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This blog is under construction. 

For the past days, I have been very busy taking some actions in order to make my one and only blog better. Just recently, I discovered many great things about having this blog. I was presented with opportunities of not only earning online but also gaining new blogger friends. After almost four years on blogging, I now realize its purpose. 

Because of it, I decided to fix everything in my page. I started from getting my own domain and changing the old "The Coffee Chic" to "I am the Coffee Chic." This first change had many effects for my blog. Some of my external links were broken and my rankings in some sites instantly went down. My Google page rank even declined from PR2 to PR0 which means that I have to work on it again. Right now, I am just waiting for new layout to be completely installed and I will be back in business again!

To the bloggers whom I've exchanged linked with, forgive me if you cannot find your links in my page. I promise to fix them as soon as possible. For the mean time, I cannot give a linky love for my first commentator but I will post it after everything in my blog is okay.

Please support me on my upcoming mini-giveaway for the make-over of the old The Coffee Chic! I will post the details soon! Thank you so much. Anyway, I have also changed the username of my Facebook page. It is now facebook(dot)com/iamthecoffeechic. I hope you could like..


  1. No need to say sorry dear! We totally understand how excited you are with your blog make over.

    All the best Gene! Get that blog back kicking!!

    Will you change the blog title also to "I Am The Coffee Chic"? or only the domain name?

    Let us know! *winks*

    PS: I will wait for your "give away"! Ano kaya yun? Hahaha!

  2. Hope you get things done. I am so excited with your new layout.

    Those effects that comes with your new domain are anticipated right? Hehehe

    Looking forward to join that mini giveaway of yours.

  3. Thank you sa inyo ate Krizza and ate Rovie! Grabe, di niyo talaga nakakalimutan ang blog ko. :)

    Mini prizes lang naman. Baka nga paypal credits lang. LOL Thank you ulit ate! Mwah :*

  4. wish you luck..

    we're always here algene...

  5. wow duma-dot com na! :D i hope i can also have my own domain, but i guess not now. :D keep it up!


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