Davao Tour (Instagram Photos)

Cancelling all my plans today for Davao Bloggers Tour is worth it. I may have not read the assigned cases for Constitution, memorized the articles of the Revised Penal Code or studied for my upcoming Criminal Law exam but I have spent a wonderful time with Davao bloggers and photographers. It's good to explore the beautiful spots of the city together with the great people I seldom meet due to our hectic schedules.

As mentioned in my previous post, the participants of the tour are grouped into four. I belong to the Uptown Adventurers. For one day, my group was able to visit Jack's Ridge, Gap Farm, D' Leonor Inland Resort and Davao Crocodile Park. All of us had so much fun and concluded at the end of the day that indeed "Davao: Life is Here." Below are some of the photos taken using my handy iPad (edited using Instagram).

I conquered my fear of hanging bridge!
 Oh yes, I'm more adventurous now than before..

Token received from Jack's Ridge admin! 
What's inside? Well, a good shirt!

Compliments to the chef of D' Leonor Inland Resort! 
He prepared a full blast lunch for the Uptown Adventurers.

Halo-halo treat from the friendly staff of Davao Gap Farm.

It's been a long time since I last visited Gap Farm so when I had a chance
earlier to see the place again, I really took this photo. 

Thank you to the City Tourism Office for the wonderful opportunity! The tour wouldn't be possible without the efforts of the Davao Bloggers officers and people from the Tourism office. I would also like to extend my gratitude to the management of the places we visited today. Thanks for being accommodating and friendly to everyone.

More posts and photos will be published on this blog any time this week or next week. Probably, the next update will be all about the Davao Bloggers Tour and Davao Life is Here theme. 


  1. Wow! paspasa nakahimo ug post oi... Inggit ako!

    The tour is really such a wonderful experience. Super nag enjoy din ang team namin :)

  2. what a cool trip to davao. looking forward to more of your davao stories :) oh no im craving for halo halo nowww XD

  3. been to davao but havent been to hanging bridge and farm. should go there when i come back :)

    Rovie, The Bargain Doll

  4. Glad you had a wonderful time in Davao! The lunch selection looks so delectable! =)

  5. That is really a full blast lunch.. I missed eating halo halo.. Davao is the next place that my family wanted to visit.

  6. That is totally a full blast lunch. I missed eating halo halo. Davao is the next place that my family plan to visit.

  7. I am so jealous! I really wish to visit Davao and other places when I get the chance to have a vacation in the Philippines!
    Oh my, those pictures are making me hungry!xD


  8. Hanging bridges are really a tough challenge! HAHA :D Good thing you came over it. :) Nice tour!

  9. I am really afraid of hanging bridge! I am so glad you have conquered your fear.


  10. I miss Davao! I've been there 4 times in the past and have toured many beautiful spots! Your trip was really worth it :) Hope I can bring my kids there some day.

  11. oohhh!! i didn't know that Gap Farm is still "alive." we used to have our field trip there back in high school. miss that place, miss Davao too... my birth place!


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