Days with Girl Friends

Whenever I go out with my friends, the first thing that comes into our minds is shopping. We always love to see each other at the mall and hop from one store to another. We feel excited every time we search for the best dresses and outfits from our favorite shops. Sometimes, we also go out on movie dates and enjoy the latest blockbuster films on the big screen. Aside from these, we also hang out coffee shops and restaurants. Nothing feels great than having talks with my girl friends at great places in the city!

However, there are times when we get out of budget. During these days, we prefer staying at my place and do different home activities. Others surf the internet and read great articles published on inspirational sites. Some prefer reading the girl magazines I have on my bedroom. But our most favorite of all is lying on my bed and talking about updates about our lives.

The last time we went to our place was two weeks ago when I had my graduation thanksgiving party. Since there are other visitors at our house, we ended up staying at the living room. To be honest, we were bored during that time so we have decided to look for great stuff on the World Wide Web. First, we visited their Tumblr blogs and see how things have changed for the past few years. Then, we moved on searching for the latest fashion trends for women. Of course, Facebook is one of the sites we visited.

Before shutting down the computer, we also looked for available online games that will take our boredom away. Paddy Power Bingo and Wonder Bingo are some of the interesting games we saw on the web. If only we have time to play Bingo, we would surely give it a try.


  1. I can relate to this. My girlfriends back in college were my roommates in the dormitory. We would talk until dawn and sleep for a while because we had to attend classes. Palaging puyat. Haha. Anyway, this made me miss them. Sila yung kinuwento ko sa reviews site ko. And I've named them and even have posted their pic at my Tagalog blog. Ikinasal na din Kasi yung isa so it drove me to write about them. Hay. Ambilis tlga ng Panahon.

    Enjoy every bit of togetherness habang anjan pa sila lagi and just around you. You will truly cherish the memories pag may kanya kanya ng buhay.

  2. Yay! Another Moolah... Share naman dyan... Hahaha

  3. Shopping is so much more fun with girlfriends! :)

  4. BTW, hope you can add me to your Link List, too. Thanks! :)


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