Just Say Yes

For the past three days, I have been spending some time on Vimeo looking for different wedding videos. It was the instruction given to me by my boss. He simply wanted me to find good videos about wedding ceremonies or celebrations and write articles about it. There were no specific keywords provided that must be included on my writing. Thus, I had the liberty to write anything I want about the videos. I must say, the task he has given me was really great. Aside from being able to work for him, I was also given a chance to see some wedding music videos that have moved me in some ways. 

Nothing feels great that seeing happy couples fulfill their dreams of binding themselves in marriage. There is this sudden happiness in me knowing that I have seen some lovers who were able to survive the ups and downs of their relationships before marrying one another. Let me share to you one of those videos. This is one of my favorites (Rahim and Salima)! Please take some time to watch this and start feeling love.

"All my life, I've been waiting for this moment to finally meet a woman like you. I've waited and waited and I've always known you're gonna be there. I always thank Allah everyday that I'm with you. You're my best friend. You're my soul. You're my destiny. Every time I see you, I fall in love with you, over and over again." - Rahim

The background song used in this video is "Just Say Yes" by Snow Patrol. Here's my favorite line from the song: "Just say yes, there's nothing holding you back. It's not a test or a trick of mind. Only love."

If you want to see more of this, you can always visit Visual Masterpiece's site on Vimeo.

Thank you for the first Coffee Talk ♥


  1. teehee i am now reminiscing my wedding...hahaha yeah, it is just wonderful! :D Sigrid from FBU

  2. Advance happy anniversary nalang ate Lo! :)

  3. algene, akala ko pa naman kaya ka naghahanap ng wedding videos eh para na sa wedding mo ;) pero okei yan, at least, may idea ka na for when the right time comes ;)


  4. AY SOBrang cheesy and moving! It's rare for guys to get misty-eyed on their wedding day. Wonderful video, Algene. Nainlab ako, hahaha!

  5. It must be that you are really in love Algene! I bet you are picturing yourself in a dashing wedding gown someday. :) Hmmm...kaso lang di ko mapanood yung video, ayaw ma read ng browser ko. I'll just check it again later!

    See yah! *hugs*

  6. Naku, nakakakilig talaga manood ng mga wedding videos.. It gives me positive vibes..

    try to watch this..

    Abbey watched our wedding video almost everyday and kabisado na nya ang vows ko pati how to say it.. hehe..

  7. When I got married a long time ago prenup photos and a whole lot of other things weren't in vogue. Sayang, hahaha. XD

  8. Nice one algene! Kina-career mo na talaga ang iyong job. good thing! I suggest the background would be "Marry your daughter."

  9. Ang swit!! Gusto ko yung sinabi nung guy dun sa babae.

  10. nicely done algene... next time upload your own wedding vid hehehe...

  11. @KM: Hahaha. Natawa naman ako sa comment mo ate KM. Getting married is not yet on my mind right now. :) I still have other top priorities. :P

    @Lainy: Yes ate, ganda noh? Kaya nga it's my personal choice eh! Really moving. :)

    @Krizza: Thanks ate Kriz! The video is not that great pero as what ate Lains said, it's full of love talaga. :)

    @Wilma: Wow! That's so sweet of your husband ate. I'll watch it later ha? I'm kinda running out of time right now. Nag-log in lang ako sandali to reply to the comments. :)

  12. @Rowena: What matters is you have a perfect wedding days. Di naman kelangan na in vogue dapat lahat. :)

    @Albert: Raket ko na rin habang maluwag pa sched ko for school. Sinisingit ko nalang to. :P

    @Anney: Ako rin! Kaya nga highlighted sa post ko ate Anney!

    @Jed: Hello kuya Jed! An tagal mong di napadpad dito sa blog ko. Anyway, matagal pa yung own wedding video ko. HAHAHA :D

  13. Puedeng pakopya ng mga litanya para sa kasal namin ng prinsipe ko? Hahahaha!

  14. Pwedeng-pwede ate Lains! You can find many wedding vows in Vimeo wedding videos. May makukuha ka pang ideas or concepts for your own grand wedding day! Kakainggit naman :)


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