5 Reasons for Starting a Kitten Heels Collection

Have you ever thought of yourself being as glamorous as Audrey Hepburn? Have you ever imagined seeing your names being listed as one of the fashionably best dressed ladies all around the world? Then I bet this article is a must read for you. If you are the type of girl who loves to mix and match your outfits from head to toe, then starting a kitten heel collection should be a good hobby for you.As a backgrounder, Kitten Heel or Kitty Heel is a type of ladies footwear which is characterized having a short slender heel that looks like a regular high heel. Its height ranges 4.75 cm or lesser. Such shoe originated in the late 1950s and it has been used with formal outfit for teenagers.

What we have are five reasons why we suggest that girls who love fashion should have as much pairs of kitten heels for them. So let’s get started.

1. Fashion Purposes – Purchasing kitten heels works for ladies who love to match their outfits to their moods and styles of the day. Just like other high heeled shoes, Kitten heels come in different colors, motifs and styles. If you find some time to visit shoe stores, you would see kitten heels that come in trendy forms such Peep toe, boots sandals or even closed shoes that are manufactured by famous brands such as Jimmy Choo, Prada and Marc Jacobs.

2. Comfort – if you find yourself being torn in between style and comfort, kitten heels give you both of them. Being classified as stiletto, kitten heels height enhance your sex appeal by keeping you trendy and fashionable with a subtle increase in you height minus the leg strain caused by sky rocketing high heels.

3. Training – Kitten heels are practically made to train beginners to walk with grace and beauty without worrying about being severely injured. This shoe provides you the safest way to practice the catwalk and walk like a super model.

4. Classical – despite the fact that some people regard kitten heel as out of fashion and odd, this shoe type has continued to find it spot in the limelight over the years. This is because; Audrey Hepburn gave a very strong impression and influence towards wearing kitty heels and having that classical sense of elegance just like her. Right now, you would still see famous people wear kitten heels paired with the formal office wear, the casual denims and blouse or a typical mid length dress worn on a warm sunny day.

5. Versatility – Black kitten heels is very versatile footwear. Knowing that black could be matched at any outfit, kitten heels could be worn at any time and any season of the day as they come in various types and styles.

With the promising advantages of fashion, comfort, training, classical beauty and versatility, starting your kitten heel collection by purchasing your very first pair would be a very good idea to be in style, feel good and be comfortable. So why start to think of having your very first pair of kitten heels and start a trending kitty heel fashion among your co-workers or friends.

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  1. I hope the women in the Philippines will realize the same thing too. Kitty heels are a good start to finally embrace the perilous stilettos and high wedges. But whatever, flats are so overused and need a breather.


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