Oh, Christmas!

My schedule has been hectic for the past few days because of the demands from my professors and teachers. As we all know, there are many things needed to be done and completed before students can truly have their Christmas vacation. In my case, I had to take all the exams for prelims and submit the technical aspect of my feasibility study. The school requirements made me go to sleep super late at night and miss updating my blog. 

And now that everything is over, I am officially back and ready to blog! (But I will be gone again for a long-week vacation at my mom's province on the 23rd.) Since the busy days are gone, I felt the need to reward myself for completing the first grading period of my hopefully last semester as a college student. So, I went to the mall with my mom for our early Christmas shopping and to the parlor for an instant makeover! 

Among all the things I bought for myself, the bags from Celine are my most favorite! They are perfect for someone like me who admires simple yet classy bags. The good thing about these items is that they are now affordable. Can you believe that the P1,700 / bag is now selling at P1,299 each or P1,000 for two? 

Advance Happy Christmas everyone! Sorry for the low resolution image below. I used my iPad in taking the pic. 

Since I am going to my mom's place for Christmas, I will need to download more reading materials for me to enjoy my week-long stay at the province. Thanks to Zinio for the free digital subscription of Cosmopolitan! That means I no longer need to pay for my 12 years subscription for my favorite magazine!

How many times did I mention the word "Christmas" in this post? :)

This is my share for Thursday Brownies


  1. Merry Christmas gene! Nag try ko count pila ka "Christmas ang naa diri pero dili kaya sa akong mata... Hahaha

    Asa diay ang province sa imong mama? Maau paka naka pang shopping na...

  2. Hi Algene! Wow naman at nakapag Christmas shopping ka na pala. That's good! You also had a bonding time with your Mom pala. So how's the instant make over?!!

    So you're going to the province with your Mom pala. Hope you'll a have a great time then. I think you've mentioned Christmas around 5 times?

  3. @Rovie: Hello ate Rovie! Busy ka these days? :) Ayaw na i-attempt ke makasakit jud sa mata. LOL

    Sa Carmen te, Agusan del Sur :)

    @Krizza: Yes ate Kriz. Buti nga at nakashopping na kahit pa-konti lang. How was the shopping date with your kids? Hehehe.. Thanks for counting. You got it right! I'l upload the pics soon, kung feel ko na. lol

  4. Merry Christmas to you Sis and to your family. Dropping some love for Thursday Bronwnies, hope that you can return the favor too.

  5. Thank you po ate for the visit and comment. :) Same here! Happy Christmas to you and your loved ones!


  6. Did I read it right? Free subscription to Cosmopolitan? Good to know, it's been a while since I read the recent edition of Cosmo, not enough space to buy more magazines.

    Visiting via Thursday Brownies.

  7. Yes ate Gene! You read it right. Free subscription nga for the Cosmo mag! Pero, US ha. Hindi PH. Gusto ko rin basahin yung PH pero wala silang digital edition eh :) Thanks for the visit po!

  8. That's a great buy! Saving is always good:)

    Visiting for TB! Hope you can visit mine too:)

  9. Need to save more money. LOL :)
    Will visit you back ate Leah!

  10. You got yourself a nice bag for a good bargain.I am also looking for a good but affordabler items .we need to be practicla these days.Thanks for the visit.

  11. Merry Christmas! Have fun in the province! :)

  12. oh, happy christmas then. and have a great vacation.
    looking forward to ur grad next year. daughter wont be able to march...uh oh:(

  13. Bakit po di makaka-march ate? Sad to hear about this :(


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