7 Secrets on How to Have Fun While Cooking

Our mood affects the meals that we prepare in the kitchen. While some are aching to give it their all in the kitchen, others need more than just a nudge. Cooking is a skill that we need to learn in order to survive. And if we continually stuff ourselves with salt-drenched fast foods, then we’re in for major health trouble. Cooking at home is inexpensive and healthier than eating out. And if preparing meals is something that you dread doing, here are few secrets and tips on how to make the kitchen your favorite place at home.

1. Cook with good company- It’s always fun to cook with family and good friends. Cooking is also a time to talk, socialize and catch up on each other. You can also share recipes and tips for an improved cooking experience. Cooking with lots of laughter and good conversation around you, never fail to lighten up anyone’s mood. Or how about do it with a loved one, like your kids, cooking with your kids will make the experience a lot happier.

2. Go with simple food recipes- Leave the multi-course meals to special events. With ordinary days you can do well with simple, laid-back and economical meals that don’t take long to cook. Reserve fancy meals to occasions that need elaborate cooking. Day to day dishes need not be upscale; it would only stress you out.

3. Live out a positive point of view- A positive outlook always does the trick. Think of this endeavor lightly, like when you're playing cooking games. It also helps to envision yourself as a flourishing cook. Look at cooking not as a menial task but rather as an opportunity for learning and creativity. If you’re unenthusiastic about cooking, it will reflect on the dishes that you’ve prepared. So be optimistic and feel good about cooking.

4. Relax while you cook- Learn to forget whatever it is that you’re stressing about. Relax, take a deep breath and leave your worries before you start cooking. Listening to music also helps ease the stress.

5. Relish the aroma of the different ingredients. Cooking is aromatic. Take a whiff of spices, fruits and vegetables laid on the table. It’s really good for the senses.

6. Take pictures. Taking pictures of your dish encourages you to improve your food presentation. It’s fun unleashing your creativity and keeping memories of your fun cooking memories.

7. Concoct your own signature recipe- Cooking experiments are fun and challenging. You can always perfect your dish through dozens of trial and errors.

An innate love for cooking starts in you. So ditch your worries and learn to defy your cooking fears.

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  1. As per experience, cooking strengthens friendship.:)

  2. Hi miss Sarah! Thank you for visiting my blog, such an honor. :)

    My friends and I enjoy cooking for our dinner which we used to have every weekend. Pero since busy na, very seldom na. :)

  3. Hello Algene! I love cooking. It's often my bonding time with my children. Everytime, I'm home, I would always cook the foods that they love especially the beef kaldereta which is the favorite of my daughter.

    Algene, pansin ko mukang "hands on" ka ngayon sa blog mo ah.

    Seryoso na ba yan? *winks*

    Keep it up!

  4. Hahaha! Thanks much ate Kriz! I'm not good at cooking but I'm learning na. Pero I'm into baking. Ate, I will link my first commentators every end of the month na ha? Yung highest FC eh ididisplay ko sa sidebar. Pero gagawa pa ako ng widget sa Top First Commenters. Thank you! :)

    Hahahaha. Inaalagaan ko lang blog ko kasi naman, PR 0 na. Dapat maayos ko 'to ASAP!

    Thanks again ate Kriz!

  5. wow I love your new template algene. hahaha. back to blogging..

  6. Thanks Albert! Sana mabisita mo palagi ang blog ko. :p Ang top commentator ko per month na ha.. Yung may pinakamaraming FC pero baka maiba ko pa .. :p

  7. I am not really good at cooking but they said that I cooked very well which seldom happens though.

    Tsamba lang ug pagana-gana akong syle.Hehehe

    Wala pa japon mi connection gene. I like the new look of your blog. I'm considering to get one pretty soon.

    Hapit na gud birthday ni Bella basin gusto ka muadto. It will be an honor. Simple lang gud kaayo. Family lang ang few close friends... Apil naka ato sa close friends. Hehehe...

  8. Hi ate Rovs! I really want to go pero I can't commit since I have something to do this Saturday. Aha dapit inyo? What happened to your internet connection?

    I know you cook well! Patikim ng specialties mo ate Rovs! Hope to chat with you soon!

  9. Kami ng sister ko pareho mahilig magluto palibhasa mahilig din kami kumain. lol! Mas masaya talaga if you cook together either with a friend or relatives. By the way ok na yung link mo sa blog ko.

  10. Hello ate anney! Thank you so much! Sorry talaga if I cannot visit your blog more often than before. Pero I'll make it up to my blogger friends this weekend. :)


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