Kids’ Style Giveaway and Contest

Happy Caity's Kids' Style is a new meme that allows little fashionistas to  showcase their own sense of style when it comes to dressing up. Kids and mommy bloggers can join this fun fashion meme every Sunday. All that needs to be done is to choose the best picture showing the kids' fashion sense and write about it on blogs. Mommies can now share to the world how beautiful and cute their kids are (especially when dolled up)!

Because of the success of this new meme, 13 bloggers teamed up for a giveaway and contest to encourage and welcome new participants.

I am one of the sponsors of this new giveaway which means that I am not allowed to join. So, let me just invite you to participate into this simple and easy contest. These are some of the items that you could win:

            1st prize = $50 Paypal credits
            2nd prize = $30 Paypal credits
            3rd prize = $20 Paypal credits
            4th prize = 1 month ad space @ The Jagged Barn
            5th prize = 1 month ad link @ Ideas n Pink

Click here for more details.


Only 4 days left before my mini-giveaway ends! Have you entered it already? If yes, let me thank you with all my heart. Thanks for supporting The Coffee Chic. If not yet, then, what are you waiting for? Click the badge and join my first ever mini giveaway.


I'm planning to host my own giveaway on January. Are you interested into sponsoring? You can email me at thecoffeechic@gmail(.)com or post a comment on this post. I will write a blog entry about it and create a Google Docs when I'm ready. :)

Thank you for the first Coffee Talk ♥


  1. Wow Gene! Dami mo nang sinalihan na give aways as a sponsor ah. Mukang mataba talaga ang pocket mo now. Hahaha!!

    Mukang kakaiba ang concept ng give away na ito ah.

  2. Hello ate Krizza! Ikaw ang first commenter ko! Thank you so much :* Musta na preparations mo for your vacation? :)

    Mataba ang pocket? Wala na ate. Zero na bulsa ko. HAHAHAHA :D Join ka te, dali lang ng mechanics!

  3. Alam u Gene pag mga complicated na mechanics, di talaga ako sumasali. Kaw nga lang talaga nasalihan ko na ganyan ang mechanics. Yug Holiday Give Away naman kasi post and comment lang naman yun kaya ako sumali. Ewan ko ba, wala siguro akong tyaga. Anyway, good luck sa sponsorship mo, I hope maibalik mo na yung PR mo the soonest possible time. :) Good Luck din sa give away na to.

  4. Okay lang yun ate Kriz! Medyo complicated nga.. But when I tried winning in one giveaway, I started to enjoy joining contests/giveaways. :) Hanggang sa eto, natutong magsponsor.

    Sana nga ate Kriz. Ang dami kasing opportunities for high rankings. Yung Alexa ang problem ko. LOL Pero in time I know babalik din ranks ko. Thanks again ate :*

  5. was an initial victory of the farmers and farm workers, maraming complications sa SC decision...

    i thought naligaw ako ng blog and i also thought ibang algene ang blog owner hahaha, nagulat ako iba na kasi ang template mo, at ang ganda ng design ngayon ng blog just means matagal na akong di nakakadalaw hahaha..sorry for that, kulang na time for blog hopping eh, i just make sure na masagot ko ang nag-comment sa latest posts ko

    salamat sa bisita

  6. Oo nga and I'm happy for the SC's decision. After long years of waiting, finally. Nakamit din ng mga farmers ang para dapat sa kanila. :)

    Okay lang. I know you're very busy with your life now. Maraming demands from work and personal life? Hehehe. Thank you so much for the compliments. Salamat sa pagbalik dito sa TCC. I'll visit your page regularly!

  7. Parang I'm interested. Tanawon sa nako ako paypal funds... hehe...

    ut you'll certainly post about how to become sponsor naman diba?

  8. Yes. I will. :) I'm still thinking if next month or on January nalang. We'll see! Hehehe. Thank you! Gagawa pa ako ng doc, medyo busy pa ngayon eh..


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