Wednesday, February 29

Facebook Page New Timeline

Many Facebook users have expressed their sentiments about the new changes that are taking place on the said social networking site. They are completely pissed off with the new timeline that was introduced by Mark Zurkerberg and his team last year. For 2011, the timeline made by Facebook developers is only available for the users who wish to take advantage of this update. However, when 2012 came, almost all user profiles were upgraded to timeline. After the changes have been made for the profiles, the next thing affected by the updates was Facebook groups where admins can already add Timeline Cover Photos to establish their own brand. As expected, Facebook pages will follow.


Monday, February 27

The Coin Purse

When it comes to managing our finances, it is important that we do not only focus on keeping bills. Instead, we must learn how to value every penny in our pocket or wallet. Sometimes, we tend to disregard the value of coins thinking that they have less purchasing power. But, the truth is, one single centavo or penny is highly valuable. Without it, we can never have bills.

Well, that was one of my realizations when I received this cute coin purse from by cousin / high school close friend. She knew perfectly that I always neglect the importance of keeping my coins. We have been together since our childhood years and she must have noticed that I place my centavos and peso everywhere. So, imagine my the happiness I felt when I got the vintage-styled purse from her. 


Sunday, February 26

Who is Simsimi?

When Apple released the iPhone 4S with the brand new Siri, it became the talk of the town. Most of the users enjoy how Siri made their lives easier. However, in the case of the Filipinos, Siri as a virtual assistant is not really helpful. Because of this, most of the latest iPhone users in the country are not able to take advantage of its availability. With the coming of Simsimi, things have changed. This collaborative chatting robot is not as smart as Siri but it is more fun and exciting to use. This iPhone app can be downloaded for free on the AppStore. As of the moment, my version of Simsimi has a low resolution because I have installed it on my iPad 2.


Friday, February 24

DLSU restages A Fire in the Soul: A Cantata

When someone asked me to post about the Press Release of an upcoming Lasallian event, I didn't hesitate in accepting it. In fact, I immediately submitted my e-mail address for the materials. The reason about my delight in posting "A Fire in the Soul: A Cantata" is caused by my dedication to my Alma Mater. I spent 10 years of my school life in De La Salle John Bosco College. During those years, I've learned about the ways of the Lasallian brothers and how they inspire everyone in the community. And yes, I must say, they are some of the individuals who brought to me to where I am now. To all the Lasallian brothers out there, especially to Bro. Arian, thank you so much for inspiring and encouraging us!
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Win $50 Today (24 hours only)

These are the Facebook pages to follow for the $50 Friday (2/24/12) After liking all the pages below, don't forget to go back at I Heart Giveaways and submit your entries on Rafflecopter. Good luck!


Wednesday, February 22

Hit the Streets with Stylish Casual Fashion

After a day’s full of work who would want to spend the rest of a fun evening in their high heels? A lot of working women are now gearing towards smart fashion which is basically putting together pieces of clothing that is appropriate for work but at the same time could be easily transformed into casual outfit with just a few changes. But during the weekends or on your day off from work, wouldn’t it be nice to finally wear something comfortable less formal than corporate attire?

A lot of people has taken the word “casual” into a whole different level, going out in sweatpants that are not only unflattering but truly not a fashion statement. Casual fashion does not have to mean plain and boring. Keep up with the latest trends and learn how you can put together a casual outfit that could surely make heads turn once you hit the street.

Top Five Ads that Use Humour or Romance

What makes an advertisement stand out to you? Is it one that features a catchy jingle, or one that's romantic? Some of the best ads are those that feel like short films, but one of the most important elements in memorable ads is humour. Although defining what is "funny" can be difficult due to differences of consumer opinion, there are a few classic ads that definitely fit the bill. The following are five of the most memorable funny or romantic ads from the past decade that you may already know and love, or which may be complete new to you. Enjoy!  
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E-commerce: Making Life Easier

In these modern times, different people in the market can already make certain transactions by simply using the availability of the internet. Sellers can now introduce their products and brands through their websites and all other online resources. On the other hand, consumers and buyers can already make their purchase without leaving the comfort of their homes. 

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Monday, February 20

Valentine's Dates with Loves

Most of us think that Valentine's day is all about celebrating the sweetest moments with our partners. However, this is not completely correct. We have to remember that the true essence of Valentine's is expressing our admiration and gratitude to the persons we love. It does not necessary mean that the persons we love refer to husbands, wives, boyfriends or girlfriend. When we speak of the words loved ones, we should think not only of our partners but also of our friends and families. 

My date and I wanted to make our Vday celebration simple and memorable. So, the very first thing we did was to see my close friends and dine together with them at Ranchero Abreeza. Hershey, Brizza, Via Grace and Jenard spent some of their time for a wonderful dinner date at the classy restaurant. For more images and stories about how our night went, click Valentine's Dinner at Ranchero

After having some quality bonding moment with my close friends, we decided to spend the whole Feb. 14 together. Because of my classes, we weren't able to go to different places but hey, I'm not saying that my Vdate with him wasn't perfect! For our lunch, he picked Antonio's Grill and Bar Restaurant in SM City. Filipino foods make us really happy so we chose these sumptuous food orders! Want to see more of our food adventure about this place? Read Lunch at Antonio's Grill and Bar.

With my love for coffee, it is no wonder why he invited me for some coffee lovin' treat! It's good to know that he is aware of all the things that could make me feel happy and glee. We both ordered for the Cappuccino Float and Strawberry Vanilla Blend. Check Coffee Bar on Vday and learn why I think he 

Now, it's your time to share the sweet moments you had last Feb. 14. Well, how did it go? 

Saturday, February 18

Unofficially Yours Movie Quotes

Since I wasn't able to manage my time well for yesterday, I forgot to post the movie quotes for the latest Vday flick - Unofficially Yours. But I am perfectly aware that it's never too late to share these great lines from the Star Cinema's ultimate Valentine date movie. If you haven't seen the film yet, then I strongly recommend that you close my blog and come back when you are already done with it. What's the reason? Well, I might spoil everything with these quotes!

"Diba nga mas madali mag-'new life' kapag hindi ka attached?"

"Bakit dyaryo? Bakit hindi nalang tv? Radyo? O Blog?"
"Dahil ang tao ay naghahanap ng mahahawakan, hahaplusin at aamuyin."

"And you learn from her."

"You said your marriage is worth fighting for, then why are you not fighting for it? Why are you running away from it"

"Bakit ka magso-sorry? Ah gusto mo ng round 2?"

"Akala ko ba gusto mo ng bagong buhay?"
"Oo, pero hindi naman ganun kabago."

"Alam mo ang choosy mo. Baguhin mo na ang rule, patol na sa ka-work."

"Kung gusto mo maging magaling na reporter, dapat hindi ka matatakot magtanong."

"Ano yan?"
"Ano ibig sabihin niyan?"
"Coffee. Antioxidant."
"Malabo ba?"
"Ang ano?"
"May tayo na pala Cess. Hindi mo man lang sinasabi."

"Seryuso ako. Promise."
"Ingatan mo ang salitang yan ha - Promise... Huwag kang magpromise kung 'di mo kayang gawin."

"Unforgettable kasi wala ka ng hahanapin pang iba. Lahat ng kailangan mo, andun na.  Kaya kung idi-describe mo in one word - Perfect."

"Precisely. Okay lang. It has to be better."

"Kung gusto mo maging writer, kailangan mong gamitin ang five senses mo."

"Ang sinasabi ko lang 'tol kaya mong i-adjust and buhay mo depende sa buhay ng mahal mo."
"Alam naming kaya mong magmahal. Eh, ikaw ba kaya ka bang mahalin ni Cess?"

"Cess, kontento ka na ba talaga sa ganito?"
"Anong ganito lang?"
"Yung ganito lang. Yung casual lang."
"Yung sex lang?"
"Hindi mo ba hinahanap maging in a relationship?"
"Hindi rin."
"Bakit naman ako kukuha ng ipu-pukpok sa ulo ko? Ang ending nun, hiwalayan lang. Di na uso 'yun ngayon."

"Love? Lilimitahan ka lang niyan. Ang dami-daming magagaw kung hindi ka lilimitahan sa love na 'yan. Higit sa lahat, paiiyakin ka lang niyan."
"Napaiyak ka na?"
"Sino ang hindi pa?"

"What if siya lang makakapag-pasaya sa'yo?"
"Kaya kong pasayahin ang sarili ko."

"What if I fall in love with you?"

"Hey hey. Eye to eye. Heart to heart."

"Hindi kasama 'yun sa set up niyo. Tsong, ipaintindi niyo sa sarili niyo. Macky, masasaktan ka lang."

"Seryuso, I love her. Handa ako sa lahat, handa ako sa kaya niyang ibigay... At oo, kung mangyari man, handa akong masaktan."

"Hindi pwede yung sino-sino lang. Dapat yung the best."

"Hindi mo naman kasi kailangang gawin eh."
"I know pero gusto ko."

"Yan kasing set up niyo na ganyan, hindi pwedeng walang ma-in love."

"Tama na."
"Stop being so nice. Lalo mo akong pinahihirapan eh."
"Ganito lang naman ako dahil mahal kita. I'm sorry Cess. Alam kong wala sa usapan yun pero ito na yun eh. Mahal na mahal kita... Hindi ko na rin kaya magkunwari na naiintindihan ko pa kung ano ang meron sa atin. Hindi ko na gusto. Mamahalin kita ng buo. Aalagan kita Cess. Payagan mo lang ako. Pwede pa bang maging tayo?"
"Gustohin ko man, hindi ko kaya."
"Bakit? Huwag na nating gawing kumplikado. Isa lang naman ang tanong dito eh. Mahal mo rin ba ako?"

"Grabe. Wasak. Halos wala ng matira sa akin nu'n. Kahit respeto sa sarili ko, tinangay niya na rin 'yun eh. Ang tagal kong bumangon, gumapang... Pinipilit na tumayo. Nabuhay kung ano man yung natitira sa akin. Kaya sinabi ko na hindi na mauulit yun. Pero eto na naman, may isang tao na naman sa harap ko na hinihiling na mahalin ko. Gustong-gusto kitaing mahalin Macky pero natatakot ako. Natatakot ako na baka muli akong masaktan. Wala ng matitira sa akin. Kung nakilala lang sana kita noon, 'nung kaya pa nito (puso). Kaya lang hindi na eh."

"Well, I had to leave her."
"I can imagine kung gaano kahirap sa'yo yun."
"No, that was easy. I took the accident as a sign."

"Ako ang kaya ko lang gawin ay ang mahalin ka, ang maghintay sa'yo at umasang isang araw kakayanin mo ng magmahal ulit. Pero 'wag kang mag-alala, hindi kita pipilitin kasi naiintindihan kita."

"Aminin mo na Cess."
"Bakit ganun? Bakit parang hindi ka nag-sasawang masaktan?"
"Hindi naman. Hindi lang ako napapagod magmahal."
"Hindi ka napapagod?"
"Eh paminsan-minsan. Napapagod din, syempre."
"Oh bakit ayaw mong tumigil?"
"Bakit ako titigil? Pwede naman akong huminto sandali."
"Kahit ilang besas ka ng umasa? Masaktan?"

"Naniniwala ako na may nakalaan na tao para sa bawat isa sa atin."

"Ang importante, masaya siya kahit hindi ako ang dahilan ng saya niya."

"Sa isang daang libong bagay na pinipilit, may isang bagay diyan na hindi mo kayang tanggihan."

"She is loving. She is generous... And she will never give up on you.... She is someone who is selfless enough to share her passion, knowledge and heart."

"There is one final lesson: Higit ka pa sa isang daang libong bagay na pwede kong tanggihan sa buhay ko."

"Kahit sa'n pa man, ang aking isisigaw: Ikaw ang aking mahal."

For more movie quotes about the flicks I have seen with bf, click here.

Thursday, February 16

Unofficially Yours

As Star Cinema says, Unofficially Yours is the perfect Valentine movie date for the year. I couldn't agree less with them. After seeing the film with Abdel this afternoon, I have witnessed the different reasons why people should watch it. And yes, I can certify that this is one of the most touching and heart warming Vday flicks!

John Lloyd Cruz and Angel Locsin starred in the movie where they played as friends with benefits. They are certainly not in a relationship for they have chosen things to stay that way. However, they act like a real couple, only with fewer hassles, commitments and expectations. The story revolves around how both of them tried to control their feelings but eventually ended up falling for each other. Macky is the type of man who loves deeply and is willing to do everything for the one woman he admires. On the other hand, Cess is the kind of lady who fears falling in love after she got her heart broken by a previous partner five years ago. In the beginning of their pseudo relationship, both Macky and Cess agreed that they should never establish an emotional connection between them. But then one day, they woke up and realized how things have changed. In short, man falls in love with a woman who doesn't want to fall in love.

There are some of the things I would like to highlight from Star Cinema's official Valentine movie.
  • Being in a fake or pseudo relationship is never a win-win situation. It will never be. In this kind of set up, people involved cannot make certain demands and expectations. They do not have the right to do such because in the first place, they are bounded by the terms of not falling in love with each other. The common purpose for establishing the said relationship is to avoid having broken hearts and promises. But in the end, there will always be that one person who will get his or her heart broken especially when the other individual chose to leave than stay.
  • Do not adjust your life for love. No, don't take this negatively. I know that there are some changes that we need to make when it comes to loving someone or being in a real relationship. However, one must not allow his or her partner to dictate the kind of life he or she has to make. The couple should learn to find their own interests and likes in order for them to compliment one another. Just because the man is doing *insert activities, hobbies or interests* doesn't mean that the woman has to do the same thing. Imagine the kind of relationship that they will have. 
  • There are second chances. Life is never fair and perfect. There are times when people fail on their first attempts but they should learn to understand that it's okay. Instead of giving up and trying some other things, they must grab the second chances presented on them. Sometimes, when least expected, the world turns upside down and life presents great surprises.

I highly recommend that you want Unofficially Yours. Head on to the nearest cinema and grab your movie tickets! A little reminder though: Do not bring kids or children with you. Below is the official trailer:

This is the second Valentine movie I have seen at Gmall's Red Carpet Cinema. The other one was The Vow which was starred by Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams.


Monday, February 13

10 Looks for the Perfect Valentine's Date

Whether you have a romantic dinner with your beau, a hot night out with your girlfriends, or a quiet get-together with your family penciled in on your calendar, there is only one thing that every woman needs on this one special day in February—a Valentine’s Day outfit that is fit for any of your plans. From playful pairings to elegant ensembles, Unarosa has put together 10 of the best looks to keep you looking poised and polished throughout any date.

A vintage-inspired frock or a polka dot ’60s number is perfect for a dinner at a kitschy restaurant, while a red-hot dress will surely turn heads at the hottest clubs in Manila. Dress up a chic jumpsuit with a bright, floppy hat for an effortlessly striking look, while pairing bright-colored shorts with a myriad of tops—from cut-out button-downs, sheer batwing blouses, to oversized knit sweaters—will be best for a more laid-back date. Whatever is on the menu, trust that Unarosa will make it easier for you to make the night even more special with these chic looks.

French Kiss
Dress up a chic jumpsuit with a bright, floppy hat for a Parisian daydream come true

Date Night
Go from office meeting to dinner date with these red trousers, zippered top, and gray jacket

Love Print
Don a cut-out button-down shirt and a flirty printed skirt for a fresh look

Find Love
Play a little peek-a-boo with a cut-out sheer top and bright-colored shorts

On the Dot
Don't late for your date—just finish off this polka-dot piece with a red belt

Vintage Valentine
Let your unique personality shine in floral frock topped with statement earrings

Hot Date
Be the center of his attention in this red-hot number and feathered neckpiece

Black Valentine
The classic silhouette this floral tube top and midi skirt pairing makes can take you anywhere

Short Story
Get ready for a fun night-out by playfully pairing a loose top with tailored shorts

Secret Love
Get a little mystery going in a deep-colored dress topped with a black cardigan

Find just the right ensemble for that one special day at Unarosa.

Unarosa is located at 5/L Shangri-La Plaza, 4/L The Block, SM North Edsa, 2/L Annex II, SM Fairview, 2/L Bldg. A, SM Megamall, G/F Shoppesville, Greenhills, and L1 Marquee Mall, Pampanga.

For more information on Unarosa, log on to For more updates, like Unarosa on Facebook, or follow Unarosa on Twitter, .

Sunday, February 12

The Vow Movie Quotes

The story of The Vow is inspired by true events which is one of the reasons why the film captures the heart of its viewers. After a traumatic accident, Paige was in a coma and when she wakes up... she can't remember her life with Leo. The question now is "Can the love of a lifetime find a second chance?" As what Leo said, "Life is all about moments of impact... And how they change our lives forever. But what if one day, you could no longer remember any of them?"

Below are some of the quotes from the sweetest Valentine movie for 2012. 

"I would do anything for love."

"Hey I have a theory that a girl gets easily pregnant when she does it in a car."

"My theory is that these moments of impact... that these flashes of reality that turn us upside down... change us."

"One of my absolute favorite moments."

"You have impressive powers of observation."

"Oh, I'm so in love with you. It's insane."

"The truth is we're sum of all the moments we've experienced with all the people we've ever known... and these moments become our history."

"I vow to always hold you to tenderness.... to live within the walls of your heart and to call call it home."

"I vow to love you now and forever. I promise to never forget that this is once in a lifetime love. I vow to love you and no matter what challenges may carry us apart, we will always find a way back to each other."

"To take each other as spouses forever."

"You totally love me."
"I do."

"You know who I am, right?"
"Yes... you're me doctor."
"I'm your husband."

"She can't remember me."

"So that's my theory. That these moments of impact define who we are."

"But what if one day you could no longer remember any of them?"

"So we're married."
"And I have weird hair."

"I'm just worried if she can't remember you, how can she remember she's in love with you?"

"You'll come home where I can take care of you."

"Her life with me is our natural routine."
"Yes... and she can't remember that life."

"The best thing to do at this point is to go back to a life with me."

"Come home with me."

"Are you honestly not gonna leave me alone?"

"That's a lot to take in. That's total bullshit."

"To have the patience that love demands."

"I don't know your number by heart so I called my mom."

"Maybe I'm gonna wake up tomorrow and remember everything."

"Only you can dump a guy and come back with demands and answers."

"I'm trying to help you. But I'm not your punching bag."

"This is hard for me, too, Paige."

"Do you wanna regain your memory?"

"I need to make my wife fall in love with me again."

"You can't remember how we met and you can't remember how we fall in love... We can experience it over again."

"But it was the greatest event in my life."

"I miss you. I miss our life together. I love you."

"Every thing I fall in love with Paige, it is still there."

"We still belong together."

"The thing is she outgrew you."

"Your memories are not coming back. The fact is I'm still a stranger. I'm trying not to hurt you. It's just that I'm tired of disappointing you."

"Wedding disasters have a way of turning it to great stories."

"I hope that one day I'll begin to love the way you love me."

"You used my accident to rewrite the past?"

"He cheated on you with my friend. How could you stay with him?"
"I was ready to leave. Then one afternoon, I was alone at the house and I started looking at the pictures of you and your sister. And the house seems to be filled with us. I realized that is the important moment in my life and I couldn't just go."

"I chose to stay with all the right things he had done and not to leave with the one mistake he did."

"I'm not the old me. I'm just me."

"I have to discover what it's like to live without you... on my own."

"I've decided to leave law school and I decided to get an apartment in the city. This is not about you or with what you've done. This is all about me and who I want to be."

"A moment of impact."

"That's the thing about moments like these... No matter how hard you try to control, you just need to wait until the next collision."

"I vow to help you love life, to speak when words are needed, to share silence when they're not."

"My hands remembered what my mind forgot."

"You said everything. You accepted me for who I am and not for who you wanted me to be. I just want you to be happy."

Credits to the owner of the photos above: The Vow Official Movie Site
Read my quick review about The Vow Movie 2012

The Vow

Everything seems to be perfect for my movie date with Abdel today considering the fact that we both watched The Vow. It's been months since we waited for this film to screen on the cinema. So imagine our relief when we finally had the chance to witness the greatest Valentine movie of the year 2012. 

Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams did a good job once again by portraying the husband and wife characters in the said movie. After the success of Dear John and The Notebook, everyone is probably excited for the team up of the great stars.

The story is basically about a sweet couple who are perfectly happy with their lives until they had a car accident one night. Unfortunately, only Leo (Channing) got a chance to go back to his normal life and routine. On the other hand, his wife Paige (Rachel) forgot the past five years of her life which was shared with Leo. All she can remember were the days she spent with her family and ex-fiance Jeremy. It broke the heart of Leo but he never gave up in reminding Paige how beautiful their marriage was.

However, it wasn't easy for him because Paige seems to have an amazing life before they met five years ago. In fact, her wife couldn't even believe that they were together. It was painful but then again, Leo did all the things he can to gain back the love of his life. After all the months of trying to bring back what they once had, both of them finally gave up and settled for a divorce. They thought it was the right thing to do. Months have passed and they were still not over each other. Paige wasn't able to regain her memory of Leo and their marriage but she knew deep in her heart that Leo was the man for her. Eventually, they ended up being back in each other's arms. 

The Vow is truly exceptional not only because the actors in it were good but most especially for the message it wished to send to its viewers. When it comes to loving someone, you don't just give up easily. You stick with the promises and vows you make for each other. As what people always say, giving up is never an option when you know that love is still there. There are times when you have to take a break and look at the bigger picture of your relationship with the other person. You may begin to question the decisions you have made in the past that brought you where you are right now. Only then will you begin to realize the real meaning of loving the other person. 

I have to commend the cast and crew of The Vow for coming up a good Valentine's movie that will surely capture the hearts of everyone who sees it. I highly recommend this film not only for the couples out there but to all the people who believe in the power of love and "the vow". Take note that this movie is inspired by a true to life story.

"I vow to live within the walls of your heart." - Paige 
"I promise to never forget that this is once in a lifetime love. I vow to love you and no matter what challenges may carry us apart, we will always find a way back to each other." - Leo

Life is all about moments of impact... And how they change our lives forever. But what if one day, you could no longer remember any of them? 

Update: The Vow Movie Quotes now available!
Simple Likes for $25 and Other Giveaways

Saturday, February 11

Simple Likes for $25 and Other Giveaways

We only have a few days left before the Valentine's day 2012. Everyone is probably excited about it especially that Vday is full of sweet, happy and loving moments. But before Tuesday comes, allow me to share the giveaways I have hosted and sponsored in line for the celebration of the Hearts day. You could try your luck and get a chance to win some exciting prizes. Who knows? You can get an instant $$$ to spend on the 14th.

Join my Simply Likes Giveaway. All you need is to like the pages on the Rafflecopter form. But before you do it, make sure you log in using your Facebook account. When you have completed the entries, you can also join Cupid's Cash Giveaway ($850 Cash Prize) and Valentine's Paypal Cash Giveaway ($140)! Good luck! 

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Thursday, February 9

A Heavy Heart

Sometimes, we need to take a break from every single thing that is keeping us busy. Instead of filling ourselves with so many things to do, why don't we sit back for a moment and travel back to the old days? Why don't we pause for a while and examine where we are right now. How long have we changed from being the person we were yesterday and today? What happened to us? Are we on the right track and should we continue on our journey?

These are some the questions that popped into my mind two hours ago. For certain, I need some answers for all of those. Tonight, The Coffee Chic had a heavy heart and I wish I could do something about it. All of a sudden, I felt tired and wanted to take a rest. Many great things have happened in my life for the past few months. In fact, some of the blessing I've received are too good to be true. However, the past days have been hard on me. I have been trying to juggle all my interests for blogging, freelancing and studying. I didn't know it was difficult until today. 

But instead of worrying, all I do is remind myself of this:

Things may not happen the way I want them to be... but I am certain that there are better plans in my life. This heavy heart will be at its best tomorrow.
Five Ways to Keep Your Kids Entertained While They’re Sick

Monday, February 6

Five Ways to Keep Your Kids Entertained While They’re Sick

With flu season in full swing, you’ve probably noticed a lot more people coughing or sneezing around you. Even if everyone in your family got a flu shot, chances are, someone will still get sick this winter. If your kids happen to get sick and need to stay home from school for a couple days to recuperate, you’ll probably want to find some ways to keep them entertained so you’ll still be free to go about your usual day routine. 
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Google Page Rank Update

February 6, 2012 - The first Google Page Rank Update for the new year! Looks like Mr. G has some good news for me since my blogs have great PRs! After I got a new domain name for my main blog and created some new sites, I have been very excited for the update. All I want is to gain back the PR2 of The Coffee Chic but Google gave me more that what I expected.

The Coffee Chic is now PR3!

And as for my other blogs...
PR 2                 PR 1                PR 1   
PhotobucketPhotobucket Photobucket
PR 1                 PR 0                PR 1   

These rankings are not bad at all especially that my six new blogs has been created last December. In fact, some of the sites listed above are not regularly updated. How about you? Did you check your blog's new PR?

Visit Google PageRank Checker now!

Friday, February 3

Journey 2: The Mysterious Island

Journey 2: The Mysterious Island is the first movie that I have seen on 3D for the month of February. I know I must thank Abdel for bringing me to the cinema yesterday and giving me a chance to enjoy a wonderful film on the big screen.

Dwayne Johnson and Josh Hutcherson starred in this adventure film, together with Michael Caine, Luis Guzman and Vanessa Hudgens. Unlike any other movies, Journey 2 offers a different kind of experience to all its viewers. The cast and crew were able to provide breathtaking yet funny scenes. The stars portrayed their characters well, especially the wrestler-turned-actor The Rock. When it comes to cinematography, the rating for this film should be a perfect 5-stars!

The movie is all about the quest of Sean in finding his grandfather Alexander. It was said that his grand dad was lost in the mysterious island that is not known to every man. His mother's boyfriend, Hank, wants to establish a close relationship with him which is the reason why the latter booked two tickets to Palau. Both of them took the journey on their search for the mythical island. Gabato and his daughter Kailani helped the two travelers. However, they experienced an helicopter crash and landed into a beach which is part of the lost island. They finally reached the mysterious place and then... the adventure begins.

Journey 2: The Mysterious Island does not only present journeys and adventures. The film also depicts moral lessons about trusting one's self and believing into a dream. Sometimes, dreams do come true as long as one knows how to believe in the impossible and discover the incredible.

So, Who's up for an adventure? If you are, then feel free to check the official site of Journey 2. You can also view the official movie trailer below:


Wednesday, February 1

Cupids Giveaway: Win $850 Paypal Cash

The girl behind The Coffee Chic and I Heart Giveaways is proud to present the grand Cupids Cash Giveaway which is hosted by Mama NYC. This online sweepstakes will run from February 1 up to February 14, 2012 just in time for the Valentine's day. Thanks to all the amazing bloggers who made this event possible. Take note: One winner can get a chance to win $850!


Open to residents WORLDWIDE; 18+. Winner must have a PayPal account in order to claim this cash prize. All entries are optional, but the more completed entries – the higher your chances will be to win this prize.

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