Hola Noviembre

Let me say this to the months of October and November. I know it's kind of late but as the common saying goes, "It's better late, than never." 

Though it is already the 3rd day of November, I believe that I can still give the new month a warm welcome and wish that it will be good, or if not, better than the previous month. 

The 31 days of October has been memorable for me. Since I am the type of person who keeps diaries and journals, I have some great moments listed for October that I will always be thankful of and that I will never forget. Among those happy moments is my vacation at my mother's hometown in Carmen, Agusan del Sur. For the past days, I haven't updated my blog and missed reading my blogger friends' posts because of my short vacation. I spent three days at Carmen where I got the chance to bond with my cousins, enjoy the beauty of the beach and relax at the province. It really felt good having an opportunity to take a break from everything.

I am also grateful for the countless blessings I received on the previous month. In the middle of October, I got my freelance writing jobs from Odesk and Elance. Thank you to The Coffee Chic for helping me get more clients because I use it as my portfolio url. For almost four years of writing, I never thought of being a freelance writer because I am not confident with writing skills. But everything has changed during the sem break. I tried looking for ways to become productive and to earn without leaving the house. Luckily, I got some clients who love my own writing style and hire me as their writer. In fact, I am still writing articles for some of them. Another blessing is having enrolled for the second semester of this school year. I have taken 15 units for my last semester in college. The best part of all is I got everything arranged on our online enrollment. I only have classes every Tuesday and Thursday but it will be from 1:00-9:00PM. My MWF schedule is vacant except for the morning for my OJT which will only last for two months. The whole afternoon and night of my MWF are free which means I can have more time with my mom,with Abdel, with TCC and other things. There are many great things that happened in my life for the month of October. Those things were precious to me and I will never forget them. 

I hope for a happier and better November. I am excited for the next 27 days of the month. I pray that it will be as fruitful as my October. 


  1. I see myself in you, back in my college days.working student din ako dati...but it was fun and everything I been through is such a great pillar of my life right now.

    Kakatuwa ka naman, yong doing online work then aral on the side..kabog! winner!

  2. Welcome November!

    Kaya pala parang walang activity ang blog mo for a few days... Na miss kita... Naka sign up kana sa Davao Bloggers? Hehehe Kulit ko noh? I'm excited to see you in one of the events...

  3. @Sunny Toast: Hehehe :) It's fun noh? I never thought I'd really enjoy it. I only have 15 units this semester kaya keri ko pa rin mag continue as a freelance writer. :D

    @Rovie: Yes are Rovs. Kaya medyo nabusy ng kaunti. Belated happy halloween! LOL Bibista po ako sa mga blogs mo! Yes ate, already sent a request to the admins of Davao Bloggers. Thank you so much!

  4. Naunahan ako ni Sunny Toast sa comments... Gustong gusto ko pa naman ang Linky love mo... Hehehe...

    Mag aabang ako sa sunod... Beep mo rin ako ha pag may post ka na... hehehe

  5. Hehehe. In my next post ate, maybe tonight :) May alam kang site na gumagawa ng themes for blogspot? :D

  6. Hi Algene! Na miss din kita. Namiss ko yung interaction natin almost everyday through our blogs. Haha! Anyway, I'm happy to hear that you were able to relax during your short vacation at bonggang bongga ang iyong schedule for this coming semester. You will have time for everybody! :) Thumbs up ako sayo Gene! Graduating student while blogging and doing freelance jobs on the side. Winner!!

  7. Hi ate Kriz! Nakakamiss talaga ang everyday blog interaction natin. :) Will read your new posts later! Wala na kasi akong update eh!

    Anyway, thanks for the sweet comment. ;) I'm hoping for a better time management this semester. Sana nga hindi masyado maging busy. :p

  8. hi algene, na-miss ka namin! glad you're back :) and good to hear that you had a great october. congrats din pala sa mga raket mo and most especially at naka enroll ka na ulit :)

    thanks sa anniv greetings pala. i-b-blog ko na lang one of these days ang anniv escapade namin ni Vince :)

    welcome back ulit ^^


  9. It feels good hearing you all say na you miss me. Nakaka-touch. :D Thank you for reading this post ate KM!

    I can't wait to read your anniversary post! First year wedding anniv kaya bongga talaga for sure. :p

    HUGS :)

  10. its funny that early this morning my colleague at work told me about elance and odesk since im looking for a side job, and he told me that i can use my blogpage and put it on my porfolio... but then again maybe not, since most of my post are just plain comical and it's written in tagalog. :)

  11. But you have a good chance of being hired by different employers. :) I'm still new to Odesk and Elance. If you are looking for a side job, okay talaga ang dalawa.. I am using my blog as my portfolio url and luckily, may mga boss naman na nagkagusto. :D

    So, ikaw kuya, go! :D

  12. Kung Odesk ka, ako kay Hehehe hurray for freelance jobs!!! :D

  13. Oh,,, How nice Algene,,, same with you I love welcoming November...especially this coming 2012.


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