My Favourite Fancy Dress Themes

I love fancy dress parties; they’re so much fun and are always made better when everyone puts in loads of effort. Thankfully my friends and I never shy away from dressing up and always go all out. Every time I throw a party I announce a theme, this seems to really highlight a special event and embeds the memory of that event in the collective recollection of the party goers. Mundane parties seem to just blend into one, so to make your party really memorable, come up with an inventive, original theme! Here are some of my favourites!

Any era specific themed party is always so much fun! The fifties is my definite favourite though, because although you may not have the colour of the sixties or the glitz of the seventies, there is so much scope for boys and girls to really get into the polka dots, pin curls and bright suit jackets! The last time we had a fifties party we went the whole hog and even rented out old school cars so we could really look like fifties greasers!

At The Movies
Always a favourite because everyone has a favourite movie! Paying true homage to your movie hero always incites effort in the fancy dress department. Why not shock your friends at the next fancy dress party and go for a character in complete juxtaposition to your own personality! If you go for something really gruesome, you can double them up as Halloween costumes!

Fairy Tale
The fairy tale theme can be really fun, but you have to make sure that no one is coming in the same costume, especially within your own friendship group! Try your hardest to think out of the box with this one and if you and a lot of your friend are all going to the same fairy tale party, why not all go together as the cast of a well-known tale? For my last fairy tale themed party my friends and I went as all of the characters from Peter Pan!

Letters Party
Time to really test the creativity of your guests! For a letters party, simply pick one letter form the alphabet and request that your guests come as something beginning with that letter! It’s really fun because you will have no idea what people will come as and every time a guest comes in the door you will have a surprise! You have to make it tricky though and think of a more obscure letter, not an easy one like A!

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