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University Calendar

Second Semester SY 2011-2012
(posted as requested by a classmate)

November 3: Second Semester Classes Begin (College)
November 3-9: Manual Adding & Dropping of Courses (College)
November 10: University Mass for the Dead
November 14: BM/Accountancy Day/Computer Studies Day
November 16: Philo & Humanities Day / Nursing Day / NSM Division Day
November 18: SS & Engineering Day
December 3: End of Late Enrollment (College)
December 8: Immaculate Conception Day
December 12-17: Advisory Exam
January 2, 2012: Start of Classes
January 23-28: Midterm Exam of Graduating Students
January 30-31: PAASCU VISIT
February 1-3: College Days
February 10: Deadline of Midterm Grades for Graduating Students
February 6-11: Midterm Exam for Undergraduate Students
February 25: PE Night for PE 4
March 2: Deadline for Midterm Grades of Undergraduate Students
Mar 1-3: Final ExamS of Graduating Students
March 3: PE Night for PE 2
March 9: Deadline of Final Grades for Graduating Students
March 12: NSTP-CWTS Culminating Activity
March 12-17: Final Exams of Undergraduate Students
March 23: Baccalaureate Mass
March 24: Graduation Day



  1. Whoooooaaaaaaaaa!!
    Something to look forward to Gene!
    I can see super hectic and schedule mo. I wish you the best of luck for this semester.

    All the best to the sweet Coffee Chic. :)

    BTW, my award was already claimed and posted on my blog. Thanks to you and Rovie!

    Have a nice day!!

  2. Looking forward for graduation gene? Hahaha... Congrats dear!

  3. Sorry lang mga ate. :P Sobrang excited lang. Wala na kasi akong maipost rin sa blog ko eh! Kapag naayos ko na lahat, I swear, back to business na talaga ako. :D

  4. OMG talaga ang schedule nyo algene. God Bless!

  5. naks gagraduate na! congrats and good luck! :D

  6. hello gene! wala sad ko bago na post na busy aning raket oi... hehehe

  7. @artiemous: Hi kuya! Salamat po! Please pray for me. LOL

    @rovie: Me too ate Rovs! Busy talaga. :p


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