The Coin Purse

When it comes to managing our finances, it is important that we do not only focus on keeping bills. Instead, we must learn how to value every penny in our pocket or wallet. Sometimes, we tend to disregard the value of coins thinking that they have less purchasing power. But, the truth is, one single centavo or penny is highly valuable. Without it, we can never have bills.

Well, that was one of my realizations when I received this cute coin purse from by cousin / high school close friend. She knew perfectly that I always neglect the importance of keeping my coins. We have been together since our childhood years and she must have noticed that I place my centavos and peso everywhere. So, imagine my the happiness I felt when I got the vintage-styled purse from her. 

Anyway, this present was given to my last February 13, 2012 when we had our dinner at Ranchero Abreeza together with our HS friends and boyfriends. To dear cousin Brizza, thank you so much for being thoughtful! With your gift, I can already keep my coins and organize my stuff. Your simple act allowed me to examine how I have been handling my finances. It was like a wake up call telling me to value every single peso and dollar that I have. 


  1. a penny saved is a penny earned ;)

    pero uy, ang pretty pretty naman ng coin purse na 'to!!! gusto ko din. hehe!

  2. What a cute coin purse!! Mine is a sock with the same clasp as yours! :D

    Also, I have a coin jar so that every member of the family can throw coins in it when/if they have extras.

  3. Very true. Thanks for sharing. Love the coin purse too.

  4. New follower from the blog hop. :-)

  5. THAT is adorable!!! My daughter would flip over this!!

  6. The coin purse is soooo cute! So kikay! Pag ganyan coin purse ko gaganahan din ako magtago ng coins. Hehehe

  7. Omg! I badly needed a coin purse right now! Cute din dapat like that! Lol!

  8. Pretty in pink ang purse...

    Ako kay super enjoy sa coin purse from Cambodia. Nice jud pag naay coin purse kay dili pakalat -kalat ang mga coins...


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