Expressing Gratitude

Thank you so much to Grace of Dress Up Your Blogs for the complete makeover. She is so good at giving every blog a fresh look. I'm glad I have chosen the right designer!

One of the things on my wish list was getting my own custom made design. I really wanted to get my own theme but I can't do it since I have no idea on how to order online and how to pay for it. I wasn't an active blogger for the past years making my Paypal account contain less funds. However, just recently, I discovered about the beauty of blogging and freelancing. Thus, I found some means of earning through the online activities. I have gained some funds making it possible for me to get my own domain and custom made design for my The Coffee Chic.

Once again, thanks to Grace for dressing up my blog. I really appreciate the things she did for me. If you want to get a new look for your online page, you can always contact her. See here portfolio designs here.

The long wait for the new look is finally over! (Some items on the side bar are still unorganized. I will work on them soon!) As promised, I will be hosting a mini-giveaway to express my gratitude to everyone who regularly visits my blog. At the same time, I'm doing it to gain more visitors since I lost my Google page ranking. I am hoping that you will participate in my upcoming giveaway. I will post it tonight!

Gagay.MDThank you also to Ate Gagay of Gagay MD for all the support and advice. She is one of my mentors in  the blogosphere. She has given me tips and ideas on how to become a good blogger. I really owe her a lot!

I can really say that she's a pro blogger. Aside from being a medical doctor student, she is also maintaining and updating many blogs. Her personal page is Gagay MD which will host a contest next week. She wants to have a "PR 3 and Birthday Thanksgiving" contest soon. To make her online party successful, she is inviting people from the blogging community to sponsor. You can click on this link to see the details of the sponsorship. If you want back links for your precious blog, then, sponsoring for this upcoming contest is a good idea.


  1. Go go go girl!! Have some fun! You have achieved all what you want from your blog so far and you deserved it!

    Thumbs up to Grace for this beautiful blog make over!

  2. awww! that is so sweet, sis..Thanks for mentioning me. And thank you for having me. It's so nice working with you and your blog. Congrats also to your new layout. Enjoy!

  3. @Krizza: Ang galing nga ni Ate Grace magdesign. :p Hehehe! Thanks ate Kriz for the full support!

    @Grace: Thank you so much ate Grace! I will contact you soon for another blog makeover for a lucky winner on my give away. Pero sa January pa!


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