Crossed Fingers for the Last Semester

Two universities. Three courses. Five years. After everything that I've been through in college, I think March 2012 is the right month for me to graduate. I don't plan to extend it any longer. All that I want is to give mom and dad my diploma as soon as possible. Nothing is more important than making them feel happy and proud. I know, deep in my heart, that they deserve it.

Ever since I started studying for college, I never heard them demand anything from me. When I chose to take BS Biology at the University of the Philippines in Mindanao, they agreed and supported me with my decision. That time, I really wanted to become a Biologist or a Medical Doctor. But having attended the classes and performed lab experiments, I began to realize that it wasn't meant for me. So, I asked my parents if I could transfer to another university and shift to a new course. Again, without long negotiations, they granted my wish. I was enrolled at Ateneo de Davao University under the School of Business and Governance. I took up BS Accountancy which I started to really love. However, somewhere along the way, I experienced things I never wanted to. After a year of being an Accountancy student, I decided to shift again for a new course which is BS in Commerce and Management Accounting. Again, my parents backed up for the new decision I made. They never stopped believing in me despite all the inconsistencies that I had for the previous years.

To return all the good things my parents did for me, I promise myself that BSC-MA is going to be my final degree. So far, everything has been running smoothly and I only have one semester to go.  Hopefully, I will be able to finally attend my own graduation ceremony. As the title says, "Crossing fingers for the last semester." This time, I will never let anything get into the scene. I will pass the 15 units left and soon hand my diploma to the persons who never left me - Mama Gina and Papa Albert.

All my classes for the second semester are scheduled on the days of Tuesday and Thursday every week. I have no classes for the Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. My on-the-job training will also start on January 2012. This means that I could still keep an update of my blog without affecting my studies!


  1. Congratulations in advance! I just know that you are a suppose-to-be Biologist. I know how hard it is to be one because I too is an aspiring Biologists. Haha!

    Congrats on your chosen field may you graduate with flying colors.

  2. Make you parents proud ;)
    You are so blessed to have resources to study in a prestigious schools.

    Good luck and pray hard!

  3. @ Albert: Hi Albert! Thank you for the good luck :) Oo nga, ang hirap ng Bio. Pero I think it will become easier once you like it, gaya mo. :)

    Good luck din sa studies! Ikaw na naman first commenter ko. :p

  4. @AandW: Thank you so much po Ate! Yes, I will. Hopefully. One more sem to go.

    I will certainly pray and do my best! :*

  5. congrats to your future graduation! You won an award in my blog. Pls visit this link:

  6. Thank you so much! I will be posting about this award soon! You're the second one who gave it to me :p

  7. Advance Congratulations Gene!

    Soar High! Hapit na jud diay ang graduation.

  8. Algene hello! Sorry ha I'm late today natulog kasi ako the whole day due to migraine.

    What can I say but wowwwwwwwwww.....
    It's everybody's dream to finally get that diploma. That's the prize for all your sacrifices all through these years. You're lucky having supportive parents around.

    I won't congratulate you but your parents...they were able to raise a wonderful and brains and having a good heart!

    Thumbs up! May you graduate with flying colors!

  9. Congrats! Ilang buwan na lang yun at graduate ka na!

  10. oh wow, whatever you do, do it well. good luck with everything.


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