The Secret to Happiness

In one of my Philosophy classes, my teacher asked: "What is the ultimate goal of every man?" I uttered to myself, "To be happy." She heard my answer and told me it's correct. She continued her explanation about the importance of happiness in every person's life. According to her, no one in this world lives to experience gloomy days and encounter unpleasant situations. Everyone wants to live life to the fullest and to be happy at all the times.

However, life is not perfect. There are moments when we suddenly feel down and unhappy. During these times, all we need is to remind ourselves of the gleeful things we have in our life. As Lolo Mario says in the video below: : "Find what makes you happy". Instead of worrying too much, we should learn to practice the real secret to happiness.

"Ako si Lolo Mario. At sa isang daang taon ng buhay ko, naging maswerte ako. Maswerte na ipanganak na tulad mo, na mabigyan ng mga kaibigan at pamilya, na mabuhay na maligaya hanggang sa araw na ito. Pinanganak ka sa panahon ng maraming pagsubok. Napakalaki ng mundo, napadaling maligaw ang landas mo. Bilang gabay, simple lang ang payo ko. Hanapin mo kung ano'ng magpapasaya sa'yo. Napakabilis ng panahon, huwag mong sasayangin sa mga walang kabuluhang bagay. At gaano man kalayo ang marating, huwag mong kakalimutan kung saan ka nanggaling. Sa haba ng buhay ko, nagpapasalamat ako sa bawat sandali na nakasama ang kaibigan at pamilya. Ngayon ko nakikita na hindi sapat ang isang daang taon kung nasa piling nila. Pinanganak ka para maging maligaya. Ang mga kaibigan at pamilya mo ang magpapakita kung paano."

Here is an English translation of the inspiring words spoken by Lolo Mario.

"My name is Lolo Mario. And in my 100 years of life, I have been lucky. Lucky to have been born like you, to have friends and family, to live a happy life to this day. You have been born in challenging times. The world is a big place. It's so easy to get lost. To guide you, my advice is simple. Go find what makes you happy. Time flies so fast. Don't waste it on nonsense things. And no matter where you end up, don't forget where you came from. Looking back on all my years, I am grateful for every moment spent with my friends and family. Now I can see that 100 years is not nearly enough time to spend with them. Happiness is your birthright. Your friends and family will help you find it."

Life is too short to worry about the things that don't matter. Let us find what truly makes us happy and enjoy our lives. We only get one shot in this life and we have to make the best out of it. 


  1. "Go find what makes you happy. Time flies so fast. Don't waste it on nonsense things." - That is so beautiful.

    Life is short.. I agree, we only get ONE shot. We should LIVE LIFE. It's too precious to waste on grudges, anger and hate. Life is beautiful. :)

  2. @Leah: Thanks for reading the post ate Leah. Oo nga. Sometimes, we don't get second or third chances. Kaya dapat, sulitin natin ang first shot. :)

    @Rence: Were you inspired sir Rence?

  3. Life is too short to be wasted on crap that's why we've got to fill our days with happy thoughts and enjoy the little pleasures that life has to offer.

    Very moving ad by Coca-Cola, Algene. Thanks for the beautiful share.

    Nytie nyt! Mwah!

  4. One thing I love about Coca Cola's marketing is that they always provide advertisements that touch the hearts of its viewers. Sobrang ganda.

    Yes ate Lains, happy thoughts.. happy acts.. happy life! :)

  5. Life is indeed short and we should make the most out of it!

    Let's just be happy for whatever and accept things as it happens.

    Thanks for this happy reminder gene...

  6. This is timely Gene. Everybody wants to be happy but how to achieve it depends on how we make the most out of our life.

    Thanks for sharing this. It is indeed very touching! :)

    Sensya na ha, now lang ulit nadalaw!

  7. @Rovie: Yes ate Rovs. Life should be all about happiness. I'm glad na happy ka with this post :P

    @Krizza: Simple reminder lang from Lolo Mario ate Kriz. Sometimes kasi we tend to waste our time worrying about the nonsense things. Dapat we find what truly makes us happy by the help of our family and friends!

  8. I agree. Life's too short to have regrets.

  9. Happy to start the New Year! Happy New Year, sis! :)

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  11. Hi Algene!

    Thanks for the visit! My GFC widget is on the left sidebar, on top of the Networked Blogs widget.

    I hope GFC is still working. :)

  12. Hi Algene! I was given to "Creative Blogger Award" by a fellow blogger and I passed it on to you;)

  13. the pursuit of happiness nga naman :) *sigh*

  14. Thanks for the insight. Great advice for all of us to think positively and count our blessings even when times are hard. Stopping by from the Alexa Drop Hop.

  15. Love it. It's true, and if more people chose to be happy this world would be wonderful, wouldn't it? That sounds so cheesy, but it's true! ;)
    Here from the Alexa Hop! Please stop by and visit!

  16. That was very inspiring, everyone deserves to be happy.


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