Vanity over Cups of Coffee

My friends and I can stay at a coffee shop for the whole day without getting bored. There are so many things that we always enjoy doing at our favorite coffee houses in the city. Some of these are reading our law school books, sharing insights on what we get from women's magazines and enjoying the special iced blended coffees served on our table! But our most favorite activity of all is taking pictures of ourselves. We feel ultimately happy every time we capture special moments of our bonding time. 

Two weeks ago, we visited Chicco di Cafe (Roxas Branch). Below are some of the photos taken using my handy iPad. 

Coffee. Pancake. Ham. Notes. Us.

With the girl closest to my heart - bff!

Looking forward to becoming attorneys in the future!

Yellow on a Thursday!

The only woman who knows every chapter of my story!

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