Arthur Christmas Movie Lines

As I was looking in the drafts of my old cellphone, I saw these movie lines taken from the great film Arthur Christmas. Since I find these quotes merry, let me share them to you. Allow me to remind you of the real meaning of the Christmas season.

"Dear Santa, my friend doesn't believe in you. But I think you are real. But how how to get to all the children in one night?" - Gwen

"I do believe in Santa. He is real. He is the best man in the world." - Arthur

"Operation Santa Claus is coming to town!" - Steve

"I just want it to be perfect for every kid."

"My father said that being Santa is being the best job in the world. And he is right. I love it. Merry Christmas." - Santa Claus (Malcolm)

"Christmas has no time for emotions." - Steve
"But that will ruin the magic." - Arthur

"On Christmas night, he comes." - Arthur

"Arthur, there is always a way." - GrandSanta

"Only children get to tear the wrapper." - Elf

"It doesn't matter how we got here... as long as she still believes." - Arthur

"You've got to deliver the present. You got the suit." - GrandSanta
"But you are Santa." - Arthur

"Santa is the most caring man in the world." - Arthur
"Then why are you here, not him?" - Elf

"Christmas is for the kids." - Arthur

"I'm sorry, I messed everything up, lad. I just wanted them to remember who I used to be. You get old and then everything changes." - GrandSanta

"I promise, Santa will come. He is the greatest man ever." - Arthur

Have you seen this movie already? If you haven't, then, please take some time to go the cinema and give your children a treat! Be amazed with this happy and inspiring film.

Meet the family who makes Christmas happen.
The last person anyone believe in is the only one who can save the holidays.

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  1. Hangtod kanus a ni ipalabas gene? murag na encourage ko na mag tan aw ani with family...

  2. Thanks ate Rovie! Dapat mutan-aw jud ka! :) Nice kaayo. Inspiring pero medyo bitin :P

  3. Inspired ka ata mag post ngayon ng mga movies ah. Sana mapanood ko din yan pag uwi ko. Pag hindi, sa DVD na lang. Medyo pagod me today, tinapos ko lahat ng ligpitin sa room ko at yung bagahe ko. So far, ok naman na kaya nakasilip na dito.

    Good night!

  4. Nakita ko kasi na isa sa mga top searches na from google directing to my blog is Arthur Christmas kaya eto, dinagdagan ko ng entry about it. :P

    Uy, flight mo na bukas ate Krizza! :)

  5. tataas na naman ang page views mo sa mga quotes na 'to, Algene ;)

  6. Sana nga ate KM, magdilang anghel ka :P

  7. Hi gene... agi ko diri kadali... See you later!

  8. Thanks ate Rovie :) See you! :*

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    Pls help my little tree outshine the big trees! Vote for it everyday. Thanks in advance!

    xo Cherry A.

  10. sure Cherry. Voted for you na :) It takes time bago magload ang site ng host of the contest. Sana mas mabilis para mas maraming magvote!


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