The Beauty of Freelancing

When I started this blog last February 2008, all I ever wanted was to have an online journal where I can share all my thoughts and emotions without other people judging me. I never cared about monetizing it or even writing articles for moolah.  Some of my blogger friends before encouraged me to work hard on my blog so I could earn some money while doing the thing that I am passionate about. They even told me to register to different online accounts that offer opportunities to blog owners. But, I never listened to them. I did not have enough courage and confidence in myself. Honestly, I was too afraid to try it because I knew I will not make it unlike what they have achieved. So, I kept everything simple until last month when I began to discover the beauty of freelancing, online working and blog writing. 

It took me more than three years of blogging before I decided to take one step forward. On the 10th of October 2011, I joined Odesk and looked for online jobs that I could do during the sem break. Since my profile was a little dull, I placed The Coffee Chic blog on my portfolio url to make it easier for employers to see my original posts and articles. Thus, I started updating my page regularly and did all the best that I can to write interesting contents for my readers. Luckily, there were some bosses who admired my online page and hired me to do writing jobs. My first ever freelance job was content writing for different websites wherein I earn some dollars per hour. Yes, the rate was not fixed per article since I also do data entry jobs for the same boss. Even if I already have one contract, I still searched for more jobs that I could apply for. Again, another employer liked my blog and asked me to write articles for him. When I realized how great freelancing is, I registered to Elance. Fortunately, I was hired there as an article writer. All these great things, I owe to my blog. Because of this online journal, I began earning money on my own. At the same time, I have paid posts on this blog but I only have three because my focus is entirely on my contracts for Odesk and Elance

In just a matter of 1 month and ten days, I earned enough funds to make some changes for my blog and made my Paypal account active. Here are some of the great things I received after working hard.

♥ I got my own domain! (Though I lost my ranking in Alexa and Google, I still believe I made the right decision because having my own ".com" domain was something I have dreamed of.)  
♥ I had a blog make over! I now have my own custom-made design.
♥ I was able to host a mini-giveaway to express my gratitude to my visitors and readers. 
♥ I became one of the sponsors for a contest. (But I only paid $5. LOL)
♥ My gift to myself - My own 32 gb iPad 2 Wifi + 3g! 

This is the first ever item that I bought using the money from my own pocket! For the longest time, I have always depended on my parents to give me every single thing I want. So, can you imagine how happy I am for being able to get this for myself? I availed Globe's Super Unli Surf Plan 999. I paid the cash out in full and the advance payment for the first month. Who would thought that I can buy this tablet without asking anything from my parents? 

With my new iPad 2 Wifi + 3g, I can already go online anytime and anywhere. It is certainly what I needed especially that I still have two existing contracts in Odesk and one on Elance. By using this advanced tablet, I can still do my tasks even if I'm at school. I can still read the emails sent my by employers and talk to them on Skype. Most importantly, I can now update my blog and visit my friends' blogs without connecting to a Wi-Fi spot which is usually limited in my university. In fairness to Globe, the signal is really excellent! The Wi-Fi at home will be solely used by my younger brother allowing him to play online games better.


I know freelance jobs come and go. Whatever happens in the next coming days, like losing the contracts, I will have no worries and regrets. At least, I have given myself an advance Christmas gift. I really feel blessed. This is a great beginning I will never forget.

P.S. Anyway, I'm planning on making a new blog with a niche but I'm not yet sure if I can do it. I need to manage my time well in studying my lessons, doing my thesis, freelancing and keeping TCC updated. Since I have 0 PR and a low rank in Alexa, I am no longer qualified for paid posts. So, for now, I think I have to work on making my blog earn some traffic and rank higher. Do you have any suggestions on how I could do it?

Thank you for the first Coffee Talk ♥


  1. congrats sa domain mo :) and congrats din sa bagong iPad mo :) i'm still debating whether i should get one, and Vince was asking me if gusto ko daw ba na yun na lang ang Christmas gift ko, pero hindi pa din ako makapag decide. hehe!

    don't worry, ma-e-earn mo ulit ang Alexa at PR mo. mabilis na lang yan ;) i'll change your site address in my blog after i post this comment.

    wishing you more opps and cheers to more blogging years ! :)

  2. Thank you so much ate KM for the never-ending support. You should get an ipad ate coz it's very useful. Everything you need is offered by this tablet. I hope to earn them back pra more opps talaga. Hehehe :))))

    You're my first commenter pala! I will link you mamaya nalang ate KM ha? Sleepyna kasi ako eh. :p

  3. I envy the fact that you already bought something to yourself from blogging.

    I hope Coffee Chic will grow more and longer. God bless.

  4. The Coffee Chic will always be my personal blog. So malamang it will not grow much like yours. Hehehe :P Thanks for dropping by!

  5. Wow Algene...congrats ha! I'm so happy for you. It's really a great thing to be able to buy something for yourself through your own hard work and earnings. I salute you for a job well down. Not all students like you could do that. That's something remarkable.

    I'm also happy that with your new Ipad, you could pay me a visit always. (LOL)

    Kidding aside, great job Algene! More to come.

    *hugs to you*

  6. Thanks much ate Kriz. Yes, sobrang happy ko talaga. It felt good betting a new ipad without asking any amount from my dad or mom. Thank you for the constant visit ate ha? Kung wala mga visitors ko, wala rin ang The Coffee Chic.

    Yes te, I'll visit your blogs always. Updated na ako sa mga posts mo! Yey! Thanks again sa support niyo ni ate Rovie and ate KM. :p

  7. Wow! Nakakainggit naman. I was offered twice to these online job (article writing) but I declined. I love blogging, but I know myself, I'm not much of a writer really. :-( I come to realize that my profession is more important to me, and I should focus more on that.

    But seriously, this post is very inspiring. :)

  8. Hello po! I'm not a good writer din naman. Simple articles lang nasusulat ko. Hehehe. I'm reallt enjoing doing freelance jobs especially na I'm still a student. Kunbaga. side line ko muna to habang wala pang work. Ano po ba profession mo? Thanks for dropping by TCC. :)

  9. Sad to say i'm tied down with my current corporate work life but I would love to go on freelance one of these days (on the side, most probably). Congrats on being able to buy that awesome iPad for yourself! You deserve it ;)

  10. Congratz to you, Algene! You very well deserve it.

    So you're also with odesk. I've been with them too since March as Content Moderator. Madugo! Hahahaha! Talk about posting images at Facebook and other social networking sites. Name them, we got them all! LOL!

    I am sure you'll regain back your PR in due time.

    Having an Ipad is only a dream for me. Though I can very well afford it if I make it my priority, I won't. Hahaha! Baka pag laos na ang ipad, saka nako bibili, LOL!

    BTW, thank you heaps for including me in the list of the blogs that you read. I shall return the favor too. Will let you know once you're linked up at Lainy's Musings Blogstars :-)

    Hugs to you, Algene :-)

  11. I think you should stick with the corporate job that you have right now. Security of tenure. Dun, sure ka you'll never get fired or something. Hehehe. :D

    Thank you so much po! First gift ko sa sarili ko! :))

  12. I'm a nurse. But as of now, I'm not employed. That's why I blog a lot these days. Haha.

    I'm happy you're enjoying doing freelance jobs and making money at the same time.

  13. wow naman! Galing-galing! Congrats!!! =) Mukhang masaya talaga ang Pasko mo ngayon :)

  14. @Lainy: Hello ate Lains! Yes, I know afford na afford mo. LOL. I really need this iPad kasi for work and for school. As a freelancer, I need to be online all the time so the employers can reach me easily. And if wala akong iPad, that would be impossible since nasa school ako every week. :) Plus, an added bonus is convenience in visiting the blogs I read.

    Thanks nga pala for including me on your Blogstar! Take your time po ate..

    Content moderator ka pala? I decreased my rate now under the same boss 'cause mataas daw masyado previous rate ko. LOL I also do the same thing! I managed online accounts. :) Even some of their company websites!

  15. @Cherry: Got no plan of freelancing ate? For sure, you're earning din naman sa blog mo. So, better stay at home nalang muna for now. :)

    @Chatty: Hello po! Oo, masaya dahil may advanced Christmas gift na ako sa sarili ko! Hehehe..


  16. Ay.. late na naman ako sa pag comment but I have already read this post in my email... Subscriber mo ako gene... Hehehe...

    I so admire you for getting the things you want without bothering your parents about it. You are sucha hardworker young lady!

    Ikaw na idol ko. Kung naa ka contract makuha sa odesk and you need a hand let me know ha... Hehehe...

    Go gurl! Way to go!Congrats!

  17. Hi ate Rovs. As in? Magsubscribe pud diay ko nimo noh.. Hehe :) Thanks sa paghapit. Ay, dapat pala English or Tagalog. :p

    Thanks for the admiration ate Rovs.. This is the first time jud na I got something for myself without asking money from them. Sana tuloy2 na ang swerte tulad mo. :)

    Sige lang ate Rovs, I'll tell you in case me kelangan pero you can find jobs at oDesk man. Qualified ka masyado. :))))

  18. Aww this is so encouraging..I m feeling so glad for all ur success ..keep it up.XOXOX

  19. Thank you so much Ms. Cheeky Chic! You remind me of Gossip Girl and xoxo. :P

  20. Freelancing is indeed very rewarding, especially if you know how to properly manage your time, earnings, and spendings. I started freelancing 4 years ago, along side with a full-time office job. A mobile phone was my first investment from my freelance earnings. But now that I am doing fulltime freelancing, my next project is well...iPad! =)

    New follower here, hope you could follow me back.. =)

  21. I have also started on oDesk, and from then on, I've tried different websites already that offer online jobs. But there was a point when I need to stop because I need to prioritize my studies. I hope someday I could also earn more money that I could be dependent, and not ask from my parents. You are so lucky to be given a lot of online jobs!

  22. @Julz: Thank you! I hope, like you, I will also be a good free lancer for the coming years. Sana magtagal to coz I'm having fun doing works and tasks. :) Easy jobs pero great earnings.

    Sure po! I will check your blog and follow you after I post this comment. Thanks for dropping by!

    @Mei: Thanks po! Since I'm a graduating student now, medyo lesser na units ko from school which means I have more time to do the things I want. And online jobs are part of the those things. :) But if I have to choose between the two, syempre, studies talaga! :)

  23. Good luck algene on your freelancing career.

  24. Thank you Albert.. :) Busy ka ata lately ah..

  25. Hola Algene! Di ko parin afford to buy it, hahaha! If mabili ko man, some other essentials might be sacrificed :-)

    Anyhow, I so admire you for buying stuff for yourself through your own sweat and blood. That's definitely hard-earned money and you have my respect for that.

    BTW, done adding you up at Blogstars I at Did it after I published my comment last night.

    That's cool jobs you've got. You'll earn more and more coz it's in $$$ :-)

    Hope you had a fab day today.

    See yah!

  26. Hahaha. I know you have your priorities now ate Lainy. Kaya nga habang maaga, I bought something great for myself na para kapag sweswertehin ulit ako, sa iba ko na mailaan ang kita ko. LOL

    Thanks ate Lains for adding me up on your blogstars. I'll check it. I'll grad your badge na rin tonight ate Lains. Hehehe. :)

  27. Hi gene... dropping by here now...

    nabuntagan na ko sige visit mga blogpals nato hehehe wala pako nahuman sa akong assignment kay sir joseph....

  28. wow, love it here, love your blog, wish i cold blog like know im a trying hard blogger and now i realized i have lots of learning to do....tsk tsk tsk... but just dont know where to start....

  29. Hello po! Thanks for dropping by my blog! :) Naku, I'm not a pro blogger. Kakaumpisa ko lang ulit. Ikaw nga eh, you have 5 blogs! I only have one for now. I mean, I still have the other one pero it's not yet launched :D

  30. hi there, i am so happy for you and inggit with the IPAD! i know youll accomplish more =) goodluck!

  31. Thank you so much for another encouraging comment. Sana nga :) Wishing for more blessings! :))))

  32. Wow, nice post! Same here I do freelance jobs as well. Nung magstart ako sa blogging, nagtry ako mag article writing, di naman ako expert sa pagsusulat but since hobby lang try try lang din. Malaki din ang naitulong ng freelancing sa kin, sa oDesk pala ako nagstart since 2009 and it helped me talaga sa pag graduate ng college. Until present, freelancing pa rin ako and so blessed to have clients na mababait. Dati, article writing at online marketing gawa ko, now I focused my field sa Real estate virtual assistant. Happy and satisfied, caged myself sa bahay and then enjoy lang gala gala online basa basa ng blogs. I bookmarked your blog pala, hehe ginawa ko tambayan blog mo, naeenjoy ako magbasa eh lalo na sa mga movie quotes. More posts pa!!

  33. I've never imagined na magandang maging porfolio ang blog. I just started blogging for half a year now. And I'm still waiting for me to turn 18 para makapag-apply for those kind of jobs :D

    God Bless
    Mac | Weekly Struggles


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