I Won't Last A Day Without You Movie 2011

If you are a constant reader of my blog, you certainly know that I always feature a movie every week. It has been a tradition for me and Abdel to go to the cinema house and watch a great film at least once a week. It is our own way of catching up with each other after spending some time at school and other things. We never fail to treat ourselves by seeing the best movies on the big screen. For the past three weeks, we have watched In Time, Killer Elite, Breaking Dawn (Part 1) and Happy Feet 2. As you can see, all were foreign films. This week, we decided to see I Won't Last A Day Without You by Star Cinema and Viva Films. 

I'm not an avid fan of the Sarah Geronimo and Gerald Anderson tandem. However, when I saw their second film together, I was really amazed with their chemistry. They look so perfect for each other. And yes, I agree with ABS-CBN that they are the most romantic love team of the year! I have to commend Sarah G for a job well done in portraying DJ Heidee's character. Everything she does in the film looks natural on her. Just like her leading lady, Gerald also played his role perfectly. The story of the movie revolves around two completely different persons who fell in love with one another when they least expect it. Heidee is a famous DJ because of her radio segment entitled "Heartbreak Hotline" where different callers ask for her advice about their love problems. Since she has experienced having a broken heart, she is very pessimistic about the idea of true love and relationships. On the other hand, Andrew is a typical play boy who looks so charming. He is like a girl magnet wherever he goes. When both of them met by chance, they started to get to know each other until they realized that they have already fallen in love. It's amazing on how they discovered that there is, after all, a true love.

I will be posting more about this movie tomorrow. For now, let me continue writing my Philosophy paper about the Moral Dimension of the Human Experience and making my Management Consultancy Market Presentation due tomorrow evening. Expect new Tagalog quotes on my next post about this movie!

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  1. Is Sarah/Gerald a better tandem than Sarah/John Lloyd? Seems like maraming following and love team ni Sarah at Gerald ah :D I saw the two Sarah/John Lloyd films and naaliw naman ako, so maybe I should see a Sarah/Gerald movie din para ma compare no? ;) Maabangan nga sa DVD ito ^^ At syempre, aabangan ko ang Tagalog quotes mo, Algene! :)

  2. I think Sarah-Gerald tandem is better ate KM. They look perfect together. Siguro, marami silang followers 'cause sila yung palaging pinapakita on tv. Wala ng Sarah-John Lloyd. :) This is a romantic comedy film ate! Sobrang nakakatuwa..

    I'll post it later tonight. Sobrang busy pa sa paperworks. Hehe. Bukas na kita ililink ate KM ha? Thanks for dropping by! Hintay ko next post mo!

  3. Wow Algene, it's nice to know that you can still watch a movie despite your hectic schedule. You really have a lot of things to do after I've seen from your post the requirements you have in school. You're a super woman talaga. Way to go Gene. BTW, based from what you've mentioned here, I think I would love to watch this movie too. Sometimes we need to see some light films that will truly entertain us. I will just catch this on DVD copy perhaps after I arrived home. :) Good Morning! :)

  4. Dapt lang kasi ate Krizza na may time pa rin to have fun. Rest muna from all the demanding school requirements. Ikaw lang nakakatawag sa akin na super woman. Sorry if I wasn't able to say hi yesterday. :(

    Oo, it's a cute movie.. Looks like you already have plans for your upcoming vacation ha. Good morning din ate Kriz! Pasyal ako mamaya sa blogs mo:.

  5. I'm looking forward to DJ Heidee's quotable quotes! =)

  6. Hello Anon! You can check my latest post :) Iuupdate ko nalang ang entry na'to so readers will be directed where to find the quotes. Hehehe. Thanks!

  7. aww it looks so sweet a movie. is it in english?? would love to watch it


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