Hair Makeover

Three weeks ago, I headed to Tony and Jackey for an instant makeover. I wanted to change the way my hair is arranged every single day. Before visiting my favorite Korean hair stylist, my hair was completely dull and boring. I couldn't leave the house without my headband on because it’s the only tool that’s keeping strands of my hair in place. Finally, one day, I woke up and realized that I needed a change. Luckily, the hair professional succeeded in giving me the look I've always wanted since the beginning of time.

At first, I wanted a digital perm but since my hair was rebonded, the stylist insisted that I get a hair color instead. During that time, I wanted nothing but a makeover so I said “Yes.” Maybe it was one of the best decisions I ever made for the month of May for I left Tony and Jackey with a smile on my face. The stylist did a good job in bringing the life of my hair back! Aside from giving me a hair color, he also gave me a trim. In an instant, I gained bangs – something I have been wishing for a long time.

If you love your hair that much, then make sure that you regularly visit your most-loved salon and spa. It is important that you take good care of our crowning glory. There are times when budget may become an issue. During these days, you can opt for moroccan oil hair treatments at home. Take it from me, hair products made up of pure argan oil are also highly recommended.


  1. Picture, picture!

    Please show us your new look! :-)

  2. but nobody really finds a perfect cut for their face. I have been looking for it, one that sets my face perfectly but there's the fear of getting a cut and it coming out entirely wrong.

  3. i badly needed a haircut. my hair is just so dry at the ends. im rooting to have a straight or relax treatment.

  4. Picture! I have heard of the wonders of moroccan oil but have also heard that they put quite a dent in the pocket.

  5. You look so good, Algene. Prior to reading this post, I couldn't help admiring how beautiful you were on the photos and I thought it was the hair that brought it to be that. Stay pretty and blooming!

    1. Thanks for the sweet comment, sweet! :) I haven't seen you na! Let's see each other some time kung di na busy.. Gilike jud nimo akong mga photos. Hehe


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