Monday, December 31

Make Your Kitchen Digital and Energy Efficient

There are a growing number of consumers sick of paying outrageous energy bills as the prices of electricity and gas have rocketed in recent years. There are also a number of consumers who are becoming increasingly more interested in becoming greener.

Energy efficient appliances could be the first step for any household to becoming ultimately greener. To keep track of the energy used in your household, there is now a device that links to Google’s electricity monitoring web application and gives you a dashboard from which you can decipher what the worst time of the day is for energy use and how you can cut down on your bills.
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Online Shopping Saves Time

Online shopping is the only luxury that I could afford as of the moment. Ever since I started to enroll in the law school, everything in my life changed. I barely have time to get the things I need in the mall. The hours I would use walking in different shops and checking cool items are absolutely time consuming. Because of this, I prefer shopping via available online stores.

 One of my well-loved shop is EdenFantasys. This US-based e-commerce store caters to various needs and wants of their customers. They never failed to satisfy everyone with the great products they provide. Just recently, I made an order from them and received these products:

Sunday, December 30

One More Try Movie Review and Quotes

My week-long vacation in my mom's place ended last night when the whole family decided to go back to the city for the new year. When we reached Davao earlier this morning, my lovely mom and I listed all the tasks we need to complete before the 31st. The list includes getting the groceries done so we headed to the nearest mall this afternoon. However, before we went to the supermarket, we chose to watch "One More Try" which we have been eyeing since December 25. The two hours we spent in the movie house was really worth it. We both enjoyed the film and admired the story line. 

"One More Try" is one of the official entries of Star Cinema in Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) this year. The film is starred by Angelica Panganiban, Dingdong Dantes, Zanjoe Marudo and Angel Losin. The story revolves around the lives of two couples who love each other deeply, a mother who will do everything for her dying child, a father who is longing to be with his son, a wife who will fight for her husband and a lover who will wait for his love. 

The story:
Everything was perfect between Edward and Jack (Dingdong Dantes and Angelica Panganiban) until Grace (Angel Locsin) came into the scene. Grace needed the help of Edward to save their dying child - Bochok. The kid needs a bone marrow transplant to cure his serious illness. They did everything they could but they failed which led them to the last option possible. Grace and Edward needed to have another child in order to save the life of Bochok. With this happening, the lives of the four lovers became complicated. Tristan (Zanjo Marudo) is Grace's boyfriend in the movie.

Extraordinary Love for Blogging

Friday, December 28

Extraordinary Love for Blogging

I am writing this post to express my gratitude to the officers and members of the Official Davao Bloggers for giving me two awards last December 7, 2012. For some people, the two certificates I received were just pieces of papers with some words printed on it. However, for someone like me who has a deep love for blogging, those awards mean a lot. It feels really good to know that there are some individuals who recognize all the works I do for my blogs, especially for The Coffee Chic.

The Bloggers Royale: Davao Bloggers Christmas Party 2012 was held at My Hotel on a Friday night. I had second thoughts on attending the events because of my classes in the law school. But when I thought of the things that I might miss, I decided to be absent for the four subjects. I guess I made a good decision because only two professors held their classes and most importantly, because of the Davao Blog Awards.

Wednesday, December 19

The Magic of Christmas with David Pomeranz

If there is one thing that I would never forget in December 2012, it is seeing Mr. David Pomeranz in person. I can't believe that I had a once in a lifetime chance to meet the most-talented international singer I have ever known. I grew up listening to his songs and feeling every lyrics of his pieces. Some of my favorite songs of Mr. David are Born for You, Got to Believe in Magic, Undying Admiration and If You Walked Away. What I admire about him is that he sings from the bottom of his heart. His love songs send special messages to its listeners which is why it is unquestionable why many fans love him.


On December 16, 2012, Media Nation invited some bloggers to witness The Magic of Christmas with David Pomeranz at Casino Filipino. It's a week before my exam but still, I confirmed my attendance and promised to be present on the event. I guess I made the right decision because I really had intense fun. It was such a fulfilling feeling to see my favorite singer perform live. The close encounter I had with Mr. David Pomeranz is something that I will remember forever. That one special night will always be in my memory.
Sending My Love and Prayers to the Angels

Saturday, December 15

Sending My Love and Prayers to the Angels

There are only nine days to go before Christmas. Last night, I was feeling giddy and excited for the upcoming holidays. I was thinking of the break from school and time to be spent with the persons I love. Christmas is truly something wonderful to celebrate with families and friends. However, when I heard of the news this morning, my heart was broken into pieces. There were sad tweets filling my Twitter dashboard with hash tags #CTShooting and #PrayforNewtown. Then, I learned of the tragic Connecticut Massacre where twenty beautiful angels and six adults were killed. Suddenly, I found myself crying upon reading the different news articles on the web. 

Christmas is fast-approaching and I can't believe that the victims of the shooting will not be able to experience the merry season. The little angels who passed away will no longer feel the excitement of placing socks outside their doors while waiting for Santa to grant their wishes. They will no longer have the chance to receive lovely gifts from their parents nor share sweet dinner with their families. I am saddened by the thoughts that those parents who lost their sons and daughters will not have a merry Christmas this year. They will be in pain for losing their beautiful little angels.

Thursday, December 13

Bloggers Royale: Davao Bloggers Christmas Party 2012


"Let's end the year with a *BANG* by taking part in this year's Davao Bloggers Christmas Party. Entitled "Bloggers Royale", this year's party will be nothing short of glamorous with a glittery Casino-themed venue, a flurry of surprise red carpet activities and bloggers masquerading in James Bond and Bond Girl-esque fashion! Trust me, this event is not to be missed!"

When I received this event notification on my Facebook account, I got excited and immediately pressed "Join" without event thinking about the classes I had to attend on that day. After confirming my attendance for the most-awaited Christmas party of Davao Bloggers, I started to feel pressure. First, I thought of the four subjects I would miss because of the event. Second, I had no idea what to wear for Bloggers Royale. Some of my blogger friends already started to post updates and Instagram photos of their outfits for the party. Third, my hectic schedule at school prevented me from doing all the necessary preparations. But when the big day came, I couldn't believe that everything was perfect. 



Saturday, December 8

The Best of Nicholas Sparks - The Wedding

It's been a while since I last had a chance to read a good book. For the past few months, I have been busy reviewing and memorizing some sentences on my academic books. Law school related readings were the only ones that have kept me occupied. However, last week, I realized that I needed to get back to pleasing myself with good reads. So, I asked some of my friends to send me their copies of lovely books. At the same time, I also bought some ebooks online.

The first set of books I got was written by Nicholas Sparks. I bet everyone knows this amazing author. He is a well-known and highly-recognized writer all over the world. He is the best when it comes to writing romantic novels. He has his own way of presenting the different characters which inspire every reader. 

One of his masterpieces is The Wedding. I was able to make some time to read this novel. The story of The Wedding revolves around a married couple, their kids and the people surrounding them. When Mr. Wilson, a lawyer, forgot their 29th wedding anniversary, his wife Jane felt really bad. The husband realized that he failed to fulfill the duties and promises he had promised to his wife and to his family. Because of this, he started to make some changes and thought of ways how to win back the love of his life. He had one year to make everything right. Every single day, he reminded himself of the happy moments he had shared with Jane all throughout the years. Well, let's just say that the 30th anniversary of Wilson and Jane was the best. This book is truly inspiring. It is full of love and happiness. 

My favorite pages of the book are those where the conversations of Wilson and Noah (Jane's father) are printed. There are so many good things about The Wedding! I am happy that I was able to read it despite my hectic schedule at school. Nothing beats the happiness that books offer to its readers especially those that are written by great authors like Nicholas Sparks and Paulo Coelho. Next week, I will start reading Daniel Handler's Why We Broke Up. 
Belle de Jour Power Planner Giveaway

Wednesday, December 5

Belle de Jour Power Planner Giveaway

It's December already and I can feel the Christmas season. The spirit of giving and sharing is truly in the air. On the first day of the month, my mom surprised me with a diamond ring. The day before that, I received an email from an online company asking if I would like to host a giveaway of $500 coupon codes to my readers at I Heart Giveaways. Then, the most recent gift I got was from BDJ. It's a brand new Belle de Jour Power Planner 2013.

Belle de Jour Power Planner is especially made for the Pinay fashionista achiever. The term Belle de Jour (bel duh zhoor’) is French fashion lingo for “It” girl, we have redefined it to mean the modern day renaissance woman who dares to achieve her goals, lives her dream life, makes a difference in her community, while doing everything in great style.

Saturday, December 1

Bar Operations 2012: One Sunday I Will Never Forget

Despite our hectic schedule in law school, my friends and I still decided to book a flight to Manila during our exam week. We cancelled our study plans and created a new itinerary for our short yet sweet weekend getaway. We wanted to go to the metro to serve the Ateneo de Davao College of Law barristers for the year 2012. We knew it was going to be fun and exciting especially that we have chosen the last Sunday of the bar exams. Of course, things happened the way we wanted them to be. Bar operations 2012 was a complete success!

The main reason why I made some sacrifices for the bar operations is that I wanted to make sure if law school is something that I really love. I needed to put myself into a different world which I might be entering five or six years from now. To see the barristers on the last day of their exam made me realize one thing: I want to take the bar exam soon. I should work hard so I can reach my dream soon.
Eden Bloggers Program

Eden Bloggers Program

Some of my blogger friends are already asking about the opportunities I receive from They are asking me how they can get in to the bloggers program of this wonderful online shop. The reason why they wish to become one of the partners of EdenFantasys is because they want to shop for free items. All they need to do is to blog about the store and get some gift codes for the posts. 

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Tips for Packing Your Wine Collection

There are undeniably some things in life which make you beam with unprecedented joy – watching your favorite team win over the obvious crowd favorite … getting a back rub from your significant other, or looking at your prized wine collection. 

Since this wine collection is something you hold dear, it only makes sense to care for it like you would your favorite pet. If you happen to be faced with the predicament of moving to a new place, for instance, you most definitely will take extra care when transporting those precious bottles of liquor. Although the task of packing those breakable bottles seems quite daunting, don’t let it break your heart. Here are a few things to remember when packing and moving your wine collection.

Welcome Home at JavaJive!

Thursday, November 29

Welcome Home at JavaJive!

"I love coffee, I love tea. I love the Java Jive and it loves me. 
Coffee and tea and the java and me. A cup, a cup, a cup, a cup, a cup."


A brand new coffee shop, JavaJive, has opened its doors to Dabawenyos and Dabawenyas last November 10, 2012. This new establishment takes pride in being one of the homegrown businesses in Davao city. JavaJive does not only serve fresh coffee beverages, delightful sweets and sumptuous meals but also soothing music that will surely make their customers feel more relaxed.
Thoughts on Packaging

Monday, November 26

Thoughts on Packaging

Packaging can be used as a form of brand identity, but this is unfortunately becoming a lost art. It was once a much easier proposition to get custom packing materials to use for shipments and deliveries, but now it's a more difficult proposition. All the same, it remains very possible if you know where to look. Contintental Packaging and similar companies still do offer invaluable resources that can be used to set your business apart. How can something so subtle as packaging really make your business shine? The twist is, as ever, in the little details.
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Human Nature: Environment-Friendly Items

Human Nature: Environment-Friendly Items

"Spark the passion of giving good gifts." We all know that Christmas is all about sharing our blessings to other people. It is the perfect time of the year to inform our loved ones how much we treasure them. Christmas is all about giving wonderful gifts as one of the ways to show affection, gratitude, care and appreciation. For this year, Human Nature decided to come up with something that will make everyone happy this coming holiday season. 


Last week, on its magalog launch at Plaza del Carmen, Human Nature launched new products to satisfy the varying needs of its target consumers. Human Nature takes pride in providing 100% all natural items. Together with the new items in store, they also introduced "bundles." Shoppers can now enjoy convenient shopping because there are already items grouped together and placed in certain bundles. Customers can also customize their own bundles if they want.

Saturday, November 24

Steel Corporation of the Philippines, Placed Under Liquidation Proceedings

If you are a constant reader of my blog, you have probably read the different posts about SCP or Steel Corporation of the Philippines and their battle against the Judicial system of our country. Several individuals are currently affected with all the suits going on between the parties. Employees of SCP are endangered of losing their jobs due to the seemingly unfavorable judgment made against their corporation. In this post, you will be able to read another update about the case of SCP. Let us keep ourselves aware of what is happening. May justice be served to those who deserve it.
Benefits of Having a Credit Card

Friday, November 23

Benefits of Having a Credit Card

While traditional credit cards are certainly convenient, they often lead to a lot of financial trouble in the long run. In some instances, the credit card user could ultimately damage their credit score. A prepaid credit card is a low-risk option that has plenty of advantages. Here are some of the benefits of a prepaid credit card. 

Easy to obtain

Virtually anyone can obtain a prepaid credit card. Applicants do not have to worry about any intrusive credit checks or long waiting periods. As soon as the applicant provides the required information, they are one step closer to enjoying the perks of a prepaid credit card.
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Sunday, November 18

How to Make Money Selling E-Books from Home

You may keep a regularly updated blog already, but have you thought about how to turn your passion for writing into cash? Or perhaps you love to read and discover new authors. If you enjoy the written word and are looking for a way to turn this into a lucrative career, you might want to think about writing or selling eBooks from home. This is a business that can be run in conjunction with a regular blog, to draw in new readers and share information through digital publishing. To learn more about how to sell books online, there are a few factors to keep in mind.

Electronic Publishing Basics
Becoming an author in the past required getting an agent, making industry contacts, and having a degree from the right university. The internet has made it possible to share information on a widespread level without following these steps. Just as readers can browse through an endless selection of online articles and blog posts to find entertaining and insightful content, writers can now share their fiction and non-fiction through publishing their own electronic materials.

Basic Personal Makeup Workshop

What I love about wearing makeup is that it can boost my confidence in an instant. When I was a little younger, I had no interest in cosmetics and beauty products. I used to believe that these things will not do any good to me. However, when I reached college, I started to become interested in lipsticks, eye shadows, dip liners and other makeup items. My best friend, who absolutely loves wearing makeup, made me realize that there is something more to collecting different set of palettes, getting new shades of lipsticks and using cosmetics to highlight our faces. She taught me how to appreciate the beauty that makeup brings to every woman in the world.


Tuesday, November 13

Things to Add to Your Wish List That Will Save You Money in the Kitchen

Over the next few weeks, if you’re lucky, in addition to taking wish list requests, you’ll also have people asking you what you’re wishing for this Christmas. If you’re having trouble coming up with ideas, here are a few items that will keep on giving all year long as they save you money in the kitchen!

A slow cooker. If you don’t already have a slow cooker, now is the time to try one. You can easily cook meals for a big crowd and many of the recipes freeze easily for quick next-day reheating (chili, soups, stews, etc.). There are tons of cookbooks and recipes online.


Saturday, November 10

Bratpack: A Must-Visit Store

Another wonderful store in Abreeza Mall is Bratpack. This shop offers different kinds of bags, accessories, shirts and shoes. The products will suit every shopper's personality. Bratpack specializes in providing efficient means of carrying all your stuff into one bag. They do not only give you carry-all bags but also items that are beautifully designed to awaken your senses.

"Bratpack is a lifestyle store offering the widest range of international bag, footwear, and apparel brands. It was conceived with the needs and wants of young people in mind."


The Best of Res Toe Run

Res Toe Run is best known to satisfy any person's appetite for shoes. This store offers variety of foot wears that will surely satisfy the needs and wants of every member in the family. Moms can choose comfortable sandals that they can use while staying at home or getting groceries done. Dads can also select unique designs of shoes for their golf activities, business meetings and casual affairs. There are also basketball shoes perfect for the kuyas and well-designed slippers for the ates. The little ones in the family can also get cute shoes, sandals and slippers that will make them lovelier.

I have always loved Res Toe Run because of the different brands it offers to their customers. Whenever I want to get a brand new pair of shoes, the first thing that comes into my mind is this shop. I no longer need to transfer from one place to another because almost all brands are already there. 


Monday, November 5

I-Click: Win a Brand New Camera

Here is a good news to all my avid readers out there! I have partnered with I-Click Digi Shop to bring you an exciting offer. You can win a brand new Panasonic DMC S1 by joining the contest. Make sure that you grab the exclusive password below in order to enter. 

Friday, November 2

About Modest Style of Clothes for Women

The way the electronic media shows females with fashion, one may think that there's a natural contradiction between being both stylishly cool and modest dresses simultaneously. Lots of women, both teen and mature, look to use style and go to town as the contemporary women while remaining genuine to their personal beliefs of modesty and feminineness. Today's women of all ages don't have to give up either desire nor do they need to whack their financial constraints to find the high style they want to wear. 
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Thursday, November 1

SCP Employees to Judge Ruben Galvez: How Much?

The Regional Trial Court of Batangas Branch 3 issued an order asking Steel Corporation of the Philippines (SCP) to undergo liquidation proceedings. As a result, about 300 employees of the said corporation are now in danger of losing their jobs.

Aggrieved, the employees protest about what the decision rendered by the Regional Trial Court. According to them, it is a clear violation of Labor Code of the Philippines. Aside from this, the employees of SCP stressed that the rehab court disregarded the earlier orders of the Court of Appeals and Supreme Court where there are still pending cases filed by the group in connection with the issue.

Ways to Save Money on School Clothes

When you're in need of school uniforms for your little ones, you'll want to take advantage of a few money-saving shopping tips. Children's clothing can really add up over the years, as they quickly outgrow old uniforms and beg for the trendy brand names that their friends are wearing. Back to school fashion doesn't have to break the bank, if you get organised ahead of time. These same principles can also be used to save money on your own clothing!

Out With the Old
Before you get started, it helps to take an inventory of your child's existing wardrobe. Find out what he's outgrown, what items are looking shabby or worn, or what is completely out of fashion. These items can be handed down to younger siblings or donated to charity if they are still in decent condition. Be sure to remove any name labels for clothes if you're passing them down to someone else.

Impress Your Love with a Romantic Guitar Song

If you are looking for a great way to impress your significant other, then learning to lay a romantic guitar song is a great idea. Music is one of the most powerful ways to move a person’s heart. The people we love really appreciate when we put in time and effort to do something for them. 

Learning to play the guitar to perform a romantic song for your love shows how much you really care. If you want to learn to play a romantic song on the guitar, follow these tips to make the process as smooth as possible.

Stealing Steel Corporation of the Philippines

Stealing Steel Corporation of the Philippines

With all the different things happening in our surroundings, we seldom take notice of the issues that concern our country. We are so busy with doing different activities which prevent us from knowing that there are some issues needed to be addressed. If only we take time to relax, sit and read the news, we will find out that there are many problems faced by the Philippines. Before we think of the steps that we could take to solve the adversities, I suggest that we inform ourselves first. 

In this article, you will find out about one of the problems in the Philippine Government. Sad to say, there are some people in the three branches of the government who are inefficient and ineffective in doing their tasks and duties. Again, I would like to highlight that NOT all government officials fail in what they need to do. There are still those who are able to offer great service to the Filipinos. 

Please check the article below and let me know what you think about it.


Women on Losing Weight

One of the common concerns of women these days is having a perfect and sexy body. They want to look at their best wherever they go. This is the main reason why most of them spend at least an hour working out in their favorite gyms. Others even enroll for dance classes to maintain their bod. Some of them take dietary pills that promise instant weight loss.

Women also go for natural diet. They make sure that they eat balanced meals every single day. Vegetables and fruits are their best friends. This kind of diet works for the ladies who are serious enough to make some sacrifices. It is perfect for the girls who can stand a day, week or month without indulging in sweet treats and food full of calories.
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FB Pages for Firmoo Giveaway 1

FB Pages for Firmoo Giveaway 1

These are the Facebook pages to like for the $500 Firmoo Gift Cards Giveaway. Please note that the Rafflecopter will be open from December 8-18, 2012. If you want to join, visit my giveaway site here.
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Tuesday, October 30

A Treat to Happa Massage and Spa

Have you ever experienced sleepless nights because of work or school? Have you ever tried working hard every single day even on weekends? Are there times when you feel like your body is about to give up because of all the tiresome daily activities that you do? If you said yes to these questions, then it's time to take a break, pamper yourself and do what makes you happy. 

There are many things that you can do to take all your stress away. You can invite your friends for a night out  and share a wonderful dinner with them. Drinking your favorite wine is also a good idea. You can also go out of town for a day or two to go out of your comfort zone and try new things. You can also visit the nearest salon in the city and get a lovely make over. Or... you can visit a wonderful massage and spa parlor for de-stressing sessions.

If you are located in Davao city, I highly recommend that you visit Happa Massage and Spa located at 202 Diamond Builing, McArthur Highway, Matina. 


Saturday, October 27

Circulan's Pick-Up Line Contest

Are you fond of creating pick up lines for the ones you love? Does it make you happy to think of cool lines that will make other people smile? Do you want to win exciting prizes with your own pick-up lines? If you answer yes to these questions, then you are perfect for the brand new Circulan's Pick-Up Line Contest.

The prizes that are up for grabs are the following:
1st prize - New iPad WiFi & 4G 16gb
2nd prize - Blackberry 8520
3rd prize - Php 2000 worth of Sodexo Gift Certificate

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Thursday, October 25

Health Tips for Students

Every student must learn how to value his health condition. Failure to do this can prevent him from performing better in school and from completing the different class requirements. Because of these, it is important that students follow a certain guideline that will help them stay fit and healthy despite all the demands they get from their classes and professors.

There are many known ways, tips and tricks on how a student can do better in school without sacrificing his health. In this article, you will see the different guidelines that will enable every student maintain a good and healthy condition. 

Listed below are different health tips for all types of students. Whether you are still in high school or in college, the enumeration below will surely help you. I highly recommend that graduate students follow the guidelines especially that they are the ones who get so much pressure from their courses.

Wednesday, October 24

A Secret Affair Movie Review with Quotes

Betrayal, infidelity, unfaithfulness and third party relationships are too mainstream in the Philippine movies these days. When Anne Curtis and Derek Ramsey starred in the film "No Other Woman," they have wow-ed everyone for their outstanding roles and performances. In  their second film together, these two great actor and actress succeeded again in bringing another wonderful and heart-breaking movie. 

A Secret Affair is a 2012 romance drama film starring Anne Curtis (Raffy - the girlfriend / fiancee), Derek Ramsey (Anton - the boyfriend / fiance) and Andi Eigenmann (Sam - the friend / the third party.)

Spoiler Alert! Spoiler Alert! Spoiler Alert! Spoiler Alert!

The movie is all about a couple who are madly and deeply in love with each other. After two and a half months of dating together, Anton proposed to Raffy. During the preparations for their upcoming wedding, Raffy, the fiancee, was pressured with all the comments she has been hearing from everybody and all the happenings in her life. Her confusion and fears led her to leaving Anton and becoming a run-away bride. On the night before their wedding, she went to her fiance's condominium unit, returned the engagement ring and left without giving explanations to Anton.
What Makes a Holiday in Sydney So Worthwhile?

What Makes a Holiday in Sydney So Worthwhile?

Travelling from London to Sydney? Trust me, this city is very unlikely to let you down.

Think weekends spent by the beach sipping a [insert cocktail of choice here], shopping or simply admiring the views of the city at a restaurant or café. When most people think of Australia, they think of Sydney and its two most widely-recognised tourist attractions – the Sydney Harbour and the Sydney Opera House. But there are so many other reasons to visit. 

When the sun goes down, things really heat up
You will never be short of inspiration for places to spend your evenings. Harbour, Kings Cross, Oxford Street and the Rocks are just a few of the ‘hip and happening’ hangouts in the city. 
For something a little more low-key, delightful restaurants and chillout bars are in plentiful supply too. Dine by the harbor, tuck in to a traditional Australian BBQ lunch or admire the views from a cool rooftop terrace – whatever you fancy, Sydney has it. 

Our winter is their summer
When it comes to Australian versus European weather, opposites really do attract. While you’re snuggling by a fire in your wooly jumper at Christmas, Australians are lighting a BBQ on the beach. The warmest weather is generally experienced in the north-west, and the coldest in the Snowy Mountains All in all, there are no complaints about the weather in Sydney.

Thriving arts & culture scene
As a city with strong Aboriginal and European routes, it’s no surprise that Sydney is home to a vast collection of galleries, theatres and museums. From the Art Gallery of New South Wales and the Sydney Opera House, to contemporary arts scene of Waterloo and Paddington and Newtown’s cute boutique cinemas. 

Public transport is always on time
Not to speak ill of the impressive public transport network in the UK, particularly in London, but if there’s one thing that makes the travelling around Sydnney so much fun, is that the transport actually shows up. 

So if you’re looking to get away from the rain-clad days of the UK, make sure you get the best deals on flights from London to Sydney.
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Tuesday, October 23

An Open Letter for Evan - The Most Gentleman

People come and go. No matter how much we try to keep the special persons in our lives, there will always come a time that they need to leave us behind. For some reasons I don't know, they will be gone and will make us realize that no one stays forever.

It was a cold Friday night when my best friend called to inform me of a very sad news. Her voice was shaking which meant that something was wrong. She told me that our good friend, Evan, just died. The bad news really broke my heart. There was a sudden rush of emotions as I try to remember how nice Evan was as a person, a friend and a barkada. 

Until this moment, I still can't believe that I lost an amazingly great friend. Evan and I met in high school. We became close during my junior year for we both belong in the same clique - the Mutienians. Even after graduation, we still hang out and do the usual stuff during semestral breaks and holidays. With our hectic schedules and different priorities after high school, we seldom see each other in a year. But we still make sure that we find time to catch up with the updates in our lives. In fact, just recently, Evan and I spent a wonderful time together with our common friends. Who would have thought that it would be the last time?
Top 3 Easy Means of Transportation

Sunday, October 21

Top 3 Easy Means of Transportation

Everyday, we travel from one place to another. Transportation has become a big part of our lives. We go to school or to work every single day. There are times when we prefer to walk but most often, we choose to ride the buses, drive our own vehicles or use the trains available. If you are looking for easy ways to transport, make sure to check out the list below:

1. Use your bike.

Did you know that biking is one of the best ways to tone up your body and keep yourself healthy? Aside from these great benefits, it can also help you go from one place to another without experiencing any hassles. Some cities in different countries have started appropriating lanes for bikers. If you have a bicycle lane in your local area, consider yourself lucky. Now, you can transport easier and at the same time, keeping up with a healthy lifestyle.

2. Invest in a scooter.

If you are the type of person who prefers fast and easy transportation but do not enjoy riding a bicycle, then a scooter will do. All you need to do is to learn how to balance and drive a scooter. There is no need to exert efforts in pedaling. Just start your chosen scooter and you're off to go. In case you would love getting a brand new scooter for yourself, don't forget to update and check your scooter battery regularly.

3. Know the rush hours.

The secret here is to know when or when not to travel. This way, you will have an idea whether you will need to ride the train or the bus. At the same time, it will allow you to determine whether or not it's best to use your car or your new scooter or bike as the case may be. 
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Wednesday, October 17

PLDT Telpad: The Best Thing to Happen

Changes. Upgrades. Improvements. The largest telecommunication company in the Philippines, PLDT, knows exactly the need of every family. This is the reason why they have reinvented the old and boring landline phones. PLDT is proud to present the brand new, high-tech and all-in-one PLDT Telpad.

There are 1,001 reasons to upgrade your landline to the newest PLDT Telpad.

PLDT Telpad offers many advantages to all its subscribers. It is a complete package of a telephone and tablet. With this latest innovation, subscribers can make calls, take advantage of Android apps, browse the internet, view updated videos, scan beautiful photos, enjoy lovely music, play exciting games and get exclusive access to other PLDT services. 


Sunday, October 14

Ipanema's Urban Jungle Fashion Show

The world-renowned Brazilian flip-flop brand Ipanema presented the best Urban Jungle Fashion Show of the year last October 12, 2012 at Abreeza Mall Activity Center. Ipanema succeeded in transforming the place to a lovely jungle and bringing everyone to a majestic forest. The fashion show was amazing, extraordinary, highly conceptualized and beautifully choreographed.

I attended the fashion event together with my fellow Davao Bloggers. Ipanema was so kind to give us the front row sits and a loot bag full of freebies. Since I have a privileged seat, I was able to have a closer look of the new footwear designs magically presented by each model.

In line with the brand’s style sensibility of igniting the fashion animal in its market of go-getters, the Ipanema Urban Jungle Fashion Show was an unforgettable display of fresh, animated pieces from the stylista-friendly brand. Exuding the festive and exotic vibe of the beaches of Brazil, Ipanema has long since created a name synonymous to creativity and fun, coming up with a bevy of collections featuring a lauded mix of bright colors, bold prints and vibrant patterns.


Friday, October 12

Weekend Happiness

In this post, you will see the random pictures I have taken last weekend. These are things that really made my Saturday and Sunday. Since it is Friday today, allow me to share "Weekend Happiness" before I start another end of the week experiences tomorrow.

1. Starbucks Coffee Art

Study out has become a part of my routine ever since I enrolled in law school. I am more productive whenever I read cases and review for my exams at my favorite coffee shops. When studying, I always make it to a point that I get my breaks. During these times, I do stupid things to relieve myself from the stress of reading sentences that are hard to understand. On one of my study night out at SB, I gathered all my highlighters and started coloring the logo of my cup (see the picture above). Doing such thing made me happy. How about you, what makes you happy? 

Thursday, October 11

The 2012 BDJ Fair: Limitless!

Guess what? I got an invite from the organizers of the biggest 2012 BDJ Fair this coming Sunday, October 14, 2012. Unfortunately, I wouldn't be at Metro Manila this weekend because of my exams. My next flight to the city is still on the 26th. No matter how much I would like to be there and join the fun, I just can't. So, instead, I am inviting all of you to go at the Mall of Asia Music Hall on Sunday to witness the biggest fair of the year for the Bellas all over the country.

Here are the important details to remember!

What: 2012 BDJ Fair: Limitless
Where: The Mall of Asia Music Hall
When: October 14, 2012 (Sunday) 10AM-10PM
Entrance: NO Entrance Fee!

Take note: For a small donation of Php 100, you can already get a VIP access to special activity booths on the BDJ Fair. 100% of the proceeds from Fair's VIP Activity Pass will be donated to RockEd Philippines and will be used to help SKR in assisting Romblon schoolchildren get to school. 

The Ipanema Animal Fashion Event

On October 12, 2012, Ipanema will bring a different kind of fashion show here in Davao city! This world-renowned Brazilian flip-flop brand will make everyone roar as it brings an ultimate Urban Jungle Fashion Show at Abreeza Mall's Activity Center.

From the Press Release, Ipanema says "The Ipanema Urban Jungle Fashion Show promises an unforgettable experience for the senses featuring fresh, animated pieces from the stylista-friendly brand. Exuding the festive and exotic vibe of the beaches of Brazil, Ipanema has long since created a name synonymous to creativity and fun—showcasing brave collections unique to the brand’s style direction. Since its establishment in 1971, Ipanema has pushed the envelope for footwear design."

Intense Feelings by a Coffee Lover

If you can't find me at home or at school, then I'm probably at my favorite coffee shops in the city. You can see me there sipping my favorite White Chocolate Mocha while I work with my laptop or read cases for my law school subjects. Indeed, the coffee houses have become my most-visited places. However, due to some health issues, I have decided to trim down my intake for caffeine. Although there are great benefits of drinking cups of coffee, I still make sure that I'm a responsible coffee drinker. 

Sunday, October 7

Pistahang Cebuana Pasasalamat Concert

Cebuana Lhuillier celebrates its 25th anniversary by organizing Pistahang Cebuana Pasasalamat Concert (caravan) all over the country. The first part of the concert was held in Manila (Luzon), the second was at Cebu (Visayas) and the third one was at Davao (Mindanao). Last October 4, the number one trusted pawnshop in the Philippines brings Sarah Geronimo, Mark Bautista, Erik Santos and G-Force in the city for the third and last Pasasalamat Concert which was held at the University of Mindanao Gym. 

Cebuana Lhuillier loyal customers, Cebuana 24K card holders, media, bloggers and other guests were invited to become part of the said event. Luckily, I was one of the Davao bloggers chosen to cover the event.

I got a free ticket from the organizers of the amazing Pistahang Cebuana! It was such an honor to witness the performances of the best OPM artists.

Cebuana Lhuillier is getting bigger each year. It is growing, together with Sarah Geronimo. It does not only regard itself as a company but also as a community of people willing to help each other. This pawnshop is under the famous P.J. Lhuillier group of companies. There are many new products and services to look forward from Cebuana. Indeed, it is not an ordinary pawnshop. It offers so much more. To express their gratitude to the public, they bring Sarah G and guests here in Davao.

Thursday, October 4

SM Cyberzone: Lifestyle and Technology Center

One of the reasons why I love SM Lanang Premier is the coming of a brand new Cyberzone in the city. This newest shopping mall shows their love and admiration for the techie Davaoeños and Davaoeñas by making sure that they provide a lifestyle and technology center. SM considers creating an exclusive place for the people who likes playing games and for those who enjoys checking out the latest advancements in technology. 

When SM Cyberzone opened, the Davao Bloggers was there! We attended the ribbon cutting ceremony headed by the highly respected SM executives. It was such an honor that I was part of the group who witnessed the opening ceremony. That day was, indeed, full of fun and excitement. I have to say this: There are so many thing to love about the Cyberzone!


Wednesday, October 3

SM Lanang Premier Opens

September 27, 2012 - a brand new mall opens its doors to Davaoeñ6s and Davaoeñas. The grand SM Lanang Premier had its soft opening on the said date. Luckily, I was able to get invites for the soft opening. Together with me were the lovely Davao bloggers who graced the events of different stores and food places inside the shopping mall.

Want to know some trivia about SM Premier? It is the second SM Supermall in the city. The first one being SM City which is located at Ecoland. This new mall has a total land area of 100,000 square meters which made it the largest shopping mall in the city. 

It is important to note that SM Lanang Premier's grand opening was on September 28, 2012. However, the shopping mall opened its doors to selected individuals for the soft opening ceremony. What I love about being a blogger is that I, sometimes (emphasis supplied), get exclusive invites to certain events.


Monday, October 1

An Eco-efficient home: The Elements Way

Living in an eco-efficient home means that you are not only thinking of the environment in which you live, but also saving yourself a lot of money. There are many ways you can enjoy this the Elements way. 

An innovation in environmental technology has entrenched itself in today's modern condominium living. To help alleviate pollution in Manila, GFL Communities Inc., has introduced the eco-efficient home in the Philippines.
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Health is Wealth - Hygiene 24

We all know that our bodies need the good bacteria to keep us function every single day. However, no matter how much we try to avoid getting only the good bacteria, we always end up getting the bad bacteria too. So, how can we prevent this from happening? Is washing our hands every time enough? Is covering our nose already sufficient? Probably, some of you would answer yes. Well, based on researches, these preventive measures are not enough. We have to find the best products in the market that will help us battle the army of bacteria present every where.

Fortunately, a brand new product is introduced in the market which enables us to slay bacteria 24/7. Yes, this means ultimate 24 hours protection every day! Hygiene Science Inc., has launched new antimicrobial products that will reduce the opportunity for unhealthy microbes from establishing colonies on our hands and surfaces.


September 2012: Wide and Awake

"Wake me up when September ends." This is how the song goes. In my case, I won't be singing this lovely song because I have been up for the whole last month. Yes, literally awake. Since September 2012 was the busiest month of the year in my life, I never had the chance to get myself enough sleep. For every weekend of the previous month, I had exams to take which meant that I needed to stay late at nights on weekdays to study. Despite all the tiresome activities and requirements, I didn't complain because those were completely fun and exciting. 

Now that October 2012 is about to begin, it's time to say "Thank you, September. Hello, October!" I can't wait to see what's in store for the new month. Time flies so fast. I can't believe I only have one month for my first semester in law school and that there are only two months left before December (Hey, Christmas!) 

Of course, I wouldn't let a beautiful month end without showcasing how special it was! Below are the Instagram photos taken during September 2012. Oh yes, I'm here to tell you a story!

Batch Eximius 25 is now officially part of the Lakas Atenista! I am one of the new members of this Ateneo Law School organization. Together with me are my batch mates namely Jade, Resci, Kyrie, James, Yna, Gloria, Mark, James, Andy, Camille and Elica. The photo above was taken before our quasi and accepting ceremony. 

Green Coffee is the only 24 hours coffee shop near my place. This is the reason why I always choose it for study out nights. My classmates also love the place! We stayed there last month for almost every night (well, except for the weekends!)

The lovely gown I saw at SMX Convention. It was from Kasuotan. Someday, I'm going to wear a classy wedding gown on my special day. I swear, it will be the best day of my life!

God knows how thankful I am for the Official Davao Bloggers organization. Because of this dynamic group, I get exclusive invites to events! Just recently, I attended the soft opening of SM Premier Lanang!

Friday, September 28

Being Healthy Matters

Nowadays, many people are getting sick and unhealthy. These conditions are caused by many reasons. Some of the most common causes of illnesses are stress, over-fatigue and negligence. Due to hectic schedules at work and school, people start to disregard the importance of keeping themselves healthy. They no longer have time to focus on their physical training, to work on having great bodies and to maintain good health conditions. 

Having a healthy lifestyle really matters. I recommend that you take two of the most trusted supplements in the country - Circulan and Lungcaire.


I'm pretty sure that you've heard of all the essential benefits of Circulan 4-1 Dietary Supplement. For 12 years, Circulan has helped countless families stay healthy together, as it promotes good blood circulation.

CIRCULAN is a soft gel capsule that contains extracts from four (4) potent herbs that work synergistically for proper blood circulation. It is a food supplement that has approved FDA benefits. It has been scientifically and clinically tested for more than 10 years in Korea.   

Sunday, September 23

SM Cinema Brings the IMAX Experience to Davao

SM Cinema, the country’s leading film exhibitor, continues its quest to elevate this country’s cinematic experience by bringing in state-of-the-art theater technology. Introducing the IMAX Experience to the Filipinos is one of SM Cinema’s ways of delivering world-class quality entertainment. 

One of the highlights in the opening of SM Lanang Premier is the opening of the IMAX Theatre. IMAX Lanang opens with 467 seats and a digital projection system that can support both 2D and 3D films.

IMAX is the world’s leading film entertainment technology. It utilizes laser-aligned digital audio feed in addition to a revolutionary projection system that enhances image quality and display, delivering unparalleled and realistic sound and visuals.

IMAX is more than a technology; it is an experience. The IMAX Theatre is designed to fill your field of vision and engulf you in sound so powerful that it is almost tangible. IMAX screen is several times larger than the screen of the standard theater, delivering an image so large that it fills your entire field of view.  The screen is slightly curved and the seats are angled to allow audience to have an unobstructed view of what they are watching. The IMAX image is several times larger than any other cinema format, offering far greater resolution than the 35mm film. All these contribute to bringing images to life like no other—making you feel you are part of the movie and not just a mere spectator.
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