Law School: Pressure with Love

Some people work better under pressure while some do not. Before I entered law school, I always prefer working without pressure and stress. However, after spending barely one month at Ateneo law school, I discovered the need for getting used to the pressure brought by my professors. At first, it was so hard. I never experienced reading text books from dusk 'til dawn nor digesting twenty cases in one night. I never felt nervous during recitations when I was still taking my bachelor's degree but when I enrolled at the professional school, I am always unsure of my answers even if I spent all my hours studying. 

However, as days go by, I started to love the idea of working hard especially when I realized that becoming a lawyer is, indeed, my ultimate dream. I also began to understand the reasons behind the pressure given by our professors. They simply want us to improve our study habits so that when the right time comes (God-willing), we would be able to pass the bar. At the same time, they also make sure that their students are determined to finish law school. Those who give up with the pressures they impose are the ones who will surely drop out at the end of the semester. Those who try to live up with the high expectations the teachers have are the ones who will (most probably) survive.

Right now, all I can say is that I am enjoying law school. I may not get my regular eight hours of sleep a day or beauty rest during the weekends but despite all of these, I am happy. I know that I am in the place where I should be. No one knows what might happen in the future. No one can tell whether I can pass my subjects or not. What matters most is that I am in love with what I'm doing. 

Earlier this day, one of the best attorneys in Ateneo said these words to the whole class:

"I have no compassion. I have no pity. My passion is teaching. I don't care if only five students pass the subject."

"I love the law school. It is the reason why I am here. I will die teaching."

"(Law school) This is where I learned to love the study of laws."

"No one will help you. No one. Only yourself."

"That is why I'm so strict with my students... so when you take the bar, you will remember the provisions and the cases."

"I'm pushing you to the wall because I want you to study. I'm pushing you to the wall because I want you to love the college of law."

Yes, she is considered as a terror teacher. She scolds everyone who can't answer her questions. She never gets satisfied with the answers given to her. She is a you-have-to-be-a-perfect-student-before-you-can-pass kind of educator. Nevertheless, I really like her. I know she only wants nothing but the best for her students. 

Wish me luck as I take my first exam on her class this Saturday. Whether I pass Persons and Family Relations or not, I will always remember everything she taught me and the whole class.


  1. I really like her too. Her speech made me breakdown a while ago. Parang I felt inadequate all of a sudden and so unworthy. We can only hope and pray to be even half the educator/law professional she is. Great work here Algene! Lotsa luck to us this coming Sat! Cheers! Xo

  2. I know how demanding law school is. I have a friend who finished law. Lawyer na sya ngayon. Super pressured daw talaga yung studies. But she said, lahat ng yun nakatulong lalo na sa actual job na. Para bang automatic na yung mga Article numbers sa isip when there is a particular case.

    You can do it sis! And I'm parying for the good results on your exams this Sat. By the way, how many units do u have this sem?

  3. good luck <3 keep your eyes on the goal :)

    Rovie, The Bargain Doll

  4. Wow! What a very strict teacher. Good luck with your exam this Saturday!



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