Happy Feet 2 Quotes

These are some of the quotes I got from the latest animated movie produced by Warner Bros. Up to this moment, I still can't get over the cuteness of this baby penguin. He's so lovely! Everyone must really see this great film. It's perfect for the whole family. Sometimes, all we need is to see a happy movie and remind ourselves of the beautiful things we have in our lives. I hope some of these movie lines inspire you. ☺

"Everything in this world, no matter how big, no matter how small is connected in ways we never expected." - Narrator

"Nobody's better than you." - Gloria

"But there are plenty of reasons to dance." - Mumble
"What's mine, Pa?" - Eric
"Well, the best way to find it is to try." - Mumble

"I wanna know what love is. I want you to show me." - Rinaldo

"This is one fabulous penguin you will never laugh again. Never." - Ramon

"There's only one of me in the world. I'm one in a trillion." - Will

"Everything has an end. I must reach the end of the world." - Will

"I have so much love. I'm gonna explode." - Ramon

"Use my powers only for the goodie." - Rinaldo

"If you will it, it will be yours." - Penguins

"You, me? Fat chance." - Carmen
"I have a chance! And it's fat!" - Ramon

"Believe in yourself, Erik. Believe in you." - Rinaldo

"If you want it, you must will it. If you will it, it will be yours." - Rinaldo

" Fluffy don't float." - Erik

"Baby penguins... Cute but ruthless." - Ramon

"Will, what are we looking for?" - Bill
"That's the adventure my friend. I don't know." - Will

"When things go wrong, running is not the answer." - Mumble

"Okay, keep going but take it nice and slow." - Mumble

"Every obstacle is an opportunity." - Penguin

"Delusional singing. That's the first sign of madness." - Bill

"But there's a lot of dangers out there." -Mumble
"Not dangers. But challenges." - Mommy Penguin

"There's always a way." - Penguin

"Wake me up before you go, I don't wanna go on solo." - Bill

"I'll never gonna give you up, never gonna bring you down." - Bill

"As long as we are together, we are already home." - Penguin

"Come on everyone. Let's cuddle up." - Gloria

"It was nice to have a family." - Penguin

"I hate this long distance relationship." - Ramon

"You are my world, entirely." - Ramon
"You're beautiful." - Carmen
"Only on the outside." - Ramon

"Hey Ramon, the earth is moving." - Carmen

"Imagination is the second sign of madness." - Will

"Well, there's only one me in the world." - Bill

"We all have a purpose. Yours is to change the world." - Bill

"Come on. We're wasting our time. There's nothing for us here." - Mumble
"No, Pa. This is so unfair. After what you have done, you really deserve better." - Eric
"Nothing makes sense in this world, Eric."

"Yes, every step counts." - Gloria

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  1. Wow. You must have been very busy jotting down these quotes. =)

  2. Medyo po.. and it is something that I really enjoy doing! I found out kasi na tumaas page views ko when I posted movie quotes last week. :)

    Ikaw po first commenter ko! Will link you up! :)

  3. ang touching naman ng mga quotes na 'to :) gusto ko 'to panoorin kasi napanood ko yung part 1 and nagustuhan ko :) applicable sa tao yung story nya, how sometimes we tend to discriminate people just because they seem "different."

    aba, algene, okei pala yung mag post ng mga quotes no? i'm sure di lang page views mo ang tumaas, pati google hits mo pa ;)

  4. Yes ate KM. They're are many reasons to watch the movie jud. There's more to the cute little penguins. As mentioned above nga, 'There's only one me in a trillion' :) Truly inspiring!

    Ang dami kong viewers from the previous post na may movie lines kaya inulit ko ngayon. Pero not sure if tataas hits ko. Baka depende din sa movie. Hahaha. Referring sites ko mga search engines. :p

  5. OO nga Algene, ang sipag mo naman mag jot down ng mga quotes na yan. Buti natandaan mo lahat. :)
    Happy to hear that your last post has gained more traffic. Keep it going! :)

  6. I need to raise my ranking ate Kriz, remember? Hehehe. :) Less blogging opportunities kasi when my PR and Alexa is super low! Okay lang naman mag-jot down kasi gusto ko talaga magkeep ng mga movie lines. :)

    Thanks for the never-ending support! Mwah :*

  7. Di ko pa napapanood to! Nagustuhan ko yung 1 kaya I'm sure magugustuhan ko din itong 2!

  8. bilib ako you can write them down while enjoying the movie =) the quotes/conversation are so positive!

  9. hey ill ask for your approval to put your link in my blog?

  10. Hello Mr. J! That is something I enjoy pero yung ibang quotes jan, naalala ko lang. Sometimes, feel ko mag-type sa cp ko. Sometimes naman, sobrang nakatutok ako sa movie. :)

    Syempre naman. Exlinks nalang tayo! I'll write your url down on my link list and blog roll!

  11. Very helpful ang mga quotes pero gulat naman ako sa galing mong mag jot down as in sulat talaga inside the movie house? Hehehe

    Thanks for sharing gene... Sorry dear karon ra nakabalik lisod kaau signal sa net diri...

  12. Inspiring kasi ang mga quotes ate Rovs! Nuod kau ng movie na 'to. Hehehe :) Sa cellphone ko yan naisulat noh..

    Balik ka na sa blogging. Taud2 naka nawala te ba..

  13. nice quotes! thanks for sharing! I hope we could watch this over the weekend.

  14. Sana nga, it's a great movie. :)

  15. i used to write down quotes from movies. this post reminds me to continue doing that. hehe ganda ng mga quotes. love ko ang "Everything in this world, no matter how big, no matter how small is connected in ways we never expected."

  16. That's my most favorite line too! Kaya nga it appears on the first spot of this post. :) Why don't you do it again? Hehehe.

  17. I havent seen the moving, but I love the quotes. We will be taking the kids to see it in the next few weeks. Thanks for sharing the quotes.

    new follower from the hop.


  18. Thanks for hopping! I'll follow you after I post this! :) Good luck with the movie dates with your kids.

  19. Hey! Nice one! Hinahanap ko ung about sa hole na qoutes... parang ganito... "if you're already in the deep hole, you should stop digin"... kay Gloria na line yan eh... hihi

  20. Hey! Who you? LOL New blog? :)

    Yea, I remember that line! Di ko na siguro na jot down. Sa cellphone ko lang kasi tina-type yung lines eh. :) Thanks for reading the quotes! I know you did 'cause di mo nakita yung fave line mo! :)

  21. I LOVE this and can't wait to see it with the family! Thanks for posting--I'm following from the blog hop and hope to see you follow back!

  22. Thanks for following! Yes, I will follow you back. :) Will check your blog now Another Tired Mommy! Thank you again for hopping!

  23. My favorite picks:

    "But there are plenty of reasons to dance." - Mumble (telling us that there are countless reasons to live this life to the fullest and just be happy)

    "Well, the best way to find it is to try." - Mumble (until you try, you'll never know. this reminds me of my fave glee song "defying gravity")

    "Use my powers only for the goodie." - Rinaldo (I can relate to this as a nurse)

    "Believe in yourself, Erik. Believe in you." - Rinaldo (always!)

    "If you want it, you must will it. If you will it, it will be yours." - Rinaldo (very true. don't give up! it will come...)

    "When things go wrong, running is not the answer." - Mumble (a good advice. face your problems because...

    ..."Every obstacle is an opportunity." - Penguin

    "There's always a way." - Penguin (open your eyes and mind.)

    "I hate this long distance relationship." - Ramon (yeah, it sucks! it leads to imagination)


    "Imagination is the second sign of madness." - Will (orient yourself to reality all the time)

    Have a nice day ahead algene!

    Love lots! xo Cherry

  24. Wow! Ang dami mong napili na quotes ha.. Hope these lines inspire you! Good day Cherry!

  25. It's part of the job of life to find out who you are and what you can be - Mumble

  26. One in a krillion

  27. Ow. It's one in a krillion pala? Not trillion? Thanks for this Anon. :)

  28. I can't believe me and the kids haven't watched this yet. Thanks for the reminder.

  29. You should really bring your kids to the cinema and watch this! I'm not sure if it's still showing. :)

  30. Thought I'd add a quote. I believe it was Will who said, "Perhaps it serves as a temporary escape from the existential terrors of existence" - referring to dance and music. Great quote for all the existentialists who understand where I am coming from. <3 P.L.U.R <3 Happy Feet

    1. That was the BEST line in the whole film! I saw it today for the first time with my daughter and laughed so hard I cried.

    2. I watched it on a plane going to Vietnam from England. The more I tried to stop laughing the worse it became. Amazing quote.

  31. Yes! I heard that from the movie but I wasn't able to hear it well kaya di ko nasave sa cellphone message ko. :)

    It would be great kung nagpakilala ka sana Anon so we could talk more about this great quotes. :)

  32. how about the quote between will and bill that said "the world is changing, and we gotta hitch a ride ..." or something like that?

  33. I can't get every line spoken in the movie. Hehe :) I think I missed this quote. Thanks for sharing this :)

  34. thanks for posting these movie lines.. i really appreciate it :D

  35. :D sayang you missed out ramons sweetest line ;) think think....nice page btw :D keep it up God bless....

    scene : ramon jump and carmen aproached her ;)


  36. Josh my classmate? :) Yes, I can't remember the exact line kasi eh. It goes something like this: "I'd do anything for you.." After he jumped for Carmen, he said th sweet words diba? :))))

  37. Will- I wanna eat something with a face! (my fave quote of the film)

  38. Thanks for sharing your wonderful choice! :)

  39. Awesome! Thanks very much! Elaine

  40. You're welcome Elaine! Thanks for dropping by to read the movie lines. :)

  41. hi... there is this line by ramon that i am looking for... just right after he jumped to be with carmen... the line that says something about lifetime and living the one exquisitely with you (carmen)... hope somebody can find that... :) i just saw this movie kanina... really better than the first happy feet.... Terome

  42. Ay.. Sorry but I wasn't able to completely capture that scene. Di ko na masyado maalala ang conversation nila ni Carmen. But sure it was great 'cause hinanap mo talaga. Thanks again!

    Yes, I agree, better than the 1st installation of Happy Feet. Sana may 3 pa! :)

  43. any got the last quote? about dancing...

  44. We can't wait to see this movie, loved the quotes and pictures!! Hop hop - making a cuppa coffee now too hahaha :)

  45. the soundtrack's really awesome too!
    Bridge of Light, performed by pink!

  46. the puffin is called Sven, not Rinaldo

  47. here's a good one... you don't have to be colossal to be a great heart... you don't need to fly to be awesome... - eric

  48. It's inspire me so much! Thank you for share it :3

  49. Haha.We love Ramon so much.Can't wait for another happy feet movie.we have watched the movie trillion times because of my 2 year old son.Addict sa Happy feet.

  50. If you want it,you must will it,if you will it,it'll be yours...the best quote ever!!! I love it when erik says that <3♥♥♥

  51. If you want it,you must will it,if you will it,it'll be yours...the best quote ever,I love it when erik says that <3♥♥♥

  52. If you want it,you must will it,if you will it,it'll be yours...the best quote ever!!! I love it when erik says that <3♥♥♥


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