Setting Priorities: Yes, Maybe or No?

There are times in our lives when we are left with no choice but to start setting our priorities or end up being miserable. It is important to begin looking at the bigger picture of our lives so that we can continue moving forward and making great things happen. I know this major step is not easy. When we set up priorities, we always need to give up special persons, things and moments no matter how much we try to keep all these. Maybe that is how life works. As what others say, “Life is unfair.”

Oftentimes, this action will allow us to experience difficult feelings and emotions. It could make us suffer for a moment but if we try to use our hearts and minds well… then maybe, all the worries will be gone. When all our choices are made from the bottom of our hearts, there is a guarantee that we would be able to do the right things. It may hurt for a little while but eventually, every single thing will start to get better. Years from now, we would thank ourselves for having the courage to say “no” and for being brave to leave some important things behind.

In my life, there are many moments that I am truly grateful of. For the past few years, I have received great blessings that I thought would always belong to me. My mom reminded me that some of these blessings are only passing but I never listened to what she said. I told her that some things are meant to stay forever. Well, I guess I was wrong for the nth time. She is right. Nothing can stay in my life for eternity. Along the way, there are things and persons that I would have to give up because keeping them would mean not moving forward. It pains to accept this reality but what I've said earlier, "Life is not fair."

Sometimes, we have to experience not achieving our dreams and having broken hearts. This does not mean that we don't deserve what we've wished for. It only means one thing: There are better things and persons coming. So, let us not worry when a single chapter in our life ends. Rather, let us be thankful about it and get excited for what's coming.

Learn how to appreciate every single moment that happens. Only when we do this can we begin to feel happier. Gather all the courage you have within you and start believing that things will get better. Most importantly, don't forget to smile. 

The most important thing to remember: Don't make decisions when you are happy nor when you are sad. Do not rush in setting priorities. It takes time. You have to weigh the options well. Good luck and enjoy life... to the fullest!


  1. hello dear! how have you been? i hope you're having a good time. btw, i just nominated you :) please check out my latest entry. You just deserve it! thank you. xo-jonna-xo

  2. Hi Algene! Is it finally over with you and A? What went wrong? You really gave me a puzzle. :(

    1. Ayokong magsalita ng tapos ate Kriz. :) Sobrang busy ko talaga these days. Sorry di na nakakablog hop. I will be kicking back soon. Thanks sa pagdalaw..

      Bawal ang sad face sa blog ko. Dapat :))))))

  3. I hope everything is fine with you Gene. Take care always...

    1. Never been better ate Rovs! Magbloblog hop ako bukas! Or di kaya sa Sunday! Babawi ako sa inyo :)


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