Monday, July 30's Lovely Dress

Online shopping is one of the things I enjoy doing. There is happiness whenever I browse for the great collection of my favorite stores. It is liberating to know that I can get the things I want without actually going to the malls and other shopping places. All I need to do is to check out the available items, pay via paypal or credit card and wait for the shipping. Less hassles. More convenient.

The latest item I bought online was the Beads Embellished Bound Waist Pleated Dress from I really go crazy over dresses with pastel colors. It is the reason why I chose the yellow chiffon dress I found in Oasap. 


Monday, July 23

Law School: Pressure with Love

Some people work better under pressure while some do not. Before I entered law school, I always prefer working without pressure and stress. However, after spending barely one month at Ateneo law school, I discovered the need for getting used to the pressure brought by my professors. At first, it was so hard. I never experienced reading text books from dusk 'til dawn nor digesting twenty cases in one night. I never felt nervous during recitations when I was still taking my bachelor's degree but when I enrolled at the professional school, I am always unsure of my answers even if I spent all my hours studying. 

However, as days go by, I started to love the idea of working hard especially when I realized that becoming a lawyer is, indeed, my ultimate dream. I also began to understand the reasons behind the pressure given by our professors. They simply want us to improve our study habits so that when the right time comes (God-willing), we would be able to pass the bar. At the same time, they also make sure that their students are determined to finish law school. Those who give up with the pressures they impose are the ones who will surely drop out at the end of the semester. Those who try to live up with the high expectations the teachers have are the ones who will (most probably) survive.

Right now, all I can say is that I am enjoying law school. I may not get my regular eight hours of sleep a day or beauty rest during the weekends but despite all of these, I am happy. I know that I am in the place where I should be. No one knows what might happen in the future. No one can tell whether I can pass my subjects or not. What matters most is that I am in love with what I'm doing. 

Earlier this day, one of the best attorneys in Ateneo said these words to the whole class:

"I have no compassion. I have no pity. My passion is teaching. I don't care if only five students pass the subject."

"I love the law school. It is the reason why I am here. I will die teaching."

"(Law school) This is where I learned to love the study of laws."

"No one will help you. No one. Only yourself."

"That is why I'm so strict with my students... so when you take the bar, you will remember the provisions and the cases."

"I'm pushing you to the wall because I want you to study. I'm pushing you to the wall because I want you to love the college of law."

Yes, she is considered as a terror teacher. She scolds everyone who can't answer her questions. She never gets satisfied with the answers given to her. She is a you-have-to-be-a-perfect-student-before-you-can-pass kind of educator. Nevertheless, I really like her. I know she only wants nothing but the best for her students. 

Wish me luck as I take my first exam on her class this Saturday. Whether I pass Persons and Family Relations or not, I will always remember everything she taught me and the whole class.

Sunday, July 22

The Need for Home Improvement

One of the things that every home owner must always remember is to improve her house once in a while. It is important that she focuses on keeping her home as the best place for the whole family. There can never be comfort when the house needs renovation.


Tips on How to Start a Business

We all want to start our own businesses. Some of us dream of becoming the bosses to our own companies, whether big or small. No one wants to stay at home and do nothing. Why? Once people start to get comfortable at staying in their houses, they tend to forget the need for working hard to earn their own money. This is the reason why it is important to engage the services of a good business coach new york.

Let us all remember that success comes from our own efforts. I haven't met someone who has reached his dream without exerting great efforts. Below are some of the useful tips and tricks which may be used as reference when it comes to building new businesses.

Thursday, July 19

Davao: Life is Here

Indeed, it's a weekend to remember. Last Saturday, I spent a wonderful time with my fellow Davao bloggers and photographers for the special event "Davao Life is Here: The Davao Bloggers Tour." Different participants gathered for one day to explore the beauty of the city. All of us cancelled our plans for the weekend to enjoy the tour organized by Davao Bloggers in cooperation with City Tourism Office. There were four groups, composed of twelve to fourteen members, assigned to visit twenty-eight tourist spots in Davao city. I was part of the Uptown Adventurers.

For our first stop, we headed to Jack's Ridge where we felt the morning glory. The place was so quiet and relaxing! It wasn't my first time to visit the place because my friends and I usually go there for our dinner dates and night swimming sessions. But I never had a chance to go to Jack's Ridge during the first hours of the day. I didn't know that it is more beautiful in the morning than at night. My team mates and I stayed at Karlo's Gourmet and Coffee for some coffee treats.


Top Revision Tips

Revision for your exams can be really tricky, for some people it seems to come naturally and to others it’s much more of task, to some people though, it can be like hitting your head off a brick wall! When you get to the point where you feel like nothing more will go in. Stop what you are doing, sit back and have a look at these top tips on some effective revision techniques that really work.

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Play Baby Shower Bingo

Wednesday, July 18

Play Baby Shower Bingo

If you are hosting a baby shower for a friend or relative why not add some entertainment and excitement to the event? Baby shower bingo is a game that is easy to set up and does not require a lot of expensive materials and equipment. Most people are familiar with bingo so you can be sure that most of those attending the baby shower will already know how to play the game. You can find free printable baby shower bingo cards on the internet. There are dozens of websites offering baby shower bingo games and most of them are totally free. All you will need is a printer and some heavy stock paper.

 If you are in charge of setting up the game you will need to prepare a few items; bingo cards, markers and bingo pieces to draw randomly. You can prepare the cards yourself.

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Used Machinery: To Achieve Your Farming Goals

Monday, July 16

Used Machinery: To Achieve Your Farming Goals

The small farming units need to use their money in a proper way so that they can get profitable results by spending less. They have many requirements to face and due to this the money should be used in an effective way. They want their business to expand and achieve higher production levels. The crucial aspect to attain such results comes with saving money. Here comes in play the role of second hand machinery to taking your farming to great heights.

The second hand farm machinery comes at inexpensive costs and usually is in fine shape. The idea of saving some bucks on machinery with almost same condition of it as a new one would delight anybody. Those who go ahead with this idea are taking an intelligent decision. These people have profitable prospects in front of them and really excel in whichever farming activity they take part in. Saving money is a very good habit. When you implement this ideology then you are in the right direction and will do very well in the long run. The farming units commonly face the needs of finances and they can gain a lot by saving money as described above. When they save money then it can be implemented elsewhere, and this solution is highly desirable. This is a win-win situation and there is no way by which you can say no to it.
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Sunday, July 15

Davao Tour (Instagram Photos)

Cancelling all my plans today for Davao Bloggers Tour is worth it. I may have not read the assigned cases for Constitution, memorized the articles of the Revised Penal Code or studied for my upcoming Criminal Law exam but I have spent a wonderful time with Davao bloggers and photographers. It's good to explore the beautiful spots of the city together with the great people I seldom meet due to our hectic schedules.

As mentioned in my previous post, the participants of the tour are grouped into four. I belong to the Uptown Adventurers. For one day, my group was able to visit Jack's Ridge, Gap Farm, D' Leonor Inland Resort and Davao Crocodile Park. All of us had so much fun and concluded at the end of the day that indeed "Davao: Life is Here." Below are some of the photos taken using my handy iPad (edited using Instagram).

I conquered my fear of hanging bridge!
 Oh yes, I'm more adventurous now than before..

Token received from Jack's Ridge admin! 
What's inside? Well, a good shirt!

Compliments to the chef of D' Leonor Inland Resort! 
He prepared a full blast lunch for the Uptown Adventurers.

Friday, July 13

The Davao Bloggers Tour

Guess what? I will be cancelling all my plans tomorrow for the Davao Bloggers Tour. Instead of attending the weekend group study that my classmates and I usually do, I will be joining some of my awesome co-bloggers for the Familiarization tour organized by the City Tourism Operations Office (CTOO) and Davao Bloggers organization. There are forty selected tourism establishments in the city that we will be visiting. 


Tuesday, July 10

3 Online Sites That Give Small Businesses the Fighting Chance They Deserve

Productivity doesn't always mean cost-efficient. That's a given, and businesses understand that. To maximize their resources, businesses that have financial leverage shell out top dollar they know they can eventually recoup. Sadly, this cannot be the case for a lot of small businesses, unfunded startuppers and bootstrappers. Good thing there are free and/or low-cost online services that aim to level out the playing field between the big ones and the small ones, allowing the small ones the fighting chance they deserve. Here are three of them: 

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Partying: The Right Way

As social beings, we always want to surround ourselves with the people we like. As much as possible, we find ways to organize gatherings and host special events. During our busy days, we sometimes wish to receive invites for great parties so we can unwind and relax. There is so much happiness whenever we get to find time to satisfy our social needs.

When it comes to attending social events, it is important to take note of the proper etiquette. One must know how to act in the right way in order to avoid any problem which may destroy the party mood. Listed below are three tips to remember during parties:

Monday, July 9

My Favourite Fancy Dress Themes

I love fancy dress parties; they’re so much fun and are always made better when everyone puts in loads of effort. Thankfully my friends and I never shy away from dressing up and always go all out. Every time I throw a party I announce a theme, this seems to really highlight a special event and embeds the memory of that event in the collective recollection of the party goers. Mundane parties seem to just blend into one, so to make your party really memorable, come up with an inventive, original theme! Here are some of my favourites!

Any era specific themed party is always so much fun! The fifties is my definite favourite though, because although you may not have the colour of the sixties or the glitz of the seventies, there is so much scope for boys and girls to really get into the polka dots, pin curls and bright suit jackets! The last time we had a fifties party we went the whole hog and even rented out old school cars so we could really look like fifties greasers!
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Sunday, July 8

How's Law School?

These days, the messages I get from my friends always include the question "How's law school?" All of them are eager to know what is up with my life especially right after I entered the professional school. For my first two weeks in Ateneo Law School, I always answer "It's frustrating. Sad. Gloomy." But after I gathered all the strength I needed, started to love my classmates and fell in love with the "law", I can now tell everyone how happy I am with my decision. People can expect me to answer the question with: "Law school is demanding... but I love whatever I'm doing right now.

I look forward to finishing it in four years." It is true that law school is, indeed, a jealous mistress. It consumes too much of my time! Every single day, I have to read the assigned cases and provisions. Otherwise, I will end up embarrassing myself in front of my classmates and professors. Nowadays, I can no longer party every weekend. There are times when I have to say "no" to my friends so I can focus on my studies. Blogging has become a luxury I can't afford to do every day (unlike before). Nevertheless, I love law school... and I will always do.

Starbucks SM - our favorite study place.
Yna, Elica and I always stay there from 8am to 4pm!

Cases to read for Family Code (second exam under Persons).
Start a Successful Summer Business Selling at Outdoor Markets

Monday, July 2

Start a Successful Summer Business Selling at Outdoor Markets

The summer is the perfect time to start thinking about doing something crazy, like starting your own business. School is out and people are taking vacations. This is the perfect time for you to start thinking about taking a vacation from your job and potentially making a lot of money. This is not to advocate quitting your day job. Instead, you should endeavor to create a side job you can get started with right now. Getting started will not require a major investment from you. Rather, all you're really going to need to invest is your time and your energy into making the business a success, and you can make a lot of money.
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Sunday, July 1

Vanity over Cups of Coffee

My friends and I can stay at a coffee shop for the whole day without getting bored. There are so many things that we always enjoy doing at our favorite coffee houses in the city. Some of these are reading our law school books, sharing insights on what we get from women's magazines and enjoying the special iced blended coffees served on our table! But our most favorite activity of all is taking pictures of ourselves. We feel ultimately happy every time we capture special moments of our bonding time. 

Two weeks ago, we visited Chicco di Cafe (Roxas Branch). Below are some of the photos taken using my handy iPad. 

Coffee. Pancake. Ham. Notes. Us.
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