hand-me-downs. Kids change sizes fast and that means that friends and family with slightly older children may be looking to get rid of things like onesies, bibs, dresses and overalls. With so many clothing changes ahead, why waste money on new clothes when you can benefit from some lightly worn ones?

Shop thrift stores or eBay. Along similar lines, there are plenty of deals to be had on clothing at thrift stores and online. One thing to note is that that it is usually recommended to buy car seats new as they can be subject to manufacturers’ recalls. 

Use cloth diapers. Avoiding disposable diapers is not only environmentally friendly, it can save a lot of money, especially if you plan on having multiple children. The initial investment may seem slightly more expensive than a bag of disposable diapers, but over time, cloth diapers can be re-used and quickly reach a point where they are much more cost-effective.

Make your own food. Once your baby moves over to solid foods, one way to save is puree your own food in a blender or food processor. Using broccoli or bananas and some liquid, it’s fairly simple to make your own food rather than spending extra money on canned food.

One last unintentional cost savings you may notice is that your restaurant expenses may drop if you find yourself too tired to go out to eat or don’t want to go to the hassle of bringing a tired baby out with you!

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