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Bonding Time: Food Trips

They say, people who are in a relationship are more likely to gain weight than those who are single. I used to disagree with this idea until I met my special friend and started gaining weight intensely. For the past 25 months of being with him, I noticed the irregular eating patterns that we have. We are like all other couples who enjoy eating a lot. Every single day, we have heavy breakfast meals. Most of the time, he picks me up at home early in the morning and brings me to fast food chains. For lunch and dinner, we often cook meals together or go to restaurants. In between meals, we also enjoy having our meriendas. There are also times when we go out with our friends and dine in eat-all-you-can restos. With all these food trips, it is really hard to stop ourselves from gaining some pounds. No matter what I do, I just can't say no to all these temptations. Most especially when he keeps on surprising me with chocolates and his own recipe meals! 

Like yesterday, we had again another fun-food-filled Wednesday! Before we watched the movie Arthur Christmas, we headed to Mandarin for our lunch. I really love the quail egg siomai and fried seafood rolls of this Chinese restaurant! That is why I always order for it every time we eat at the place. 


After having a wonderful lunch, we went to the cinema and then to Bake & Churn for the ice cream cakes! Who doesn't love an ice cream especially when it's baked?

Though this is out of the topic, I would like to thank my friend for choosing this great bag for me! It's the perfect choice!

First time to join!

Thank you for the first Coffee Talk ♥


  1. Wow! sarap ng life... Nakiki- Thursday Brownies ka na din ha. Hehehe

    Ganyan talaga basta my lalabs gene mostly ang bonding activity kay kaon. Fave pud namo ni Bren ang Mandarin...

    Super nice pud ang bag ha. Bdw, approved na ka sa Davao Bloggers. Unta maka join ka sa Bloggers Black and White Party this Sunday. Tag 250 pesos and reg or $5.5 paypal credits.

    Kita unta ta didto gene kay wala sad baya ko kaila didto... Hope to see you there...

  2. Ate Rovie! I wanna come jud. What time ang party? Sana I can find some time to bond with DB. :) Gusto ko pero ulllaaawww kaayo. Hope we could see each other there.

    Anyway, yes! Love pud nako ang Mandarin! Especially the siomai. Food trips jud ang bonding moments.. Gusto nako mag-niwang ate Rovs :)

  3. Bisaya ka pala day haha. Anyway, I wanna taste those quail egg siomai. Makapunta nga sa Mandarin this week haha. Lastly, sobrang sweet naman ninyong dalawa ng bf mo... :)

  4. Happy Thursday Brownies, Algene. Yay, nakiki-meme ka na din! Hehe :D

    Uy, ako ay isang buhay na patotoo ng weight gain issue na yan in a relationship. Lol. 20 pounds ang na-gain ko in the first six months na nag-date kami ni Vince. So far, I need to lose about 5 pounds more para lang mabalik ko yung pre-relationship weight ko. Good luck na lang sa'kin dahil parang two years ko na pilit in-a-achieve yun. Hehe!

    Nweiz, bata ka pa naman, kaya least pa yun sa concern mo ;) Importante, 'wag papabayaan ang sarili, habang nag-e-enjoy kayo ni Abdel sa company ng isa't isa :)

    More years of togetherness sa inyo ni Abdel! ♥

  5. @Cherry: Yes, bisaya kaayo dai uy. LOL! Anyway, thanks for the comment. Much appreciated. :) Punta ka sa Mandarin this weekend and have some siomai treats for you and your loved ones!

  6. @KM: Nakiki-meme na nga. I saw TB kasi on ate Gizelle's page. And since wala akong topic for tonight, sumali talaga ako.

    Nah! I gained over 20 pounds for the past 2 years of our rel ate KM. Need ko na talaga mag-trim down! I need it so bad. Baka magbago isip ni Abdel. LOL

    Oo ate. Hindi dapat pabayaan ang sarili. :D

  7. Wow...hataw talaga si Algene! Date to the max! Sige lang try to enjoy life and everything that goes with it! Ika nga, live life to the fullest. But for me, advise ko out on your weight din kasi pag nag asawa ka na, mas tataba ka pa. Hahaha!!

  8. Hahaha! Tama ka ate Krizza! Yun din sabi ni ate KM oh! Wag pabayaan ang sarili :) I know I should focus into getting my old body back. LOL I don't post pictures of myself na these days kasi nga I feel like I've gained so much weight. :P Sana magamit ko na mini-gym namin sa house. Medyo busy lang talaga for now :)

  9. ganyan yata talaga pag in-love.lahat maganda, lahat masaya, lahat masarap ^_^

    be forever in love, girl.

  10. Ana gyud na gene... :-( Na miss nuon na ko sya da... hehe...

    BTW, we love Mandarin too

  11. @IMRIZ: Sana nga. Thanks po :)

    @Yannie: Ha? Nganong namiss man? Hehehe. Aha diay siya?

  12. Wow so yummy...Visiting from FTF!

  13. so much food adventures! want to try that icecream too :)

  14. Thank you so much girls for the comments! Will be visitng your blogs after I post this :*

  15. super pampered! :) want to have a bite of that ice cream cake! yum!

    visiting from Thursday Brownies.

  16. Ang sarap talaga ng ice cream cake ate! Nomnom! Will visit you back :P

  17. I can relate! Hubby and I gained a lot of pounds when we were boyfriend/girlfriend just because we both love to eat! Food is simply irresistible! Thanks for your FTF visit!

  18. Tama! Simply irresistible! :p We can't help ot talaga. LOL. Anyway, thanks for visiting back :)

  19. miss ko na ang food sa Mandarin especially chicken feet hahahaha. Visiting from FTF. Hope you can visit back.

  20. Mahilig ka pala sa Chicken feet? Ako, di masyado. I mean, hindi talaga. LOL

    Sympre naman. :) Will visit you after I post this comment!

  21. I think I ate at a restaurant named Mandarin Tea Garden in CDO before...but that was ages ago. lol.
    ...ang sweet nyo naman! stay in-love forever, you two! :)

    appreciate much your sharing this sweet post over at Food Friday, Ms. Algene
    happy weekend!

  22. cute bag and delish foods, thank you for sharing. Dropping some love for Thursday Brownies, hope that you can return the favor too.

  23. yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm and looks delish, it makes me drool too. Dropping some love this time for FTF, hope that you can return the favor too.

  24. @Maiyah: San ka na pala ngayon? Mandarin dishes taste good noh? :p Thanks for visiting ha? And for the compliments. :p

    @Wifetoalineman: Thank you so much for the comments.. Much appreciated po talaga.. I woll be returning the favor!

  25. Baked ice cream? Now I'm curious. Saan yan?

    Happy Food Friday!

  26. Bake ice cream..hmmn, have not heard before..Bet it is delicious:)

    Visiting late for TB! Here's mine..

  27. @Gene: SM City Mall of Davao. :) Happy food friday too!

    @Leah H: It really is. Favorite ko nga! Thanks for hopping po. :)


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