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Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked is the second movie I have seen for 2012. It was screened in the country late because of Manila Film Fest Festival. Just like all other 2011 holiday films, the third installment of the Chipmunks movie came into the Philippine cinemas last week. 

Guess what? Alvin is still the same old Chipmunk who gets everyone into trouble. However, he has changed to become better when the situation forced him to. Also, Dave and Uncle Ian are now friends! After fighting over the Chipmunks and the Chipettes, both finally settled the issues between them. It's funny how great things change because the Chipmunks were chipwrecked! Below are some of the lines and quotes taken from the movie:

“Family vacations are about having fun.” - Dave

"Rules is my middle name." - Alvin

"When are you going to start treating me like I'm not a child?" - Simon

"Sometimes, kids rise into the occasion when you just show them a little trust." - Simon

"You're old enough to make decisions." - Dave

"Okay guys. Have fun, but not too much fun." - Dave

"Where are you going?" - Simon
"To the casino. I'm feeling lucky." - Alvin

"There's nothing wrong with having fun." - Captain

"If Alvin breaks any more of our rules, there will be consequences." - Captain

"I'm sorry you lost your job... Or your dignity." - Dave

"It's not too late to ruin yours." - Ian

"Please don't eat my brain." - Theodore

"No one tells me what to do." - Alvin

"There's gotta be sometimes when you have to trust us with some matters." - Simon
"I trusted you tonight and look what happened." - Dave

"That's funny."
"Oh, do you think so?" - Simon

"Alvin, what are you up to? Need I remind you he's watching us?" - Simon

"Nap time. Time to turn punishments into funnishments." - Alvin

"Looks like it's Simon saving him again." - Simon

"In retrospect, this is a bad idea." - Alvin

"Then I starve to death." - Theodore

"We're alive." - Alvin
"Good because I'm going to kill you now." - Britney
"No one is killing anyone no matter how much one deserves to be." - Simon

"We're chipmunks. We used to live in the wild." - Alvin

"I'm not a monster, I'm Zoe and I'm clearly a girl and who has been on this island for so long and now she's imagining that squirrels can talk?" - Zoe

"They didn't mean to do it. It was an accident. They're just kids." - Dave

"I would never do that." - Alvin
"I don't believe you." - Britney

"One day on this island... and we've become animals."

"She's funny." - Theodore
"In a crazy way." - Alvin

"It was awesome."
"It was a miracle we got her alive."

"I'm not uptight. I just don't wanna see anyone hurt." - Simon

"I'm not gonna eat this. I got this as a gift from Theodore."
"You will not eat my son's necklace." - Dave
"He's not your son Dave. He's just a chipmunk." - Ian

"The adventure called life!" - Simon

"I have a situation to deal with my own." - Britney

"He's acting totally different." - Theodore
"Oh, the spider bite!" - Alvin

"I'm not the uptight one. I'm the fun one... the cool one!" - Alvin

"I guess I might be the responsible one." - Alvin

"They're not brats." - Dave
"Even Alvin?" - Ian

"No wonder he hates me." - Alvin
"Don't worry, Alvin. Dave will come." - Britney

"I hate to see you sad. I will help you find your friend." - Simon

"Face it, Dave. No one is coming to save us." - Ian

"It kills me to say this but look Dave. You're really good with those kids. They love you. You should know that no matter what happens, you did nothing wrong." - Ian

"I knew you would find us." - Jeanette
"It only hurts when I try to explain it."

"I thought you'll never find us... that you're not even looking." - Alvin
"Why will I not?" - Dave
"Because I thought you think I'm a pain..." - Alvin
"Yes, you are. But I'll still find you no matter what." - Dave

"When I am with you, all I can hear is the breathing of my own heart." - Simon

"Rememeber I told you that 'Someday, I may need to disobey you'?" - Alvin

"S.O.S. Please someone help me." - Jeanette

"Hate. Anger. Regret. They are what consumed me. And they're consuming you too. It's not late to do something." - Ian

"Help me save my dad, please. Come on, help guys!" - Alvin

"I guess I was just too obssess to find that treasure. I'm really sorry." - Zoe
"Oh well, apology accepted." - Theodore

"Even the perfect gem cannot compare to your beauty." - Simon

"Dave, I just wanted to say... Dad, sorry. Sorry I was acting like a child on a shop and ruined our family vacation." - Alvin

"Sometimes, a race horse needs a space to run." - Dave

You can read more about the movie by clicking the link: Alvin and the Chipmunks 3.


  1. I love this movie, I watch the 1st, 2nd and I watch the part 3 in movie2k even if the copy is still sad face.. pirated pa diay...

  2. These cute chipmunks again. Haha I wonder if it's dramatic too like before. Hehe

    1. Actually, Chipwrecked the most dramatic installment among the Chipmunks movie. You should see it :P

  3. Have watched the first maybe although lingaw sya dili baya kaau ko into movie... Hehehe

    How are you gene? Salamat kaau sa invitation ha. Super enjoy and busog kaau mi ni bren...

    1. Very nice jud ang movie ate Rovs. I'm fine :) Thanks kaayo for coming. Hehe. Blog hop ko later. Mwah :*

  4. haven't seen the movie yet, maybe this weekend, will try to watch it, thanks for sharing these awesome qoutes :)

    1. You're welcome Blobber Boy! Come back here and share you insights after seeing the film :)

  5. mukhang mabenta ang movie na 'to, ah? ;) parang ang dami nanonood at sumubaybay na mga kids ^^

    musta ka na, algene? busy ka pa din? hope hindi na masyado ^^ take time to relax amidst ka-toxic-an sa school and online jobs, ah?

    balitaan nyo kami ni rovie at patingin ng mga pictures nung EB nyo ;)


    1. Hello ate KM! I'm kind of busy pa talaga kaya pa-singit2 lang ang pag-bloblog ko these days. In fact, ang dami kong pending posts :( Sana makarelax na rin soooonnn..

      Visit ako sa blog mo ngayon ate KM ate dun ako magkwekwento..

  6. fan talaga ako ni theodore. tabachingching na bata kasi.

    1. Ang cute nga talaga ni Theodore. Siya rin favorite ko. Akala ko girl siya dati. lol

  7. i certainly haven't watch this movie yet but, if the midterm week will be over, I will try to watch this!

    Hi algene! Musta?

    1. Eto busy rin like you. Sorry at di na nakakadalaw sa blog mo. Sisilip ako in 1, 2, 3.. :)

  8. Ang cute ^_^ Gusto ng daughter ko panoorin to. If I have time, go-gora kame.:)

    1. You should see this mommy jill. Of course, with the cute little girl :)

  9. "I'm not uptight. I just don't wanna see anyone hurt." hehehe.. i love this quote.. mabuti ka pa naka 2 movies ka na for 2012.. hmmp..

    1. Hehehe. Manood ka ng movies ate Jelai :) Nakakawala ng stress..

  10. hehe.. my 1st movie for 2012! hehe unplanned pa ung pgwatch nmin, wlng mgawa eh. such a very nice movie. ;)

  11. A must see for the entire family. My daughter loves this movie.

  12. This was a cute movie, I love chipmunks :)

  13. Napanood ko ang Part 1 and 2 with my apo. Maganda naman.

  14. Almost real-to-life animated chipmunks.. Good actors. Witty script/lines.. Nice music.. Good moral lessons.. Bibo ang story.. PAK! Sila na jud! keke <3 perfect jud ni para sa mga bata ug mga bata in heart and mind.. ^_^

    "I thought you'll never find us... that you're not even looking." - Alvin
    "Why will I not?" - Dave
    "Because I thought you think I'm a pain..." - Alvin
    "Yes, you are. But I'll still find you no matter what." - Dave ~*(^-^)*~


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