Play Baby Shower Bingo

If you are hosting a baby shower for a friend or relative why not add some entertainment and excitement to the event? Baby shower bingo is a game that is easy to set up and does not require a lot of expensive materials and equipment. Most people are familiar with bingo so you can be sure that most of those attending the baby shower will already know how to play the game. You can find free printable baby shower bingo cards on the internet. There are dozens of websites offering baby shower bingo games and most of them are totally free. All you will need is a printer and some heavy stock paper.

 If you are in charge of setting up the game you will need to prepare a few items; bingo cards, markers and bingo pieces to draw randomly. You can prepare the cards yourself.

Baby shower bingo cards have the same 5X5 grid as regular bingo cards. Instead of numbers use baby related words or images in the card squares. For example you can use items such as baby bottles, diapers, pacifiers, cribs and blankets. You could also use baby names or the names of the new baby’s family members. Usually the center square on a bingo card is a ‘free’ square and does not have to be filled to get a bingo.

You can also purchase complete baby shower bingo games at some baby boutiques and party stores. Or you can use your computer to design your own baby shower bingo cards.

Once the cards have been printed you will need to pieces of card stock with images corresponding to those on the cards. These should be placed in a bag and drawn randomly during the game. For card markers you can use pennies, dried beans or any other suitable material.

One person will serve as the caller and draw the pieces from the bag. The caller should set the pieces aside so there are no duplications. 

 When a player gets five squares in a row they call ‘bingo.' The squares can be horizontal, vertical or diagonal. 

 Baby shower bingo can add to the enjoyment of the baby shower. The game is easy to play and can add to the fun.

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