Conzace Viral Smackdown: New Facebook Game

After having a long-week vacation at my mother's hometown, I am glad that I'm finally back and able to access the internet. For the past six days, I had a limited internet connection preventing me to get all the updates on my online accounts. So when I returned back in the city this afternoon, the first thing I did was to check my FB account. As I was browsing for the latest things on the site, I came across a new Facebook app that caught my attention. It's a brand new game called "Conzace Viral Smackdown.

I find this game really interesting. It is completely unique and different from all the other Facebook applications I have used before. Since it is an augmented reality game, Conzace Viral Smackdown requires great interaction between the player and the viruses that need to be smashed. In fact, webcam is required before one could play this game. The app is extremely addictive especially that I am the kind of player who wants to get the top scores of every game all the time. It took me almost two hours before I decided to stop playing the game!

The goal of Conzace Viral Smackdown is to smash and kick all the yellow and red viruses to earn more points while all the green germs should be avoided. There are only three levels that need to be completed.

Level 1 Swat the yellow microbes - Defeat all the microbes by touching them using your hand. This is the easiest level of all. For every one microbe hit, the player will earn two points. The bonus given after completing this level is 20 points.

Level 2 Dodge the green germs - This time, there are two organisms needed to be dealt with. One yellow microbe still offers two points when it is hit. However, the green germs should be avoided for each costs a deduction of two points. Upon completion of this level, the player will receive 30 points.

Level 3 Kick the red viruses - This is the most exciting level of all! With the coming of the red viruses, which cost five points each, the level becomes more interesting. This is the right time to gain more points. The player will earn 50 points when the level is completed.

Try to play the game and experience adrenaline rush as you start to fight all the viruses and germs!  Playing Conzace Viral Smackdown is truly enjoyable. It is starting to become popular because of its easy and exciting interface. I'd love to play this game with my boyfriend and friends. I can't wait to compete with them and see who gets the best score! Aside from having fun, we might also get a chance to win exciting prizes from Conzace.

Anyway, here are the top two scores I've earned! I will be playing again tomorrow with the goal of being part of the top 10 players and be listed on the leader board. This app also allows players to share their scores on Twitter and Facebook.

If you enjoy reality games, then Conzace Viral Smackdown is perfect for you. Here is the complete link for the app:

The full mechanics of the game:

1. The Viral Smackdown game is open to all fans of Conzace Heavy Duty Immunity Page
2. Register and allow the game to start
3. You must have a webcam to play the game
4. Play the game to advance to higher levels
     a. Level 1 - Swat the Yellow Microbes
     b. Level 2 - Dodge the Green Germs
     c. Level 3 - Kick the Red Virus
5. Point System will be as follows until the completion of the level:
   a. Yellow Microbes Level - gain 2 pts each yellow microbes hit (BONUS 20 Pts for completing the level)
   b. Green Germs Level - minus 2 pts each green germ hit (BONUS 30 Pts for completing the level)
   c. Red Viruses Level - gain 5 pts each yellow and red viruses hit and minus 5 pts each green germ hit (BONUS 50 Pts for completing the level)
6. Play as many times as you want
7. Complete all the three levels for a chance to win a Conzace gift pack
8. Top (10) ten weekly winners get a chance to win a special surprise gift, so keep checking the leaderboard for top scores!


  1. Algene. nakakainis talaga pag walang connection. glad you're back.

    parang naki ko yung ganyang game na nilaro ng pamagkin ko.

  2. Yes, I agree. I always wanted to go online for updates pero walang net eh. Anyway, you should try plying the game too. It's really great! :)

  3. LOL. parang naiimagine ko ganito din nangyayari sa loob natin when the medicine fights the bacteria/germs/virus :)))

  4. Same here. Kaya nga playing the game is sooo interesting. Hahaha :D Kill all the viruses!

  5. You're back gene! Hehehe...

    Maayo na lang sad limited ang inet access sa Carmen aron sad makabakasyon galore ka and spend more time with family...

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Gene... I miss you!

  6. Yes ate Rovs.. Bakasyon to the max talaga. Haha :) Yes, buti nalang I'm back for the new year. I'll visit your blogs later. Medyo busy pa for now. :D

  7. Stopping by from the Alexa Drop Hop!
    following through GFC, Networked Blogs

  8. hmmmm.. the only game I played on FB was Farmville. think i'm getting really old, huh? hehe..

    Happy New Year!

  9. You should try this new game Kim :) The first game I played on FB was Farmville too. :D

  10. Ako din I've been to province na mahirap ang signal ng internet connection. How's your vacation? :)

    Mukha ngang nakakaadik yang game na yan hehe Tatry ko din yan someday :)

  11. Everything went out fine! I might blog about it pero sobrang busy eh :)

    Anyway, try playing Conzace Smackdown. Really addictive. :)

  12. Sounds addicting that I am getting scared of trying it! Castle Ville is enough addiction for me! I might not be able to stop ones I try that. But will tell my kids about it :P.

    Happy New Year!!


  13. Your kids will surely enjoy this brand new game! :) Just make sure you have your webcame with you. :D

  14. looks like a cool game app. so you can see other players coz you have to turn on webcam? i only play angry birds, late bloomer kasi ako. hehehe

  15. Yes, kasi augmented reality game siya. You have to punch and kick the viruses as you face the webcam. :D


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