Unofficially Yours

As Star Cinema says, Unofficially Yours is the perfect Valentine movie date for the year. I couldn't agree less with them. After seeing the film with Abdel this afternoon, I have witnessed the different reasons why people should watch it. And yes, I can certify that this is one of the most touching and heart warming Vday flicks!

John Lloyd Cruz and Angel Locsin starred in the movie where they played as friends with benefits. They are certainly not in a relationship for they have chosen things to stay that way. However, they act like a real couple, only with fewer hassles, commitments and expectations. The story revolves around how both of them tried to control their feelings but eventually ended up falling for each other. Macky is the type of man who loves deeply and is willing to do everything for the one woman he admires. On the other hand, Cess is the kind of lady who fears falling in love after she got her heart broken by a previous partner five years ago. In the beginning of their pseudo relationship, both Macky and Cess agreed that they should never establish an emotional connection between them. But then one day, they woke up and realized how things have changed. In short, man falls in love with a woman who doesn't want to fall in love.

There are some of the things I would like to highlight from Star Cinema's official Valentine movie.
  • Being in a fake or pseudo relationship is never a win-win situation. It will never be. In this kind of set up, people involved cannot make certain demands and expectations. They do not have the right to do such because in the first place, they are bounded by the terms of not falling in love with each other. The common purpose for establishing the said relationship is to avoid having broken hearts and promises. But in the end, there will always be that one person who will get his or her heart broken especially when the other individual chose to leave than stay.
  • Do not adjust your life for love. No, don't take this negatively. I know that there are some changes that we need to make when it comes to loving someone or being in a real relationship. However, one must not allow his or her partner to dictate the kind of life he or she has to make. The couple should learn to find their own interests and likes in order for them to compliment one another. Just because the man is doing *insert activities, hobbies or interests* doesn't mean that the woman has to do the same thing. Imagine the kind of relationship that they will have. 
  • There are second chances. Life is never fair and perfect. There are times when people fail on their first attempts but they should learn to understand that it's okay. Instead of giving up and trying some other things, they must grab the second chances presented on them. Sometimes, when least expected, the world turns upside down and life presents great surprises.

I highly recommend that you want Unofficially Yours. Head on to the nearest cinema and grab your movie tickets! A little reminder though: Do not bring kids or children with you. Below is the official trailer:

This is the second Valentine movie I have seen at Gmall's Red Carpet Cinema. The other one was The Vow which was starred by Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams.


  1. sorry algene, i purposely did not read this post kasi papanuorin ko to soon! haha. Namiss lng kita. At nga pala, nailink ko na ng bongga ang Lahat mong blogs sa lahat ng blogs ko. At pati badges! San ka pa! Ariba!


  2. I love Angel and JL but I won't watch this on the big screen. But Star Cinema has improved in their poster-making. That one is Hollywoodish.

  3. Thanks for sharing a review Algene! Will watch this! :)

  4. nice movie, galing nila pareho.. :)

  5. awww :) i like Angel! pumayat na ba sya ulit? looks like it :)

    ngayon lang ako nakadalaw dito, al. sorry. hindi kasi nag-a-appear at nag-u-update sa dashboard ko yung blogs i follow at all times, kenez, ang dami ko na palang na-miss dito :( di bale, mag-ba-back read ako maya maya pagtapos ko mag work :)

    musta ka na din pala, al? busy pa din sa school?


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