Sunday, April 29

Shop Wisely

Do you want to get the best value for the purchases you make? Are you looking forward to receiving great items without paying a large amount of cash? If yes, then make sure that you focus on two important things. First, learn how to identify the distributor or seller of the products. When you do this, there is a high guarantee that you would be able to select the best supplier which will provide everything you need. The second consideration is the quality of the item. It is a must that you look into the specifications well to ensure high satisfaction.


Why Couples Need to Fight

Love quarrels and fights are essential in a relationship. Sometimes, it is good for couples to express their emotions about being hurt, angry and sad. When they fight, it doesn't mean that they no longer feel the same love they felt when the relationship was still new and flourishing. It may sound weird but for some, it is a way of getting close to one another.

Some of you may disagree with this while others may completely understand. Well, what I'm trying to say is that these things make a certain relationship healthy. Couples who do not fight and settle some issues will never end up happy. Ignoring the problems will only worsen the situation. Therefore, there is a high tendency that these used-to-be loving couples will end up breaking the sweet bond that they promised to hold on to no matter what happens.

The Modern Workplace

For the past few years, there has been great changes in the workplace. Many companies are now moving from the traditional activities to the modern ones. Nowadays, different managements prefer investing in virtual offices which are less costly compared to the physical buildings. Aside from saving big on administrative expenses, choosing virtual offices can also create better relationships between the individuals employed in a certain firm. Communication is made easier with the availability of the computer networks and internet connections.

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Tuesday, April 24

The Coffee Date that Makes Sense

I had another cup of coffee with a good friend of mine this afternoon. The last time I saw him was last March 24 during our commencement exercise at Ateneo Sports Complex. Since we had nothing to do for the day, we decided to meet and catch up with each other. Al is one of those persons who made my college life exciting and interesting. We've been classmates for over two years and shared the same experiences with our common friends.


Thursday, April 19

Someday Dream

After having a cup of coffee with my close friend from high school, we decided to hop from one store to another as we search for great items that I could give to my mom on her birthday. As we were walking around the mall, we saw a big poster of Someday Dream. To be honest, I have no idea who Someday Dream is until Hershey told me that he is the guy who sang the phenomenal Hey Daydreamer. Upon hearing this from my good friend, we both decided to cut our window shopping to watch Someday Dream's mini concert at Abreeza Ayala Mall.


Tuesday, April 17

The Secret: I Promise Myself

This is a reminder about the abundance we experience in our lives. Let us live every moment with the teachings of The Secret. The Law of Attraction is working every second, minute and hour of the day. It never stops even if we are asleep or not doing anything. What we think about, we attract. So, why don't we keep on focusing all our attention and energy to happy things? 

I promise myself...
Sweeps: $500 SpaFinder Gift Card

Sweeps: $500 SpaFinder Gift Card

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Signs with Instant Autographs

Monday, April 16

Signs with Instant Autographs

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Instant Autographs for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Are you an avid fan of a certain sports team? Boy band? Or celebrities? If yes, then you would surely admire Instant Autographs. With this great item, you can already get special photos of your idols without doing many tasks. In less than five minutes, the favorite images of your most-loved icons will be printed. The major bonus is that together with the pictures are signatures of your favorite team, band and celebrities.
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Sunday, April 15

ABS-CBN Summer Station ID 2012

ABS-CBN finally launched its Summer Station ID for the year 2012. Summer is truly exciting here in the Philippines and the ABS-CBN family did a good job in showcasing the different reasons why the season is best experienced in our country. After the opening of ASAP 2012 earlier this afternoon, the most awaited station id was released. Sarah Geronimo and Gerald Anderson, together with the stunning Kapamilya stars, performed well in "Pinoy Summer, Da Best Forever."


Friday, April 13

Setting Priorities: Yes, Maybe or No?

There are times in our lives when we are left with no choice but to start setting our priorities or end up being miserable. It is important to begin looking at the bigger picture of our lives so that we can continue moving forward and making great things happen. I know this major step is not easy. When we set up priorities, we always need to give up special persons, things and moments no matter how much we try to keep all these. Maybe that is how life works. As what others say, “Life is unfair.”

Oftentimes, this action will allow us to experience difficult feelings and emotions. It could make us suffer for a moment but if we try to use our hearts and minds well… then maybe, all the worries will be gone. When all our choices are made from the bottom of our hearts, there is a guarantee that we would be able to do the right things. It may hurt for a little while but eventually, every single thing will start to get better. Years from now, we would thank ourselves for having the courage to say “no” and for being brave to leave some important things behind.

Thursday, April 12

Days with Girl Friends

Whenever I go out with my friends, the first thing that comes into our minds is shopping. We always love to see each other at the mall and hop from one store to another. We feel excited every time we search for the best dresses and outfits from our favorite shops. Sometimes, we also go out on movie dates and enjoy the latest blockbuster films on the big screen. Aside from these, we also hang out coffee shops and restaurants. Nothing feels great than having talks with my girl friends at great places in the city!

However, there are times when we get out of budget. During these days, we prefer staying at my place and do different home activities. Others surf the internet and read great articles published on inspirational sites. Some prefer reading the girl magazines I have on my bedroom. But our most favorite of all is lying on my bed and talking about updates about our lives.

Panaad 2012 at Camiguin Island

My family decided to visit Camiguin Island before the Holy Week 2012. We drove all the way from Davao to Balingwan to catch the barge headed to the said island. It took us almost ten hours to reach the place. The reasons for our delays were the rough roads in Buda and the sea travel. Aside from these, we also needed to pull over so that dad can change the flat tire of our vehicle. We reached the island at around seven in the evening. Nevertheless, we had no regrets for traveling from the city to the island.

It was worth it. Camiguin is really beautiful and full of enchanting people. There are many tourist spots that every Filipino person would surely admire. The purpose for our early trip at Camiguin is not to have a vacation but to fulfill the Panaad 2012. The last time we did Panaad (penitence) was 2007 after I graduated in high school. Since I already got my college degree, the whole family wanted to give thanks to God by walking up to the mountains. We were not able to attend the walk around the island because we left Camiguin after our 48 hours stay. 

Walkway to the Old Volcano and Station of the Cross


Sunday, April 8

Parties to Celebrate!

There are many reasons to celebrate. It could be a birthday, an anniversary, monthsarry, graduation or any other special day. During these times, one of the best things to do is to host a party. Call all your friends and invite them to come over your place for an instant get together.

Do not worry about the preparations to plan and create. In less than twenty four hours, you can already set everything up for the party. Here are some of the steps to follow when it comes to arranging and hosting a simple or grand party.

Saturday, April 7

Choose the Right Shop

Many consumers end up unsatisfied with the purchases that they make. Most of them have negative experiences for the items they pay for. There are many reasons why this situation occurs. First of all, these consumers do not focus into finding the right supplier. They do not consider the importance of choosing the shop where they are going to get the items they need. With this reason, it is no wonder why they always complain for the products they receive regret the purchasing decisions made.

For example, there are some individuals who want to get co2 cartridges and argon cylinders. Instead of researching first about the available distributors in the market, they rush into getting the products. They keep on buying without even knowing the background of the suppliers. Even if the buyers have little knowledge about the existing companies in the industry, they still continue paying for the items. 
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Thursday, April 5

Mirror, Mirror (Snow White 2012) Quotes

Did you miss my weekly dose of movie quotes? For the past few weeks, my schedule was filled with graduation requirements, special dates with close friends, family bonding plans especially now that my dad is in the country, online tasks and all other things which prevented me from going on movie dates. It was only this week when I finally had the chance to see one. It wasn't on my plan but since my mom already bought a ticket for me, I had no choice but to crash her movie date with dad.

Last Tuesday, we headed to GMall's VIP Cinema to watch Mirror, Mirror (Snow White 2012). The three of us were amazed with the beauty of Lily Collins - the actress who played the character of Snow White. Her beauty is truly exceptional. She seems like a living doll with flawless skin dressed in pretty costumes. But the most important of all is not how beautiful Snow White is. What matters is the value of the movie. My rating for Mirror Mirror is five stars. Every scene were perfectly made to show different lessons about living life, loving and believing in one's self. I would also like to commend the men and women behind this movie for creating special twists in the fairy tale story and legend of princess Snow White.


Wednesday, April 4

A New Beginning

This may sound cliché but yes, it's not the end. It's time for a brand new chapter in my life. To be honest, nothing has really changed. I'm still that old little school girl who always want to learn new things. Well, not inside the classroom. My five years in college has finally come into an end. All the sleepless nights, never-ending reports, jaw-breaking exams, special role playing activities, demanding school requirements are now gone.


Makeups for Special Women

Women are not required to wear makeups all the time. The society does not command them to get the best beauty items from high cosmetic stores or purchase signature eye shadows, lip sticks, powders, etc. Rather, they are expected to be at their simplest state. According to most people, the true beauty of a woman is seen without her makeup on. This is true but sometimes, ladies need to step out of their comfort zones and try to deviate from what is expected from them. It's good when women begin experiment on how they could boost their self confidence through the use of makeup items.

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Monday, April 2

The Best of Orlando

Are you interested in making the best out of your summer vacation? Do you want to get the most affordable deals and promos for your vacation trips? If yes, then make sure that you include the Orlando city in your top places to visit for Summer 2012. When you do this, there is a high guarantee that you would be able to enjoy the season more. 

Mother's Day Giveaway - FB Pages 2 (Test)

Sunday, April 1

Mother's Day Giveaway - FB Pages 2 (Test)

Note: This post is published ONLY for the sponsors of the upcoming Mother's Day Giveaway that I am hosting. The rafflecopter is not yet up. Giveaway will go live on May 1. Thanks!

Second Set

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