John Carter 2012 Movie Quotes

There is much to love about the film John Carter. As expected, the maker of this great movie touched the hearts of all its viewers by sending messages of hope, love and trust.

The story is all about a man from Earth who is in search for a cape of gold. One day, he was transplanted to planet Mars because of the medallion. On his new world, he began to discover bigger things in life that really matter. When least expected, he met the princess of Mars, Dejah Thoris, who changed the way he looks at certain things. From being a selfish man, he became a savior not only for the princess but to the whole city of Helium.

After seeing the film with Abdel last Tuesday, I was reminded about important things in my life. Then I realized... Sometimes, we need to fill ourselves up with so much hope and believe that one day all our dreams would come true. At the same time, we must also learn how to trust and keep our faith.

As promised, below is the list of the movie quotes and lines taken from the Disney film John Carter.

"It is not dead but it is dying."

"Being a fool is a big luxury."

"With none to defy you and nothing to stand your way."

"He never offered an explanation. I never asked for one."

"I believe it is your concern, Carter."

"I have paid in full, Sir."

"Get me out of this jail so I could claim my gold and become filthy rich."

"I suggest you accept my offer before I get in my better judgement."

"Sir, he stole your horse."

"I thought you didn't care."
"I don't."

"My name is Captain John Carter. I'm from Victoria."

"After years of research, I present to you the answer."

"Ever since you were young, you've always met the expectations placed on you."

"The wedding could save the city."

"You must find another way."
"There is no other way. If there were, I would risk anything to cease it."

"It is the will of the goddess."
"No, it is your will."

"Grant it. And let us prepare ourselves for the wedding."

"You prize this highly than my judgment?"

"You will not rule today."
"Not today."

"The voice of Barsoom. You can hear it if you choose."

"How did this happen? Who is to blame?"

"There is no room for another mark."

"If that's how you treat your bride, then it's no wonder why she ran away from you."

"You let me know when it gets dangerous."

"I surrender. You will keep me a captive."

"You are ugly but you are beautiful."

"No, I don't fight for anyone."

"You made a difference today."

"Explain to me how you do it."

"Name your price."
"I'm not for hire."

"There are no seas in the planet."
"You said planet?"

"What if I could bring you there?"
"What if I don't trust you?"
"Then we're even."

"Where you go, she goes."

"Still playing the mad man?"
"Or the liar?"

"I didn't run away. I escaped."

"You're the only one worthy of him."

"That must be a beautiful sight."

"We may have been born worlds apart but I know you John Carter. I knew. I felt the heart of a man willing to lay his life for others."

"With the two cities united, anything is possible. All you need to do is marry me."

"You are expected to bow in my presence, Captain John Carter."

"Will you stay and fight for Helium?"

"A warrior may change his metal but not his heart."

"We are eternal."

"I told you I would follow you anywhere."

"When I saw you jump into the sky, I took it as a sign that something good is going to happen in this world."

"We're strong because we despise weakness."

"I claim the right of challenge."

"And I am yours forever."

"You've changed your metal..."
"And heart. Will the princess of Mars consider a marriage with a coward man from Virginia with nothing to offer?"

"John Carter of Earth. Yep, John Carter of Mars sounds better."

"Be my protector. That is if you're willing."

"Fall in love. Write a book."

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  1. I haven't watch this movie, hmmm I think I should. I've read some not so good impressions about it that's the reason I decided not to as of this moment.

    1. i dont understand why it didnt do so well at the box office.... i thought it was a great movie... i enjoyed it

  2. Wow, those are alot of quotes. How do you manage to remember all of them while watching an amazing movie? All I can remember at the end of the movie is the storyline. :D

  3. Wow its nice story. Till now i didnot watch this film. But your quotes make me to watch this movie. So after watching this movie i will shar my experience.

  4. hi,
    this movie quotes are so amazing to read... i love this movie quotes only....

  5. Sis, you're an excellent reviewer talaga! I admire your writing skills. Basta, kayo na yan na magagaling mag-umingles.. Spoiler ka na din! I love it!

  6. hi,
    this carter 2012 movie quotes article is so intrusting...

  7. I haven't watch this movie yet, maybe next week. Nice inspiring quotes BTW.

  8. 5 stars for the movie...i have watched it last weekend :)

  9. Just saw "John Carter." It fracking rocks!

  10. I'm seeing it for a third time tomorrow.


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