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Most of the images and pictures that I use in my blogs are hosted in Photobucket. I created a free account last year when Ms. Grace of Dress Up Your Blogs asked me to have one for The Coffee Chic's customized theme. All photos used in designing my blog's new template were uploaded on the said site. Ever since, I started using Photobucket to share different images all over the internet without paying any charges or fees. 

Everything was fine until I started hosting giveaways online. As the main host, one of the things I asked for my sponsors is to post the event's button on their blogs before and during the contests. Because of this, I have exceeded the 10GB monthly bandwidth level for my free account. Since my Photobucket-hosted images were shared on sites that have high traffic, more visitors are able to see the said photos. Therefore, the 10GB limit is used up easily.

Imagine my dismay when I visited my main blog last night and saw this...

Here is the explanation for the screenshot above (from Photobucket): "You have exceeded the 10 GB monthly bandwidth limit on your free Photobucket account. As such, your image and video links have been temporarily disabled. Your images and videos have not been deleted but will be reactivated on the 10th of the month, when your bandwidth usage resets to zero. If you'd like to re-activate your links right away, you can upgrade to a Photobucket Pro account."

If you have visited my blog last night, then you must have seen how messed up it is. To fix the problem, I decided to get a pro account on Photobucket for only $2.99. Thanks to Paypal for making online transactions fast and easy! In less than five minutes, I was able to upgrade the membership. I'm still thinking whether to renew the Pro account next month or create another free Photobucket account. What do you think? Is there any other site that allows unlimited photo sharing and hosting at no costs?

Pro Account features:
。Bandwidth - Unlimited
。No Ads - ✔
。Store or Retrieve Original Photos - ✔
。Statistics: Unlimited Pictures/Videos

$2.99 to restore all the disable images on my main blog and all other sites... is worth it! 


  1. HAHA omg that happened to me too!!! omg! what a disaster! i went pro for a yr though :D

  2. I used facebook now and make it private since some of my photos are hosted on free such tiny pic but seems deleted

  3. I don't use photobucket that much, but this one is a good read!

  4. Forgot my photobucket log in where I used to store my files in my blogs too. I created a new one so I guess I am very far from using all the 10 gb. :p

  5. alam mo hindi ko alam masyado yan..kasi ako images is uploaded directly sa blog ko..hehehe..
    la na atang free na unli now Algene..lahat my bayad..hehehe..

    pang ilan ko na ba dito for today?..hehehe.. this post! follow you on twitter, add to circle and tweet this...

    sinipag ako now..

  6. I have flickr pro, I've been using it since 2006 and love it! Sometimes, when the photos I need to post on my blog are not the catchy ones I use facebook! It's free! :D Saves you space (not directly uploading on your blog, flickr or PB) and saves your blog loading time too! ;)

  7. I am not fond of upgrading a subscription into pro coz there are still a lot of free services out there :D

  8. i have a free photobucket account too and afraid i might run into the same problem, gotta open other photo sharing acct...

  9. mine is just a free account..mmmmm..pwede makisingit nlng ko sa imu ug usa ka folder?LOL

  10. I have a free photobucket account too but I seldom use it. I use Picasa for my blog photos.Picasa can't restore the original photo size though.


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