Top Revision Tips

Revision for your exams can be really tricky, for some people it seems to come naturally and to others it’s much more of task, to some people though, it can be like hitting your head off a brick wall! When you get to the point where you feel like nothing more will go in. Stop what you are doing, sit back and have a look at these top tips on some effective revision techniques that really work.

If you are having trouble concentrating, or feel you have writers block when essay writing, simply stop what you are doing. There is no need to fight a situation when you just can’t win. Leave the studying for half an hour or so, go and do something that is not too mentally stimulating and after a while, you will see, your creativity and deep intellectual thoughts will just come flooding in! At this point, run back to your desk and note everything down!

Don’t Live Under a Rock
If you feel you have to corner yourself in your room with no light or distractions from friends or family, especially if those friends tend to be a bad influence, you could be wrong. You need to discuss your study worries with your friends and piers, especially if they are on the same course as you. Simply the feeling that someone else is in the same boat is often comforting enough to inspire you to power through. If you are having trouble with the grammatical side of your work though there are loads of online guides to help such as Best custom essay for example.

Live out Your Work
A big problem for many subjects, anything from philosophy or politics to biology and media, is that they can become too theorised. When you stop imagining your subject as a real life scenario, it simply becomes an abstract paradigm in your head. Examining the effects of extreme left wing politics on the people held under those restraints for example, brings a subject to life and gives a real human face to something that has until now remained within the realms of your mentality only.

Get an Early Start
It may sound boring but the best time to take in information is the morning, after a balanced breakfast of course. So get the coffee on the boil and motivate yourself to jump straight into your work. Just think, by mid-afternoon, all of your revision will be done and you will have time to relax.

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