A Choice of Taking Up Law

The first reason why I decided to enroll for the law school was because of my dad’s suggestion. He wants his unica hija to become a lawyer someday. As a good and respectful daughter, I always try my best to please him which is why I agreed to take up law. At first, I had many doubts and fears especially when my friends told me that entering law school is like getting myself into trouble. According to them, the professional school is like a battlefield and only the strong ones can survive. Instead of letting them sway me away from my decision, I used their words to motivate me into pursuing what I have chosen. 

Towards the end of the summer season, I began to fall in love with the idea of getting myself involved with the law school community and becoming a lawyer that my parents would be proud of. During that time, I realized that my choice of taking up law is based not only because my father asked me to make such decision but also because it is something that I really want from the bottom of my heart. Also, the impeachment trial of the former Chief Executive Renato Corona made me more interested in taking up law. To be honest, I barely understand what the Senators and other legislators were saying on their speeches during the trials and sessions. I am eager to learn the different laws and principles that govern every human being, institution and organization. 

Being part of the Bar is my ultimate dream. In the future, I want to see myself helping those who are in need. I wish to extend my hands to those who were denied of justice because of their low status in life and other factors. At the same time, I also aim to deliver high satisfaction to the clients who are seeking for the assistance and guidance of the attorneys at bar. The dynamic environment of the law community also excites me. There are many highly respected individuals involved in the practice of the legal profession and I want to become one of those professionals. I know that there will be many trials and consequences that I need to get through before I can make my dream come true. Whatever may come my way, I will try all my best to graduate in the law school and pass the Bar examination. My only promise to myself is “Never give up no matter how hard the situation is.”

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  1. well said and thought of.. i wish you good luck! again, in order to survive law school you need not be very brilliant (though it's a plus).. you only have to have perseverance to find yourself still willing to flip through the pages of the books..:))


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