Gold Wedding Bands

Gold has been used for centuries in jewelry.  In fact the Incas had so much gold that they would paint it.  What a nice problem to have. Gold wedding bands are the most popular of all newly purchased wedding bands. 18 karat gold looks magnificent and if it can be afforded is a great choice for you wedding band.  Some people don’t like the look of yellow gold so they go with white gold or some other type of white metal.  Silver is a good white metal along with palladium and platinum. There is even a new alternative metal cobalt chrome. Cobalt rings look an awful lot like platinum or palladium. They hold up much better and are a lot less expensive.  So you have a lot of options if gold doesn’t suite your needs. You can go to most any jewelry and try on rings.  Men usually go with a comfort fit band.  A lot times when a man gets married it is his first time wearing a ring so you want it to be as comfortable as possible.


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