The Coffee Date that Makes Sense

I had another cup of coffee with a good friend of mine this afternoon. The last time I saw him was last March 24 during our commencement exercise at Ateneo Sports Complex. Since we had nothing to do for the day, we decided to meet and catch up with each other. Al is one of those persons who made my college life exciting and interesting. We've been classmates for over two years and shared the same experiences with our common friends.

As we talked about our lives, we suddenly realized how things have changed. We remembered the paper works we used to do together with our 3F classmates, our endless school requirements, our amazing yet annoying professors, our mind-cracking tests and examinations, our demanding group leaders and other school-related stuff. We always complained about these things and then... we graduated. Now, what? We are still complaining but this time, it's completely different.

Now, we complain about how hard it is to make certain decisions in our lives. Everything seems so unclear in this exact moment. Both of us know that our priorities have changed. However, we can't decide what things to consider when it comes to making our choices. Are we going to find work or continue our studies? Are we entering the law school or not? We have no idea which is the right thing to do. All we know is that one day, we would wake up and surprise ourselves.

We ended the day with a simple dinner at a BBQ house in the city. As we parted, I thought to myself: "Someday, things will start to make sense. Thanks to a good friend who shared a wonderful time with me. It's ironic that we talked about confusions but end up seeing reasons for some changes, events and happenings."


  1. its really good to keep old friends on your side. I just graduated last march. and I'm starting to miss my college friends. I hope I could also maintain our closeness like you do with your friend :)

  2. Your coffee smell great. Its hard to find that someone that you can laugh with, share a moment in time with.sip more of it



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