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There is beauty in writing when writing comes from the heart and not from the brain. It is like saying things without fuss when the words just spill straight from the heart. This goes the same with wall painting when it becomes an expression of things you want to say. And if you will just let it flow, you’d notice too that such revelation your hands create comes from the unconscious and as you write it your heart just pours what it feels inside.

They say follow your heart but what if your heart says so many things and you cannot unify them all to a single desire. It is like most of the time, it speaks of some many things that you are having a hard time to know what it really wants. One more crux of such matter is that whatever your heart feels can always be questioned by your rational thinking. If you are in the right frame of mind you do not let your heart dictate your fate but as you grow old, you will realize that every heart is a child within every person. It is persistent. It does not take no for an answer because there lies the truest bliss that every person deserves this why everyone needs to discover his art, of whether this is in the form of music and lyrics or landscape painting. The talent of the person is the medium of what the subconscious wants to talk about. Artists whose hearts are on their original painting can simply attest to this. The hands just work in an instant to come up with something that the heart wants poured out. The very same goes with writing. You start with a capital letter and before you know it, story now ends with a period. That is how our heart works. The expression is fed to our subconscious and our physical selves projects it without letting the brain process it except for checking on some technical details like grammar and construction and for wall paintings, maybe a touch-up of colors will do. Or when we listen to a song and such song touched our heart even without understanding the lyrics, then we know our heart is connecting to something.

The bottomline for good discernment of what we really want is to know our heart because no heart, even those that are damaged or in pain, will betray its bearer, even the pain it brings is part of the big picture of meeting the life God wants for us, as long as the pain being felt is divine and not orchestrated by some group to inflict pain on you because this is damaging and more destruction that it will give to the people who connived to hit you.

Jocelyn Aps is the Business Development Manager at Artyii, Asia's leading community for emerging paint artists. Launched in November 2010, Artyii offers a powerful global platform to discover emerging Asian art. Over 500 artists from Singapore, Philippines, Vietnam and Indonesia have trusted Artyii, thus far. Membership is by-invite only. Apart from sharing art, artists can communicate with gallery owners and art collectors online to enhance their profile.


  1. Wow! Congrats Gene! :) *winks*
    That's a good start of the week for you. The way you deliver your message in this article is very artistic Gene. You sound like you're very much in love. :) I can read in between the lines and noticed your heart beating fast...

    Have a great day. Kahit busy ako, I never forget daanan ka dito.... (lol)

  2. follow your heart as long as it is for good,hehe..

  3. @Krizza: And I'm really thankful na kahit busy ka, you still get to visit my blog snd leave comments. In fact, ikaw na naman first commenter ko for this post. Anyway, this was written by Ms. Jocelyn. Hehehe, so the credits belong to her. Nag-guest post lang siya for promotion :)

    Bakik2 ka sa blog ko. Hehehe :)

    @Arvin: Salamat sa pagbisita kuya. Oo nga, follow your heart ;)

  4. My say on this is, "Lead your heart." The heart is easily deceived most of the times, so instead of following it, lead it :)

  5. Thanks for this wonderful insight ate KM. :) I don't know what to say. Na-speechless bigla sa comment mo. ;)

  6. really agree with that. we write two times better and two times more vivid when we write with our hearts compared with when we write with our minds..

  7. I have to agree with KM, Algene. I still believe that the head was positioned above the heart to guide and lead it because our actions and decisions might get deceived by the emotions.

    Most importantly, seek the guidance of the most high when it comes to wise decision-making.


  8. Kim: When we write from our hearts, everything seems easy. Nakakasulat agad tayo. Ideas and emotions just flow :)

    @Lainy: Tama ate Lainy! Seek for the guidance from the Most High when it comes to discernment. Thanks for sharing your thoughts ate!


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