Every Breath U Take

The latest film of Angelica Panganiban and Piolo Pascual premiered on the big screen last March 16, 2012. Before the said date, my mom and I already made plans of watching it. So, last Wednesday, we headed to Gaisano Mall Cinemas with my close friend. to see Star Cinema's newest romantic comedy film.

This movie deserves a standing ovation for painting smiles in the faces of its viewers. Everyone was laughing inside the Cinema 3 of GMall for the whole duration of the film (1 hour and 45 minutes). Every Breath U Take is truly exceptional. It's been a long time since I saw a locally produced romantic comedy film. For the previous months, Star Cinema was releasing true love story films which sometimes break the hearts of the viewers. This time, it's completely different.

There is so much joy and happiness in every scene of Every Breath U Take. The bubbly attitude of Majoy makes the whole movie interesting. How I wish every single person in my life has Majoy's strong and happy personality. She has this way of solving things without breaking down or causing too much drama. Yes, she's not a drama queen and it is something that every girl should learn.

The film is about a desperate woman who wants to find love. She believes in signs and understands that one day, she will meet someone who will change her life forever. On her birthday (also Valentine's Day), he met Leo at a fine dining restaurant and right there, she knew that Leo is her soul mate. The rain was pouring hard, the roses were there and the bells were ringing. Yes, all the signs she was looking for happened. Since then, she started to make stupid yet sweet acts just to be with Leo. It wasn't easy but she never gave up until she realized that she doesn't need a man to make her feel happy or special. Then, just like all the love stories, there was a sudden turn of event. Leo finally accepted the fact that he is in love with Majoy. The happy ending of the movie made me feel great!

See the official music video of Every Breath You Take by Piolo Pascual:

Movie lines for this movie will be posted tomorrow. Keep yourself updated!


  1. Oh! Thanks for sharing! Have not even heard about this. Late ang beauty ko talaga. Lol. Will have to watch the trailer later pag mabilis na connection. I'll watch this. Nakakaintriga yung spoiler!

  2. I heard it's a major flop. =(

  3. Wow, bongga ang bonding time ninyo with your mom and friends...

    Ikaw na jud ang pinaka updated sa movies. Thanks for sharing Gene...

  4. bakit kaya hiniwalayan ni derek si angelica gayong napaka ganda at sexy...hehe..

  5. This is the second good review I've read about Every Breath U Take! So, gonna watch this na. :D

  6. least you still have time to watch.... right Gene?
    I love the review of this movie. I am hoping to watch it! :)

    Musta ka na Gene?


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