Tuesday, January 31

Enchanted River with Super Friends

They say, real friends remain close to one another even if they are separated by the distance. There are three important girls in my life that I consider as treasure. One of them is my best friend which I met when I was in high school. The other one also came from my HS alma mater but we only became super friends when we went to the same school in college. The third lady is someone I also consider as a best friend. She was the person who taught me great lessons about living life to the fullest and not having regrets in every single thing I do. Despite the fact that we are not miles away from each other, we still remain good friends. It's good to know that we get the chance to mingle via FB and Twitter. 

When I was browsing on my personal Facebook account, I saw our instant Enchanted River trip. It was unplanned but we ended up having fun even if we were stranded on the road for almost an hour. Thanks to our pocket cameras for allowing us to capture the great moments. Oh how I wish I could do this trip again with them!

Before we left for Enchanted River, we had our lunch at home. Since Venus was craving for sea foods, my mom decided to prepare some crabs for us! Can you imagine how great our meal was?

Just before entering the rough road going to the river.

As I've mentioned earlier, we got stuck on the road when the jeepney that we were riding lost its brake. The driver needed to get a new timing belt which took him almost an hour to do it. But despite the fact that we were stranded, we still managed to smile and took some pictures.

Look at the Enchanted River on the background. It looks amazing, isn't it? I can't explain the color of the river! All I know is that the place is perfectly enchanting!

It's been a long time since I last visited Enchanted River and I hope I could go back there, soon. The place is located in our province and is an hour away from my hometown.

Sunday, January 29

Travels by Ronald Tomas Nonet

Nowadays, we seldom hear songs that bring us to a different state of true happiness and bliss. There may be thousands of new songs made available for us but only a few percentage have the ability to touch our hearts and souls. When we listen to music, we allow ourselves to de-stress and to feel ultimately relax.

Since I wanted to take a break from the RNB and rock songs, I spent the whole afternoon listening to Ronaldo Tomas Nonet's Travels CD Album. It contains instrumentals that are written and played by a Pinoy Jazz Band. Their music is inspired by the different places in the Philippines and the culture of its people. What I love about Travels is that it is completely different from all the other albums in the Philippine music industry. Listening to the jazz instrumentals played by the band was a liberating experience.

Below is the list of the songs included in the Travels album. Learn more about each composition by reading its details. Discover the musical interpretation of the country's great cities, festivals and cultures by Ronaldo Tomas Nonet.

1. Chili Con Pasyon - A fusion of the Traditional pasyon and a rhythm heard from Chile with jazz harmonies.
2. Pandango Palawan - Based on a Palawan highland melody fused with the argentinian tango and a little bit of the Colombian Cumbia. 
3. Very Early - A cover of one of the most influential jazz pianists Bill Evans.
4. Joselynang Baliwag - A rearrangement of a very old kundiman that was said to be the favorite of the katipuneros which also served as a signal for the revolutionaries to attack and a warning when the spaniards were coming to attack. Mr. Ronald put a drum and bass beat underneath to con temporize it a bit. 
5. Dum Da Dee Dum - A composition of his good friend Aya Yuson. 
6. Duyog Sunrise - Based on a Maguindanao rhythmic pattern interspersed with jazz. 
7. Ground Zero - His rearrangement of the jazz song that won the Katha music awards for the jazz band WDOUJI (Witch Doctors of Underground Jazz Improvisation) back in 2001. 
8. Ramut - A reinterpretation of the rhythmic interlock present on most Northern Luzon highland music. This was one was taken from the Kalinga of Benguet province. 
9. Natutulog Ka Na Ba Sinta? - Originally a HARANA written by the late National Artist Levi Celerio and Santiago Suarez. 
10. Sinulugang Taktak - A jazzified version of the Maguindanao Sinulog.

Sometimes, all we need is to take a break from the usual music we listen to. To learn more about Ronald Tomas Nonet, feel free to follow them on Facebook and check their videos on Youtube. Travels album is available at these places:

  • Lopez Museum Exchange Road corner Meralco Avenue, Pasig City.
  • 70s Bistro 46 Anonas St., Project 2 Quezon City, Metro Manila Philippines
  • Conspiracy Garden Cafe 59 Visayas Ave., QC (Across Shell Gas Station)
You can also call or text 09392211271 to order for the CD. The band is willing to send it via courier if you are located within Metro Manila. At the same time, they can also meet you. Grab your copy now and enjoy the jazz instrumentals.

Friday, January 27

Random Thoughts

There are many things that I would like to write about in my main blog but I have so little time to do it. Thus, I have decided to create a post that contains random thoughts running into my mind right now. Before I do it, let me first send my gratitude to my regular visitors and readers who never stopped dropping by The Coffee Chic despite the fact that I'm not able to reciprocate the action. Don't worry because I promise to return the favor once I complete all my school requirements. Forgive me for not being "fair" these days.  

When I started blogging, all I ever thought about was having an avenue where I can share my stories and experiences without even caring what other people may say. It was never in my plan to create multiple blog sites as it will require so much time, patience and understanding. But for the past months, I have realized that blogging is really fun. There are many great things I've come to know because of my being active in the blogosphere. These things motivated me to create more blogs with niche which will enable me to relate more with other people.

2. Feasibility Study Defense on Saturday

One more sleep and I will be facing the panel for my FS defense. My feasibility study is all about creating a coffee shop in Davao city. It is the primary reason why I am not getting enough time for my blogging passion. There were numerous requirements and materials that kept me busy for the past weeks. Just last Monday, I have finally submitted my paper. It's not the final FS yet since the panel will need to check it first. My "The Coffee Lounge: Feasibility Study" is not perfect but I know it's something that will make me pass my Management Consultancy Subject (LOL).

3. On-the-Job Training at B.O.C.

I have already completed 36 hours for my OJT in Bank of Commerce. I must say, those hours were the most tiresome yet fun times in my college life. My duty starts at 8:30 AM and ends on 12:30 PM. Yes, I only have 4 hours of OJT everyday which is good since I still have my afternoons to breathe. Well, except on Tuesdays and Thursdays when my classes are from 1PM-9PM. Despite my very hectic schedule, I am not complaining. Instead, I am enjoying the ride. I'm hoping to finish my OJT on the first week of March.

I have posted a list of different Chinese proverbs on my Lifestyle blog. My most favorite of all is: "No sweet without sweat." It is the saying that I always repeat to myself whenever I feel like giving up. It serves as a reminder for me. If I really want to graduate on March 2012, then I have to work hard for it. As what we Filipinos always say, "No pain, no gain." 

In line with the celebration of the Chinese New Year, I am hosting a $100 CNY Cash Giveaway which is open worldwide. The contest went live last January 23 and it will be ending on the 29th. If you haven't joined the fun yet, feel free to visit my giveaways blog. At the same time, I have also two major sweepstakes that will go live on the February 1. Win an iPad 2 open for US only and $650 Cash open WW. Don't forget to visit I ♥ Giveaways for a chance to win $50 - One day only (Friday EST time)!

6. Sweet Advocate's Photo Contest

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Really random, eh? 
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Thursday, January 26

Best Deals from Walgreens

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Saturday, January 21

Picnik is Closing

When I checked Picnik this morning, I saw their public announcement. I feel sad knowing that they have decided to shut down the site on April 19, 2012. I used to be fond of editing pictures using online sites such as Picnik. However, when I learned about Adobe CS Photoshop, I began using the new software instead. But as years pass by, I started to lose interest on Photoshop especially that I'm not getting good at it. So, I shifted back in using Picnik for the quick edits for my photos. For the past months, I have been using its features in making collages and adding credit texts on my pictures.

The news about Picnik's decision in shutting down its site is devastating. I have become very comfortable in using it and I don't think I will be able to find other sites that offer the same services that Picnik provides. Do you have any suggestions for me? I wonder how can I add watermark texts on my pictures without Picnik. I know I can always use Photoshop so I might as well begin checking it soon.

As a gift to everyone, Picnik has decided to provide its premium features to interested users for free! You can check the site now.

Thursday, January 19

A Mother's Story Quotes

In ABS-CBN Global and TFC's movie, A Mother's Story, Pokwang played a heavy drama role which is completely opposite from her previous comedienne roles. She was able to portray the character of an OFW mother who struggled in America in order to provide better lives for her children. 

In the film, it was never an intention for Medy (Pokwang) to work abroad. In fact, she never wished to be separated with her son and daughter. But when she found out that Queenie needs to be operated, she took the risk of becoming an illegal alien in the US. She never wished for it to happen but she was left with no choice. Her first two years as an Overseas Filipino Worker went well. However, her good fate has changed when she decided to become a house helper in exchange of a higher salary. The next five years of her life was full of unpleasant experiences. When she finally had the chance to escape from her employers, she was given a chance to go back to the Philippines. She was expecting for a warm welcome from her family but she ended up receiving blames and problems. Her son hated her for the seven years that she have spent away from her family. At the same time, her husband also married another woman.

I have seen this film with my mom and Abdel last week. I only got the chance to post it today because of my hectic schedule. As usual, I am ready to share some of the quotes from the great movie "A Mother's Story." 

"Isa palang mahabang paglalakbay ang pagiging ina."

"Hindi ka nakakatulong. Puro ka kasi sugal ng sugal."
"Bakit? Binigyan naman kita ng dalawang anak ah."
"Oo nga. Sila lang ang magandang binigay mo sa buhay ko."

"Hindi ko po kayang iwanan ang mga anak ko, nay."
"Kakayanin mo, anak... Alang-alang sa kinabukasan ng mga anak mo."

"Alam mo, kung hindi lang talaga dahil sa dalawang anak ko..."
"So, hindi mo na siya mahal? Mahal pa rin."

"Basta masipag ka lang kumayod, lahat ng gusto mo, mabibili mo."

"Ganun pala 'pag ina ka. Kapag naninimbang ka, ang laging mananaig ay ang kapakanan ng mga anak mo."

"Napalayo lang ako sa mga anak ko pero hindi ho ako naging masamang ina."

"I'm a mother too. I know what it's like to be far from your children. I don't know how you Filipinos bear it. It must be hard."

"Illegal alien ka... In short, ni katiting, wala kang karapatan dito sa Amerika. You don't exist."

"Without your passport, you cannot go home. We can report you but that's not gonna happen."

"Ikaw ba ang nanay ko?"

"Nay, bakit po parang mas excited pa sila na makita ang laman ng balikbayan box?"
"Pitong taon kang wala anak, nasanay lang sila na wala ka."

"Ang dami ngang nasira nung lumayo kayo."

"Isa pa ha, my mother is beautiful. Isn't she?"
"Ang dali-dali naman niyan nay. Maganda ang nanay ko. Hindi naman, diba?"

"King, kinakausap pa kita. Ako pa rin ang nanay mo."
"Talaga? Parang hindi ko naman naramdaman na nanay kita ng pitong taon."

"Diba sabi ko na darating rin ang araw na ma-kokompleto kayo? Ito na 'yung araw na yun, anak. Kaya masaya na tayong lahat."

"The last time I know, asawa ko pa rin siya."

"Nak, sa'n ka pupunta"
"Sa Amerika. *sarcastic*"

"Nakakahiya? Sige na. Ako na yung nakakahiya. Ako na yung may kasalanan ng lahat."
"Alam mo ba ang pakiramdam kapag nasasabihan ka na wala kang kwentang awasa? Na wala kang kwentang ama? Masakit. Ang sabi mo, pitong araw ka lang mawawala."
"Hindi niyo alam kung ano ang pinag-daanan ko."

"Ang sarap ng buhay mo. Wala kang batang inaalagaan araw-araw. Hindi mo naransan ang mapuyat sa pag-painom ng gatas, sa pagpapalit ng lampin. Walang nag-tatanong sa'yo kung nasa'n ang nanay nila, kung kelan sila babalikan ng nanay nila. Gabi-gabi, tinatanong ko sa sarili ko kung paano nagawa ng nanay nila na iwanan ang kanyang anak ng pitong taon. Pitong taon."

"Sana hindi ka nalang umalis."
"Nay, ikaw yung unang tao na nagtulak sa akin para mangibang bansa. Nay, ang sabi mo para sa kinabukasan ng mga anak ko. Nanay kita kaya nakinig ako, kaya sinunod kita."
"Tama naman ako, diba? Paano mo mapagtatapos ang panganay mo kung hindi ka nag-abroad? Sino ang aasahan mo? Lumaki ang mga anak mo na nakilala ka lang sa boses at sulat. Nitong mga nakaraang taon, bigla ka nalang nawala. Hindi ka na nagparamdam."

"Alam mo kung ano ang chismis dito? Ang sabi nila may asawa ka nang kano at mero ka nang ibang pamilya. Ni hindi ka man lang nakapag-Skype tulad ng ibang OFW."
"Nay, ano pong hype?"
"Anak, Skype. Hindi mo ba alam yun? Eh yung IM? Ang magic jack? Saan ka ba nasuot at nakulong at hindi mo alam ang mga yun?"

"Pareho silang abogado kaya madalas silang nagtatalo. Wala kasi gustong magpatalo."

"What she doesn't know won't hurt her."

"Tsaka ko nalang haharapin ang problema kapag anjan na."

"Ano ang pipiliin mo? A. Isusumbong ka nila at ma-dedeport ka. B. Magtratrabaho ka at makakapagpadala ka sa mga anak mo?"
"Wala bang C? Can I buy a vowel?"

"Kung umuwi nalang kaya ako ng Pilipinas?"
"So ano nga? Sabay-sabay kayong mamatay ng mga anak mo na dilat ang mga mata?"

"Why do you keep up with them? If I were you, just leave."
"Don't worry. Keri ko 'to."

"Hindi ko na alam kung sa'n napunta ang tapang at lakas ko. Habang lumilipas ang panahon, para bang tiniis ko nalang lahat ng pagod ko sa garantiyang buwan-buwan akong makakapagpadala sa inyo."

"Para bang sumuko nalang ako para mabuhay ka'yo. Di bale ng mamatay ako."

"Kumusta naman ang nurse na nag-nakaw ng papel ko bilang isang asawa at ina sa mga anak ko?"
"Huwag mo akong ma-mare mare dahil hindi kita kaibigan."

"Alam mo naman ang dahilan kung bakit ako nag-sakripisyo sa Amerika, diba?"

"Eh yung obligasyon ng ama mo sa atin? Sino ang sumalo? Ako. Ako ang tumayong ama ng pamilyang ito. Ako rin ang napilitang lumayo para manatiling buo ang pamilya na'to."
"Medy, hinintay ka namin. Hinintay ka namin ng mga anak mo."
"Oo, nagkamali ako ng desisyon na manatili sa Amerika. Oo, pinabayaan ko kayo gaya ng pa-ulit ulit na pinamumukha mo sa akin. Oo, illegal ako sa Amerika pero kahit kailan, hindi ko kayo inabandona. Hindi ako naging masamang ina."

"Illegal detention. Physical injuries. Hiring undocumented workers among others. Medy, you have a strong case against this couple."
"Sir, I don't have the right here."
"But Medy, you have the right to be treated like a decent human being."

"Mamili ka. A. Kakaladkarin kita palabas dito o B. Sasaksakin kita ng harapan. Hindi ako katulag mo Helen na talikuran kung manaksak. Buti nalang hindi lahat ng Filipino kagaya mo."
"Ina ka rin. Lahat lahat gagawin mo para sa kinabukasan ng anak mo, diba?"
"Wag na wag mo akong ikukumpara sa'yo Helen dahil magkaiba tayo."

"Hindi ko naman sinadyang saktan kayo eh. Mas lalong hindi ko ginustong iwanan kayo. Kahit kailan, hindi kayo nawala sa isipan ko. Kahit kailan, hindi kayo nawala sa puso ko."

"Ano to?"
"Annulment papers. Ipapa-walang bisa ko na ang kasal natin. Kaso. Bigamy. Pinakasalan mo si Celia. Saksi ang mga anak mo. Hanggang sa huli, inutil ka pa rin."

"Kahit wala si Gerry, kumpleto pa rin kaming matatawag dahil sa bandang huli, magkasama pa rin kami ng anak ko."

"Nay, ako naman."
"Ikaw naman ang ano, nak?"
"Ano naman ang aalis para buhayin ang mag-ina ko... Nay, patawad ha?"
"Anak, bingo ko kayo. Mali yung ginawa ko na iniwan ko kayo kasi ang babata pa ninyo."
"Hindi 'nay. Hindi. Kami ang nagkamali. Kami yung bumigo sa inyo. Hindi namin inisip na kayo yung nahihirapan. Kayo yung nakipagsapalaran. Kayo yung nagsakripisyo. Nay, binigay niyo yung buhay niyo para sa am
in. Nay, salamat ha?"

"Ang pagiging isang ina ay hindi lang pala nagsisimula sa pag-silang ng iyong anak. Kung hindi habang nasa sinapupunan mo palang, sa unang tibok ng kanyang puso. At hindi nagtatapos sa pagiging ina hanggab't nabubuhay ka at ang iyong mga anak. Ikaw pa rin ang nag-iisang ina nila saan ka man mapadpad. Kasi ang anak, pwede maging marami. Pero ang iyong ina, nag-iisa lang sa buhay mo."

Sunday, January 15

Alvin and the Chipmunks 3 Quotes

Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked is the second movie I have seen for 2012. It was screened in the country late because of Manila Film Fest Festival. Just like all other 2011 holiday films, the third installment of the Chipmunks movie came into the Philippine cinemas last week. 

Guess what? Alvin is still the same old Chipmunk who gets everyone into trouble. However, he has changed to become better when the situation forced him to. Also, Dave and Uncle Ian are now friends! After fighting over the Chipmunks and the Chipettes, both finally settled the issues between them. It's funny how great things change because the Chipmunks were chipwrecked! Below are some of the lines and quotes taken from the movie:

“Family vacations are about having fun.” - Dave

"Rules is my middle name." - Alvin

"When are you going to start treating me like I'm not a child?" - Simon

"Sometimes, kids rise into the occasion when you just show them a little trust." - Simon

"You're old enough to make decisions." - Dave

"Okay guys. Have fun, but not too much fun." - Dave

"Where are you going?" - Simon
"To the casino. I'm feeling lucky." - Alvin

"There's nothing wrong with having fun." - Captain

"If Alvin breaks any more of our rules, there will be consequences." - Captain

"I'm sorry you lost your job... Or your dignity." - Dave

"It's not too late to ruin yours." - Ian

"Please don't eat my brain." - Theodore

"No one tells me what to do." - Alvin

"There's gotta be sometimes when you have to trust us with some matters." - Simon
"I trusted you tonight and look what happened." - Dave

"That's funny."
"Oh, do you think so?" - Simon

"Alvin, what are you up to? Need I remind you he's watching us?" - Simon

"Nap time. Time to turn punishments into funnishments." - Alvin

"Looks like it's Simon saving him again." - Simon

"In retrospect, this is a bad idea." - Alvin

"Then I starve to death." - Theodore

"We're alive." - Alvin
"Good because I'm going to kill you now." - Britney
"No one is killing anyone no matter how much one deserves to be." - Simon

"We're chipmunks. We used to live in the wild." - Alvin

"I'm not a monster, I'm Zoe and I'm clearly a girl and who has been on this island for so long and now she's imagining that squirrels can talk?" - Zoe

"They didn't mean to do it. It was an accident. They're just kids." - Dave

"I would never do that." - Alvin
"I don't believe you." - Britney

"One day on this island... and we've become animals."

"She's funny." - Theodore
"In a crazy way." - Alvin

"It was awesome."
"It was a miracle we got her alive."

"I'm not uptight. I just don't wanna see anyone hurt." - Simon

"I'm not gonna eat this. I got this as a gift from Theodore."
"You will not eat my son's necklace." - Dave
"He's not your son Dave. He's just a chipmunk." - Ian

"The adventure called life!" - Simon

"I have a situation to deal with my own." - Britney

"He's acting totally different." - Theodore
"Oh, the spider bite!" - Alvin

"I'm not the uptight one. I'm the fun one... the cool one!" - Alvin

"I guess I might be the responsible one." - Alvin

"They're not brats." - Dave
"Even Alvin?" - Ian

"No wonder he hates me." - Alvin
"Don't worry, Alvin. Dave will come." - Britney

"I hate to see you sad. I will help you find your friend." - Simon

"Face it, Dave. No one is coming to save us." - Ian

"It kills me to say this but look Dave. You're really good with those kids. They love you. You should know that no matter what happens, you did nothing wrong." - Ian

"I knew you would find us." - Jeanette
"It only hurts when I try to explain it."

"I thought you'll never find us... that you're not even looking." - Alvin
"Why will I not?" - Dave
"Because I thought you think I'm a pain..." - Alvin
"Yes, you are. But I'll still find you no matter what." - Dave

"When I am with you, all I can hear is the breathing of my own heart." - Simon

"Rememeber I told you that 'Someday, I may need to disobey you'?" - Alvin

"S.O.S. Please someone help me." - Jeanette

"Hate. Anger. Regret. They are what consumed me. And they're consuming you too. It's not late to do something." - Ian

"Help me save my dad, please. Come on, help guys!" - Alvin

"I guess I was just too obssess to find that treasure. I'm really sorry." - Zoe
"Oh well, apology accepted." - Theodore

"Even the perfect gem cannot compare to your beauty." - Simon

"Dave, I just wanted to say... Dad, sorry. Sorry I was acting like a child on a shop and ruined our family vacation." - Alvin

"Sometimes, a race horse needs a space to run." - Dave

You can read more about the movie by clicking the link: Alvin and the Chipmunks 3.

Friday, January 13

$50 Friday - 1/13

Some people claim that Friday the 13th is full of bad lucks and unpleasant vibes. Well, I'm not one of those individuals. I don't see anything wrong with the day. In fact, I have received many blessings the moment I started my January 13, 2012. To share my luck and happiness to everyone, I have teamed up with Shauna and other bloggers to bring you $50 Friday (one day flash giveway). 

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Wednesday, January 11

Win $40 and $50 Paypal Cash

It's never too late to Toast for the new year 2012!

Toast to 2012

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Cash In Tuesday Giveaway

Tuesday, January 10

Cash In Tuesday Giveaway

Note: Expect more giveaways to be posted for the next two days. I am kind of busy doing my thesis or feasibility study which is why I can't update this blog as much as I would like to. I will be fully blogging after the defense on the 28th. However, I will still post contents whenever I can. For now, I need to be a full time student. LOL This is a scheduled post.


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Saturday, January 7

The Secret to Happiness

In one of my Philosophy classes, my teacher asked: "What is the ultimate goal of every man?" I uttered to myself, "To be happy." She heard my answer and told me it's correct. She continued her explanation about the importance of happiness in every person's life. According to her, no one in this world lives to experience gloomy days and encounter unpleasant situations. Everyone wants to live life to the fullest and to be happy at all the times.

However, life is not perfect. There are moments when we suddenly feel down and unhappy. During these times, all we need is to remind ourselves of the gleeful things we have in our life. As Lolo Mario says in the video below: : "Find what makes you happy". Instead of worrying too much, we should learn to practice the real secret to happiness.

"Ako si Lolo Mario. At sa isang daang taon ng buhay ko, naging maswerte ako. Maswerte na ipanganak na tulad mo, na mabigyan ng mga kaibigan at pamilya, na mabuhay na maligaya hanggang sa araw na ito. Pinanganak ka sa panahon ng maraming pagsubok. Napakalaki ng mundo, napadaling maligaw ang landas mo. Bilang gabay, simple lang ang payo ko. Hanapin mo kung ano'ng magpapasaya sa'yo. Napakabilis ng panahon, huwag mong sasayangin sa mga walang kabuluhang bagay. At gaano man kalayo ang marating, huwag mong kakalimutan kung saan ka nanggaling. Sa haba ng buhay ko, nagpapasalamat ako sa bawat sandali na nakasama ang kaibigan at pamilya. Ngayon ko nakikita na hindi sapat ang isang daang taon kung nasa piling nila. Pinanganak ka para maging maligaya. Ang mga kaibigan at pamilya mo ang magpapakita kung paano."

Here is an English translation of the inspiring words spoken by Lolo Mario.

"My name is Lolo Mario. And in my 100 years of life, I have been lucky. Lucky to have been born like you, to have friends and family, to live a happy life to this day. You have been born in challenging times. The world is a big place. It's so easy to get lost. To guide you, my advice is simple. Go find what makes you happy. Time flies so fast. Don't waste it on nonsense things. And no matter where you end up, don't forget where you came from. Looking back on all my years, I am grateful for every moment spent with my friends and family. Now I can see that 100 years is not nearly enough time to spend with them. Happiness is your birthright. Your friends and family will help you find it."

Life is too short to worry about the things that don't matter. Let us find what truly makes us happy and enjoy our lives. We only get one shot in this life and we have to make the best out of it. 

Friday, January 6

Bigby's Cafe and Restaurant

When we dine into restaurants, we do not only check out the menu but also how the people from the place offer their services for us. We do not just order any foods we want but we also require goodness from the waiters and waitresses. Yes, we look into both things. There are only few restaurants that are able to provide the best foods and services perfectly all together. I honestly believe that Bigby's Restaurant and Cafe is one of these places. The branch I'm talking about is the one that is located at SM City of Davao.

My friend and I went out for a lunch date and we have chosen to have it at Bigby's. All we want was to experience a full-blown meal that will keep us happy and glee for the whole day. Everything went well for our lunch. We enjoyed the Uncle Sam Roast Beef, Chicken in a Basket and fruit shakes. 

Uncle Sam Roast Beef
Slices of slow-roasted U.S. choice
beef served  with a rich creamy gravy.
Chicken in A Basket
Generous positions of homestyle
golden friend chicken served
 with rice and country cream gravy.

At the same time, we also love the services provided by the employees. They're so friendly and fantastic. In fact, their attitude is one of the reasons why I love coming back to Bigby's. But of course, nothing beats the food trip platters and signature dishes served by this restaurant. 

This is a special thank you post for Bigby's Cafe and Restaurant. We would like to thank them for the sumptuous meals and most importantly, for keeping the camera I left at the place. Since I'm a careless person, I didn't notice that I lost camera. It took me one day to realize that it is no longer inside my bag. All I remember was tried to use it to take pictures at Bigby's. However, the batteries went empty so I wasn't able to really "use" the camera. Instead, I used my iPad to take LQ images posted above. What happened made me sad. I don't like losing the things given to by my mom. Also, losing the camera would mean not getting a new gadget this summer. When I visited Bigby's yesterday, I was delighted to see that the employees kept my camera! This only means that these individuals are highly trained to offer great and honest services to their customers. Once again, thanks Bigby's!

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Thursday, January 5

The Lion King Quotes (3D)

After almost three weeks of not posting about quotes... I decided to list the movie lines I have noted last December when I watched The Lion King on 3D with Abdel. Since the holiday buzz filled my dates last month, I wasn't able to share this to my readers. Yes, this is so last year. Though I have already seen the film for over a hundred times, I still chose to watch it when it was made into 3D.  

"Life is never fair. Is it?"

"Don't turn your back on me."

"Whenever he gets dirty, you can take him out and beat him."

"Look Simba. Everything the light touches is our kingdom."

"Everything you see exists together in a delicate balance. As king, you need to understand that balance and respect all the creatures, from the crawling ant to the leaping antelope."

"So we are all connected in the great circle of life."

"I never get to go anywhere."

"Remember, it's our little secret."

"Ohh, I just can't wait to be king."

"I walk in the wild side. I laugh in the face of danger."

"Why don't you pick on somebody like your own size?"

"I'm only brave when I have to be. Being brave doesn't mean you have to go looking for trouble."

"I was afraid that I might lose you."
"I guess, even Kings get scared, huh."

"Look at the stars. The great kings of the past look down on us from those stars."

"No one ever means for these things to happen. But the king is dead. If it wouldn't for you, he'd still be alive."

"Hakuna Matata. It means no worries for the rest of your days."

"It's a problem-free philosophy. Hakuna Matata."

"I'm telling you kid, this is the great life. No rules, no responsibilities. And the best of all, no worries."

"I eat like a pig."
"Pumba, you're a pig."

"Oh, I don't wonder. I know."

"What else matters? You're alive. And that means, you're the king."

"They fall in love and out trio falls to two."

"Sometimes, bad things happen and there's nothing you can do about it. So, why worry?"

"You are our only hope."

"You don't even know what I've been through."

"That's not my father. That's just my reflection."
"You see, he lives in you."

"Simba, you have forgotten who you are. Look in yourself Simba."

"Remember, you are my son and the one true king. Remember who you are."

"Change is good."
"Yea, but it's not easy."

"Going back means facing the past."

"Yes, the past can hurt but the way I see it, you can either run from it or learn from it."

"The king has returned."

"What made you come back?"

"This is my kingdom. If I don't fight for it, who will?"

"Well Simba, if it's important to you, we'll be with you 'til the end."


Tuesday, January 3

New Year Thoughts over a Cup of Coffee

Happy New Year coffee mates! It seems like 2011 has been a good time for us. May the blessings flow continuously until next year and the years to come! It was quite a nice thought to be part of the online sharing where people can just drop by to read what we all have in mind. After all, this is what blogging all about. From time to time as we blog hop, we do not just read between the lines but read straight from the hearts of the writers.

As usual and just like other years that pass, 2011 was not even close to perfection yet surpassing obstacles and overcoming challenges matter and the best part of all is that none of the downfalls can make us give up your zest for life. And based on as how we progressed for the past years, we know how stable we will be for the coming years. Over a cup of coffee, it is nice to ponder how far we have gone when it comes to progress and development. All the more that you realized that things get better knowing that people and situations have tried to damage us too hard enough for the past years yet we remain in the act of moving forward no matter what happened and whatever it took. Nothing beats our appreciation about life. This keeps us going. We are too grateful of the gift of life. With people stressing us out, with people trying to make our life miserable, we grow better knowing that they are the ones to carry what they have been doing and not us.

Life is beautiful and over a cup of coffee, we enjoy the breeze of the occasion, we can stare at wall paintings, we talk to friends, we show how much we care to our family, and more than anything else over a cup of coffee, we realize how important it is to take care of ourselves. Let this realization be carried on to the next year where the love of oneself prevails. Taking care of oneself means more growth and progress for us which may entail sharing the blessing we will receive along the way to others. Once again, Happy New Year. Let us welcome 2012 with a blast of abundance!

Jocelyn Aps is the Business Development Manager at Artyii, Asia's leading community for emerging paint artists. Launched in November 2010, Artyii offers a powerful global platform to discover emerging Asian art. Over 500 artists from Singapore, Philippines, Vietnam and Indonesia have trusted Artyii, thus far. Membership is by-invite only. Apart from sharing art, artists can communicate with gallery owners and art collectors online to enhance their profile.

Sunday, January 1

Hello, 2012!

Since I was so busy for the past few days, I wasn't able to prepare my year-end report. So, for my first blog post for the new year 2012, I would like to share all the great things that happened last year. But before anything else, allow me to greet you a HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR! Thank you for supporting me and my blogs. Let's all hope for a brighter and better 2012!

My 2011 was a great year. Everything went perfect for my personal life, love life, student life and most importantly, my blogging life. During the said year, I received many blessings that I wasn't expecting of. Below are some of the wonderful happenings that I wish to share.

The Comeback

There were months when I wasn't able to update The Coffee Chic. All of a sudden, I've lost my interest in blogging which was the main reason why my first personal blog got deserted. Another reason for the little updates was my hectic schedule making blogging a luxury I couldn't afford. In 2010, I only had 16 posts for the whole year. Even for the first months of 2011, I still wasn't able to provide some time for my blog until last September 3 when I decided to change the blogger template I have been using since 2008.

<----- Cropped from the header of my previous layout. With the new theme for my blog, I began to feel excitement about the thought of blogging and sharing my posts to everyone. So, I came back and since then, I never left. In fact, numerous major changes that have been made for The Coffee Chic after I made a come back.

The Changes

Because of these improvements on my personal page, I became more interested and passionate about blogging. Everyday, I get excited to check my blog, publish posts, read comments and connect with blogger friends. Despite the never-ending school papers and requirements eeded to be done, I still make it to a point that my TCC still receives the right amount of attention from me. 

The Early Gift to Myself

For the very first time in my entire life, I was able to get the gadget I want without asking anything from my parents. Because of being active in blogging and engaging in freelance jobs, I began to earn my own money. The sudden shift in my life as a blogger and freelancer started during the semestral break of last year. With all the efforts and hard works... I gained the capacity to buy my own iPad 2. You might want to check Beauty of Freelancing.

My Dad's Vacation

My father works in Papua New Guinea as an electrical supervisor. He has been working there since the year 2001. He returns back home to the Philippines every ten months and spend a 45 daya to or two months with us. Even if my dad is far from us, we never felt that there is a separation within our family. Thanks to the advancement in technology! My mom, younger bro and I still get the chance to talk to Papa everyday. Last 2011, we were very lucky because dad was given the opportunity to take two vacations in a single year. Thus, we were able to spend more time together and bonded like never before!

These are just some of the wonderful blessings I received last year. I know that my 2012 will become more exciting and challenging. In three months time, I'm expecting to graduate from college. Unlike some of my friends, I have zero plans for the life after March. But I already have many considerations to look into like granting my dad's wish of entering the law school. Well, let's see how everything will turn out for the new year.

How about you? What are the things you love about 2011? 
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