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Breaking Dawn (Part 1)

Honestly, I'm not a big fan of the Twilight series especially that it is often compared with the Harry Potter series. My preference will always be for HP since it has touched me in ways I couldn't explain. But this doesn't mean that I don't like Twilight. What I'm trying to say is that I have developed more love and appreciation for J.K. Rowling's piece than that of Stephenie Meyer's. Despite all of these, I still believe that the Twilight saga is a wonderful creation. In fact, I have read all the four books and listened to one of its audio books. You can also call me a "team Bella and Edward" because I really admire them as a couple. The love between a vampire and a human person, who are completely different from one another, is truly inspiring and exceptional.

When the first movie of the saga was screened last 2008, I really made it to a point that I see the film on the big screen. As I can remember, my friends and I went out on for a dinner and movie date. After a great meal, we headed to GMall for the last full show of Twilight. In 2009, I watched the second installation, New Moon, with Abdel. In 2010, I also saw the movie Eclipse with him. And this year, I was again with Abdel for the part 1 of the last movie of the Twilight saga. Breaking Dawn's (Part 1) Philippine screening started today. It has been our tradition to go on movie dates at least once every week. For this week, we have chosen Breaking Dawn and I must say, it was the perfect choice! It kept us wanting for more!

How about you? Are you interested into watching the first part of the fourth installation of the Twilight movies? I will post some quotes and pictures tomorrow. There's a spoiler alert so you shouldn't read my next blog entry if you want to keep yourself excited for Breaking Dawn. Anyway, below is its official trailer..

P.S. Don't expect much from this movie. The cinematography is plain and simple. The story revolves plainly around the couple's wedding and Bella's pregnancy. Nonetheless, the movie is still very lovely!
 Credits to Yahoo! Movies for the video and picture used in this post.

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  1. Hmmm...from the series, I'm only able to see Eclipse and sad to say, hindi pa sa big screen but sa DVD lang. Wala kasing decent movie houses dito sa place ko. (lol) Need ko pa dumayo just to watch new releases. Anyway, their love story is interesting though I am not really a big fan of them. But these two really look good together. Sana mapanood ko tong latest nila. :)

  2. Same here ate Kriz! As I've mentioned in my post, I'm not a big fan of the Twilight saga but I really love Bella and Edward! San ka pala nag-istay? Wait ka nalang ng DVD ate Kriz! Baka mabitin ka lang din! :D

  3. i was never a fan. i stopped watching vampire and wizard (and the like) films because of its evil connotations. ^_^

  4. I'm not a fan of Twilight.. but I don't hate it. lol.. I wanna watch the movie.. and look for flaws. Haha! Kidding..

    My friends say it's very nice.. pero bitin daw. Ah, okay. :P

  5. Yes ate Leah, Hindi masyado maganda ang movie pero hindi rin naman pa pangit. :) Bitin talaga so people would wait for the part two. Hehe. :)

  6. ako din, hindi fan ng Twilight. hindi ko na follow kasi sa book :(

  7. Hello ate KM! I miss you sa blogosphere! Looking forward to reading your new blog posts. :) Nabasa ko yung book and I must admit, naging fan din ako dati.. Pero ngayon, di na masyado. :P

  8. @Rolyn Jane: Sorry but I missed approving your comment. I just noticed it when I checked my moderation tab! :) Are there evil connotations? I can't see them. We all have different views and opinions talaga.

  9. Hi algene , i added your blog already. thanks for leaving a comment... happy blogging

  10. Thank you po! I'll add your blog on my list too! Thanks! :) Happy blogging rin!

  11. Dito sa Kuwait hindi pa sya palabas. :(
    Napanood nyo na po ba eto?

  12. Yes, I've seen it na. Kaya nga I was able to post this blog entry na kuya. Ikaw talaga ha. Comment ka lang. hehehe :D

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