Arthur Christmas

Today is the first Philippine screening of Arthur Christmas. The movie was not in the list of the films I wanted to see but since there are no new items showing in the cinema (I have already watched them all), I decided to go for it. My special friend also thought of the same thing. We were left with no choice but to see the movie on 3D or else, we're going to bore ourselves. Wednesday is our movie day and we cannot just let the it pass without seeing a great film on the big screen. Thus, we still bought our tickets for Arthur Christmas. When we entered the 3D Cinema of GMall, to our surprise, we found out that we were the only persons who have chosen to watch the film. It felt like we own the big place which was really cool.

My rating for the film is . It was good but not good enough. There is something lacking in the movie. However, overall, the persons behind this Christmas film did a great job for making a movie that will certainly touch the hearts of its viewers. The moral of the story is really perfect. The movie teaches its viewers about the real essence of Christmas. The character of Arthur shows what it means to truly give presents and gifts on the most special time of the year. For him, nothing feels great than making the dreams of the children come true. He does not want people to forget about Santa Claus (Though in real life, we know Santa does not exist. But let's face it, the thought of this man's presence makes every child happy. We must not take that away from them.)

After seeing Arthur Christmas, I realized it wasn't that bad after all. The film reminded me of the important things about the Christmas season. When I was a little kid, I believed in Santa Claus. But as years pass by, I realized he is not real but it doesn't stop me from believing that someone out there is as great as Santa Claus. Someone out there is willing to share all the blessings that he has for the people.

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  1. uy showing na 'to?? parang kelan lang nakikita ko pa lang yung trailer nito, tapos showing na pala. buti na lang may mga bloggers na tulad mo, algene, na-u-update ako kahit pano. hehe! tagal ko na din hindi nakanood ng movie. ano pala yung feeling mo na parang kulang sa movie? worth it naman panoorin sa theatre? ;)

  2. With or without Santa, Christmas will always be a Merry One...

    Advance Merry Christmas Gene...

  3. Si Santa Claus ay inimbento ng mga bussinessmen para lumakas ang kanilang kita. Isa siyang kathang-isip at isa rin ako sa mga nauto nila. Nevertheless, that taught me how to celebrate christmas with a glee.

  4. @Ate KM: For me, worth it pa rin kahit medyo bitin. Basta on 3D lang ate KM. :) Hindi lang ako nagandahan sa cinematography pero the whole movie was great naman.. Nuod na kau ng movie. Hehehe

  5. @Rovie: Advance merry Christmas ate Rovie! :)

    @Albert: I don't think naman na he was merely created for the businessmen. Ako kasi, I believe Santa Claus was created to give hope to children. Kaya lang, minsan napapasama rin. :P

  6. Me and my sister believed in Santa when we were young. Usually our olders sisters will send us to bed early and they'll wake us up when it's 12 midnight, with gifts in our Christmas socks which according to them were from Santa.

    But of course as we grow up we know that it's not true but we are doing the same thing to our nieces and nephews. Only they knew already that Santa doesn't really exist.


  7. Dapat kasi sinasabi na sa kids na hindi totoo si Santa Claus pero sometimes, it's better not to. Eventually, they'll grow up and realize Santa is not true. Nakakatakot lang kasi na we might spoil their Christmas by telling them Santa doesn't exist :P

  8. the movie quite nice and i watched it too~ =D

    Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..

  9. Kagaya ni KM tagal ko na din hindi nakapanood ng movie. Ang huli yata yung expendables ba un? Hehehe pinagbigyan lang si hubby...

    Na member ka na sa Davao Bloggers gene?

  10. Wow, another movie? Hmmmm...ganyan ba ang sobrang busy? Hahaha!! Buti ka pa Gene parati nakakanood ng movies, ako wala, as in zero. :(

    Hmmm...maybe this film would be more interesting para sa mga kids. At least, there's something that can be learned from the movie. I agree, let's not spoil Christmas by revealing that Santa really doesn't exist. :)

  11. @Mr Lonely: Cute nga pero bitin :) Will visit your blog later.

    @Rovie: Bakit hindi ka na nagmomovie ate Rovs? Dapat tan-aw gihpon ka.. Pawala stress. Hahaha. Wala pako namember man.. Why?

    @Krizza: Kahit busy, nasisingit talaga to sa schedule ko ate Kriz. Dapat may movie time para naman may play rin, hind lang all work :)

    For sure, your kids will love this movie :) Medyomy kulang nga pero overall, maganda naman.. Kelan k balik ph?

  12. uy may bago kaming papanoorin ng mga bata batuta! hehehe!

  13. You should see this with the kids! For sure, they'll love the movie. Great lessons din for them!


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