Special Thanks to A Blogger Friend

I would like to make a gratitude post for ate Krizza of Life's Tips and Tricks and Home Sweet Home for everything she has done for me and The Coffee Chic.

Who would have thought that I will be able to meet new friends in the blogosphere after I decided to be back in blogging last October 2011? Everything went well for my nth come back. But every single thing became better when I met the great bloggers namely ate Krizza, ate Rovie, ate KM, ate Lainy and ate Rona. These bloggers shared their precious time with me and they have proven that blogging is not simply writing posts but most importantly, creating great bonds across the web. We may come from different places yet we are still  greatly connected because of our blogs. And for this, I am truly grateful.

Okay, back to the star of this post... Once again, I want to thank ate Krizza for sending me a special LBC package. It has been ages since I last received something like this. So, imagine the look on my face when she informed me about the Christmas gift she sent.

Below are the items I got from her! She knows perfectly that I'm in love with the color green which made me feel happier. All these things are fresh from Cambodia where she works. Can you imagine how generous and thoughtful ate Kriz is?

My most favorite gift of all is the greeting card. Finally, I have seen how her penmanship looks like.

Thank you so much ate Kriz for these things! I can't believe I got a special gift from someone I just met on the internet. You have no idea how much you made me feel happy. :) 

Life's Tips and Tricks


  1. hi algene, i'm glad myself to have known you, and the rest of the girls - krizza, lainy, rovz, rona - through blogging :)

    green pala ang fave color mo. ang ku-kyut naman ng mga souvenir na yan from Cambodia. ako man eh matutuwa ng bongga sa mga regalo ni Krizza :D And oo nga, tama ka, buti ka pa may "autograph" nya. Hehe! At this time now where everything is electronic, fascinating ang makatanggap ng sulat via snail mail.

    Enjoy your presents from Krizza, as well as the rest of the year. Wishing you a prosperous 2012!


  2. We are so blessed to have met our friends in the blogosphere gene... That was one of the reason why I am so excited to go online everyday...

    Sis Krizza is so sweet. Kahit ang layo ng Davao sa Luzon na alala nya tayo...

    Thanks so much for your kindness sis. God bless you and your family always...

    By the way, thanks sa mention gene... Happy New Year!

  3. @KM: Thank you ate KM :) I wasn't expecting to meet a friendly blogger like you. Sobrang nakakatuwa lang talaga na even in the blogosphere, it's still possible to find real friends. Kaya once again, super thank you!

    Nakaka-excite na nakita ko na rin ang penmanship ni ate Krizza. Iba kasi sa blogs niya. *obviously* LOL

    @Rovie: Thanks too ate Rovs! Sweet talaga ni ate Krizza. Di niya tayo nakakalimutan. See you next year so I could give your package too (from ate Kriz) :D

    Happy new year din!

  4. That is so sweet!
    Visiting you from the Alexa Drop Hop , nice to *meet* you!!

  5. My God Algene, matutunaw ata ako sa hiya matapos mong ipakita sa mundo ang mala "manok" kong hand writing. Kaya nga ayaw ko magsulat eh kasi "napakapangit" ng hand writing ko talaga. Hahaha! Tsaka, there's no need to mention it Gene, simple souvenirs lang naman mga yan. Yan kasi ang gusto ng mga taga rito, yung mga ganyang balabal. Kasi yan ang isa sa mga trade mark ng Cambo.

    Anyway, nakakahiya pero MARAMING SALAMAT sa pag appreciate sa "friendship" and all. Looking forward for more blogging years with you and the rest of the gang!

    *hugz* yah always!

  6. Naku ate Krizza, you have no idea how happy you made me feel. Seriously :) Thank you sa mga souvenirs. Nice naman penmanship mo eh so there's nothing to worry about it. Nakakatuwa lang na I finally saw your hand writing.

    Happy new year ate Kriz! Same here :) Looking forward to more happy blogging years with you and the rest!

    Thanks talaga ate Kriz!

  7. Oh WoW! Special mention pala ang names natin dito mga magaganda kong blogpals :-)

    Pleasure is all mine, Algene. I am now in my 5th year of blogging and with that span of time, blogging comrades come and go. Not too many would stay but I treasure the few ones who were with me all the way. I have encountered the highs and lows of blogging and I believe it has made me become a better person by meeting different people from all walks of life. I look forward to sharing some more sweet blogging moments with you.

    What a sweet gesture by Krizza. Nakakatuwa naman. It's rare to find great friends from across the miles.

    Love and Hugs!

  8. Hello ate Lainy. Thank you so much for sweet comment. I agree with you. Not all the persons we meet in the blogosphere stay. Kaya nga I'm glad na anjan kau na mga ate ko. :)

    Ako rin ate Lainy. Medyo busy lang these days kaya ganito :D

  9. You are most welcome, Algene.

    BTW, about don sa WP Themes, I am sorry I can't give you an accurate answer. My Malaysian blogpal Windy did all the dirty works across my blogs. Wala akong alam kung anong mga pinanggagawa nya, hahaha! In short, di ako marunong. When it comes to blog embellishments, I am useless, LOL!

  10. Thank you so much ate Lainy.. I will work on it nalang, baka ma-okay lang yun.. On vacation kasi blog designer na gusto ko.. Thanks again!


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