11.11.11 - certainly one of the dates that I will never forget. Six consecutive 1 will always remind me of how great my November 11, 2011 went. There were many things that happened today which made me really happy. Allow me to highlight some of those things in my blog.

The "In Time" Movie

Another science fiction film has touched me in so many ways. It taught me lessons about life, love and time. I must say, Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried portrayed their roles very well. 

The film has a futuristic theme with its year set at 2161. The story is basically about the people who are genetically designed to stop aging at the age of 25. The primary currency used by the people is time (minutes, hours, days, years, decades). Those who want to extend their lives should save more time before their 25th birthday. Otherwise, they will ran out of time and eventually die. For the people living in New Greenwich, the place where Sylvia (Amanda S.) came, living is not a problem. They have more than enough time for themselves. In fact, most of the persons situated in the area have centuries which means that they can live longer. However, for Will's (Justin T.) society, the Ghetto, being able to complete a day is not easy. Persons should work hard in order to earn time and to live a little longer. They survive on a day to day basis. In order to have hours for tomorrow, they must earn more time today.  Rich people can live for more than a hundred years while poor people have limited time. Both the two characters met in the story and learned many things from each other. Though they came from two different worlds, they were able to connect well with one another. They teamed up as lovers who are helping people from the ghetto to extend their lives. By stealing time from the rich people and various banks, they have given individuals the chance to live more.

One of the lessons I learned from the movie is the value of time. Sometimes, we tend to postpone certain things needed to be done today thinking that we still have tomorrow. But what if we don't have enough time? What if, like the Ghetto people, we barely have hours to live? Will we be able to make every second count? We must always appreciate the time that we have right now and make use of it at the best ways possible. We must be thankful for every minute that we have. Other people are not given the chance to extend their lives just like what we have. Make every moment counts. Do everything you can for the day.

Time Spent With Him

Let the picture do the talking. (Captured using iTouch camera and edited using Instagram)


He fetched me at home today. I was late again but he never said anything about it. He patiently waited for thirty minutes before we headed to the mall for our lunch and movie date. He also gave me two bars of Snickers! It feels really great knowing that we still enjoy each other's company even if we have been dating for years now. 

How about you? How did you spend your 11-11-11?

First Commentator: Joy's Flair


  1. with me it was just an ordinary working day :( my youngest son in school, my eldest son and husband are off to work, while I am all alone in the house tending to house chores and online tasks :(

  2. Whhooa!! That's a very interesting movie Algene! Reading from your brief description of the story, I can say that's it's really a movie to watch. I like the part when you explained about the message that this story gives to the movie goers. It's really a must see movie.

    I'm happy to hear that you've enjoyed your day a lot! As you said, "enjoy each moment of our lives".

    Good Night! Sleep well!!

  3. The "In Time" movie is already out? Hmm, I find it interesting, to have time as the primary currency of the planet.. if that would be the case, I guess all of us will age quickly. Lols..

  4. @Joy: Hello po mommy Joy. Thank you po for visiting my page. ;) I sure you had fun naman eh. Hehehe.

    @Krizza: Thank you ate Kriz! It's a must-see movie. It's completely different from all other sci-fi films. Ang ganda talaga.

    Glad that I had the chance to see it yesterday. Good morning na dito ate. Just woke up :p

    Magandang Umaga po!

    @Leah: Hahaha. I can't imagine time as the currency. Tsk :p Our world would surely be more chaotic than it is today ate Leah. Last week pa siya out on cinemas pero kahapon ko lang po napanuod.

  5. hahahahaha... nag watch din kami ng in time.. :)

  6. Sino kasama mo yen? Wow! Sino bf mo now? hehehe :P


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