Finally, Aleph

Among the best authors in the book industry, my most favorite of all is Paulo Coehlo. I love how he writes and delivers his messages to all his readers. His books are not only published to earn some revenues but most importantly, to inspire many people. It's amazing how he can create a character that reminds every reader the beauty of life, love, faith, pain, waiting, patience and all other values needed for a fruitful living.

Eleven minutes - this is the last book of Paulo Coehlo that I have read almost a year ago. Since I started to become busy with my senior year in college, I stopped reading novels. Instead, I have chosen to invest my time studying academic lessons and completing requirements. I promised myself to grab Aleph, Paulo's latest book, after my graduation but eventually failed due to my early summer plans. Now that I only have two weeks left to make the most out of my vacation, I decided to fulfill my promise. Yesterday, I headed to the bookstore and bought this:

Getting a book for myself is like buying different make up items. Both are equally gratifying. I don't mind paying for beauty products and books because these things make me happy. For the next three days, I will read Aleph and prepare myself for another round of inspiration from my most-loved author. 


  1. I am a fan of Paulo Coelho as well. I haven't read "Aleph" yet but it did get good reviews. "Like the Flowing River" is a great read too :)

  2. Share dayon about Aleph Gene. Hehehe

    I miss reading books. Puro libro ko sa una but now murag lisod na kaayo ang time...

    I miss you...:-)


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