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When we dine into restaurants, we do not only check out the menu but also how the people from the place offer their services for us. We do not just order any foods we want but we also require goodness from the waiters and waitresses. Yes, we look into both things. There are only few restaurants that are able to provide the best foods and services perfectly all together. I honestly believe that Bigby's Restaurant and Cafe is one of these places. The branch I'm talking about is the one that is located at SM City of Davao.

My friend and I went out for a lunch date and we have chosen to have it at Bigby's. All we want was to experience a full-blown meal that will keep us happy and glee for the whole day. Everything went well for our lunch. We enjoyed the Uncle Sam Roast Beef, Chicken in a Basket and fruit shakes. 

Uncle Sam Roast Beef
Slices of slow-roasted U.S. choice
beef served  with a rich creamy gravy.
Chicken in A Basket
Generous positions of homestyle
golden friend chicken served
 with rice and country cream gravy.

At the same time, we also love the services provided by the employees. They're so friendly and fantastic. In fact, their attitude is one of the reasons why I love coming back to Bigby's. But of course, nothing beats the food trip platters and signature dishes served by this restaurant. 

This is a special thank you post for Bigby's Cafe and Restaurant. We would like to thank them for the sumptuous meals and most importantly, for keeping the camera I left at the place. Since I'm a careless person, I didn't notice that I lost camera. It took me one day to realize that it is no longer inside my bag. All I remember was tried to use it to take pictures at Bigby's. However, the batteries went empty so I wasn't able to really "use" the camera. Instead, I used my iPad to take LQ images posted above. What happened made me sad. I don't like losing the things given to by my mom. Also, losing the camera would mean not getting a new gadget this summer. When I visited Bigby's yesterday, I was delighted to see that the employees kept my camera! This only means that these individuals are highly trained to offer great and honest services to their customers. Once again, thanks Bigby's!

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  1. That's the best thing I love algene. Hats off to them for the deed they've made. Sana may ma meet din akong katulad nila. wink

  2. As in Albert, I wasn't expecting to find my cam pa. :) And take note ha, it took me a day before coming back to the place. Thanks to Bigby's!

  3. how nice of them to keep yuor good reason to go back to their place,the food is good and the staffs are trusthworhty.

  4. haven't try that place, hope to visit that one day,your comments are good enough to advertise them hehehe!Visitng fro Thursday Brownies!

  5. @Tatess and Aliz: Thanks for the visit for Brownies! Will hop back :)

  6. i love coffee!!! bigby's is curious to me :D

  7. You should try dining at Bigby's. Feel free to check the link to the website of the resto. ;)

  8. Kakainggit naman at panay ang date nyo ng palalabs, hehehe! I haven't tried as of yet dining out at Bigby's. Masubukan nga ;-)

  9. Hahaha. Sana nga more time pa for the coming days ate Lains. Ang sarap sa Bigby's! :)

  10. Hala gene...maau gani nauli pa ang camera...

    I think Bigby's is good but I haven't tried dining there yet...

  11. Yes ate Rovs. Thankful jud ko nga naa pa. Buti nalang! You should check the place with kuya bren. For sure, you'll love the foods served there :)

  12. It looks yummy...Happy weekend.

  13. There's a lot of happiness in this post at so many levels, Al!

    First, happiness dahil parang ang sarap ng food nila - type ko din ang roast beef at fried chicken, hehe!

    Second, happiness kasi ka-date mo si Abdel ♥

    Third, happiness kasi you retrieved back something you lost :)

    Fourth, happiness kasi good and honest people still exists :)

    Overflowing sa happiness ang post mo na ito ^^

    Thanks a lot for sharing this to Happiness Is...

    Until next Happy Friday :)


  14. going out with a date with our loved ones is really happiness, visting for Happiness Is meme, mine is up at, i hope to see you around..

  15. the roast beef looks delicious... yum yum!
    happy new year algene, sensya na ngayon lang nakareply

  16. yum, delish and am drooling :-) Visiting for Thursday Brownies, hope that you can return the favor too.

  17. sarap naman ng mga foods dito Sis, am drooling tuloy :-) Visiting this time for Food Trip Friday, hope that you can return the visit too.

  18. I want to try that place when I go to Davao! :)

    My late Happiness Is... visit! <3

  19. visiting this time for happiness is, hope that you can return the visit too.

  20. The foods are yummy!!!Is this Bigbys in CDO?

    Visiting for TB! Here's my share- hope you can stop by:)


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