Wednesday, November 30

I Won't Last A Day Without You Movie 2011

If you are a constant reader of my blog, you certainly know that I always feature a movie every week. It has been a tradition for me and Abdel to go to the cinema house and watch a great film at least once a week. It is our own way of catching up with each other after spending some time at school and other things. We never fail to treat ourselves by seeing the best movies on the big screen. For the past three weeks, we have watched In Time, Killer Elite, Breaking Dawn (Part 1) and Happy Feet 2. As you can see, all were foreign films. This week, we decided to see I Won't Last A Day Without You by Star Cinema and Viva Films. 

I'm not an avid fan of the Sarah Geronimo and Gerald Anderson tandem. However, when I saw their second film together, I was really amazed with their chemistry. They look so perfect for each other. And yes, I agree with ABS-CBN that they are the most romantic love team of the year! I have to commend Sarah G for a job well done in portraying DJ Heidee's character. Everything she does in the film looks natural on her. Just like her leading lady, Gerald also played his role perfectly. The story of the movie revolves around two completely different persons who fell in love with one another when they least expect it. Heidee is a famous DJ because of her radio segment entitled "Heartbreak Hotline" where different callers ask for her advice about their love problems. Since she has experienced having a broken heart, she is very pessimistic about the idea of true love and relationships. On the other hand, Andrew is a typical play boy who looks so charming. He is like a girl magnet wherever he goes. When both of them met by chance, they started to get to know each other until they realized that they have already fallen in love. It's amazing on how they discovered that there is, after all, a true love.

I will be posting more about this movie tomorrow. For now, let me continue writing my Philosophy paper about the Moral Dimension of the Human Experience and making my Management Consultancy Market Presentation due tomorrow evening. Expect new Tagalog quotes on my next post about this movie!

Last update: December 2, 2011: MOVIE LINES

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Beauty Box & Coupons Giveaway

Beauty Box & Coupons Giveaway

Beauty Box items

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Tuesday, November 29

A Talk from the Coffee Shop

There is beauty in writing when writing comes from the heart and not from the brain. It is like saying things without fuss when the words just spill straight from the heart. This goes the same with wall painting when it becomes an expression of things you want to say. And if you will just let it flow, you’d notice too that such revelation your hands create comes from the unconscious and as you write it your heart just pours what it feels inside.

They say follow your heart but what if your heart says so many things and you cannot unify them all to a single desire. It is like most of the time, it speaks of some many things that you are having a hard time to know what it really wants. One more crux of such matter is that whatever your heart feels can always be questioned by your rational thinking. If you are in the right frame of mind you do not let your heart dictate your fate but as you grow old, you will realize that every heart is a child within every person. It is persistent. It does not take no for an answer because there lies the truest bliss that every person deserves this why everyone needs to discover his art, of whether this is in the form of music and lyrics or landscape painting. The talent of the person is the medium of what the subconscious wants to talk about. Artists whose hearts are on their original painting can simply attest to this. The hands just work in an instant to come up with something that the heart wants poured out. The very same goes with writing. You start with a capital letter and before you know it, story now ends with a period. That is how our heart works. The expression is fed to our subconscious and our physical selves projects it without letting the brain process it except for checking on some technical details like grammar and construction and for wall paintings, maybe a touch-up of colors will do. Or when we listen to a song and such song touched our heart even without understanding the lyrics, then we know our heart is connecting to something.

The bottomline for good discernment of what we really want is to know our heart because no heart, even those that are damaged or in pain, will betray its bearer, even the pain it brings is part of the big picture of meeting the life God wants for us, as long as the pain being felt is divine and not orchestrated by some group to inflict pain on you because this is damaging and more destruction that it will give to the people who connived to hit you.

Jocelyn Aps is the Business Development Manager at Artyii, Asia's leading community for emerging paint artists. Launched in November 2010, Artyii offers a powerful global platform to discover emerging Asian art. Over 500 artists from Singapore, Philippines, Vietnam and Indonesia have trusted Artyii, thus far. Membership is by-invite only. Apart from sharing art, artists can communicate with gallery owners and art collectors online to enhance their profile.

Monday, November 28

Why Drinking Coffee is Good

Coffee has become an important part of my life since I fell in love with it on the year 2007. Before the said year, I really don't like this beverage. I have read many articles in magazines and newspapers discussing the health problems and disadvantages that coffee could bring to its consumers. Because of those reading materials, I opted not to take coffee. However, when I lived in a dormitory near a established coffee shop, I began to enjoy its sweetness and eventually fell in love with it. All the negative thinking that I have for it vanished. Now, you can always find me sipping my favorite ice cold coffee drinks or instant coffees (at home). Oh, coffee indulgence!

 Because of my love for coffee, I started to discover the great things that it can do to many people. Listed below are some of the reasons why I would recommend coffee as a good beverage for you.

• Coffee tastes good. Need I say more?

• It can stimulate and refresh you. After having a long day, coffee can make you feel relax. When things do not seem to go your way, all you need is to get yourself a cup of coffee to make you feel good.

• It can keep you up all night long. When you have some requirements needed to be done, you can grab coffee before starting your work. Caffeine in coffees stimulates metabolism and supports mental alertness. It will take 30 minutes before your body completely absorbs this stimulant drug and the positive effects may last for two to five hours.

• Coffee is rich in antioxidants. It can protect your body from experiencing any serious damages. Aside from that, it can also prevent pre-mature aging.

The next time you drink a cup of coffee, always remember all its benefits! Give yourself a treat and enjoy some coffee lovin' feelin'. You must keep in mind that too much of this drink can be toxic for you. As we all know, too much of any thing is always dangerous. Learn to appreciate the beauty of drinking coffee.

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I will be giving some coffee shop certificates next month. ;)

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Kids’ Style Giveaway and Contest

Saturday, November 26

Kids’ Style Giveaway and Contest

Happy Caity's Kids' Style is a new meme that allows little fashionistas to  showcase their own sense of style when it comes to dressing up. Kids and mommy bloggers can join this fun fashion meme every Sunday. All that needs to be done is to choose the best picture showing the kids' fashion sense and write about it on blogs. Mommies can now share to the world how beautiful and cute their kids are (especially when dolled up)!

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Friday, November 25

Happy Feet 2 Quotes

These are some of the quotes I got from the latest animated movie produced by Warner Bros. Up to this moment, I still can't get over the cuteness of this baby penguin. He's so lovely! Everyone must really see this great film. It's perfect for the whole family. Sometimes, all we need is to see a happy movie and remind ourselves of the beautiful things we have in our lives. I hope some of these movie lines inspire you. ☺

"Everything in this world, no matter how big, no matter how small is connected in ways we never expected." - Narrator

"Nobody's better than you." - Gloria

"But there are plenty of reasons to dance." - Mumble
"What's mine, Pa?" - Eric
"Well, the best way to find it is to try." - Mumble

"I wanna know what love is. I want you to show me." - Rinaldo

"This is one fabulous penguin you will never laugh again. Never." - Ramon

"There's only one of me in the world. I'm one in a trillion." - Will

"Everything has an end. I must reach the end of the world." - Will

"I have so much love. I'm gonna explode." - Ramon

"Use my powers only for the goodie." - Rinaldo

"If you will it, it will be yours." - Penguins

"You, me? Fat chance." - Carmen
"I have a chance! And it's fat!" - Ramon

"Believe in yourself, Erik. Believe in you." - Rinaldo

"If you want it, you must will it. If you will it, it will be yours." - Rinaldo

" Fluffy don't float." - Erik

"Baby penguins... Cute but ruthless." - Ramon

"Will, what are we looking for?" - Bill
"That's the adventure my friend. I don't know." - Will

"When things go wrong, running is not the answer." - Mumble

"Okay, keep going but take it nice and slow." - Mumble

"Every obstacle is an opportunity." - Penguin

"Delusional singing. That's the first sign of madness." - Bill

"But there's a lot of dangers out there." -Mumble
"Not dangers. But challenges." - Mommy Penguin

"There's always a way." - Penguin

"Wake me up before you go, I don't wanna go on solo." - Bill

"I'll never gonna give you up, never gonna bring you down." - Bill

"As long as we are together, we are already home." - Penguin

"Come on everyone. Let's cuddle up." - Gloria

"It was nice to have a family." - Penguin

"I hate this long distance relationship." - Ramon

"You are my world, entirely." - Ramon
"You're beautiful." - Carmen
"Only on the outside." - Ramon

"Hey Ramon, the earth is moving." - Carmen

"Imagination is the second sign of madness." - Will

"Well, there's only one me in the world." - Bill

"We all have a purpose. Yours is to change the world." - Bill

"Come on. We're wasting our time. There's nothing for us here." - Mumble
"No, Pa. This is so unfair. After what you have done, you really deserve better." - Eric
"Nothing makes sense in this world, Eric."

"Yes, every step counts." - Gloria

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Wednesday, November 23

Happy Feet 2

Abdel and I were watching interesting videos on Youtube until we saw the movie trailer of Happy Feet 2. We found out that it's already showing in the cinemas. We forgot that today is the first day of screening in the Philippines. In other countries, the movie was screened last November 18. Knowing that our most-awaited movie is already available, we got up and headed to the mall. In just an hour, we already bought our tickets at GMall 3D Cinema.

The movie was the best thing that ever happened for my Wednesday. I was smiling the whole time it was shown on the big screen. For me, it is the cutest movie of the year!

Happy Feet 2 is not just about the cute dancing penguins. There are many lessons presented on the 1 hr and 40 min film. It teaches its viewers about accepting one's uniqueness, living life to the fullest and recognizing the presence of other people. The story of Mumble, Gloria and Erik has inspired me. This penguin family has shown the true meaning of a "happy family." They are always available for each other no matter what happens. Mumble, as the head of the family, did all that he can to make his wife and son feel love and care all the time. Another character in the film that moved me is Erik. He is a cute baby penguin who has no interest in dancing unlike all the other penguins in his community. His uniqueness made him feel that he is an outcast. However, as he takes the adventure of life and love, he realizes that being unique makes him stand out among the rest. It was great to see that Erik, at a young age, discovered his true self.

The memorable line that I heard from this movie is "If you want it, you must will it. If you will it, it will be yours." This is not a new thing for me since I have always used this kind of thinking every single day of life. I'm just happy to hear it from the film. The people behind this wonderful movie have brilliant minds! They were able to send out their great messages to the viewers by creating an amazing animated movie. I will post tomorrow the movie quotes I have taken from the film. The rating for this movies is ★★★★★. Yes, Happy Feet 2 deserves a five-star rating. It is the perfect film, not only for the kids, but also for adults. Be sure to watch it on 3D!

I still couldn't get over the happiness I felt after seeing the movie. I still feel like dancing and singing! The OST of the film is exceptional! I can't wait to download all of the songs. Let me share to you the trailer of Happy Feet 2.

Have you seen it already? Mind sharing your own review for this? Anyway, please add me on your circle at Google +! If you want to earn some bucks for signing up and answering surveys on PaidViewPoint, you can check this link.

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Just Say Yes

Just Say Yes

For the past three days, I have been spending some time on Vimeo looking for different wedding videos. It was the instruction given to me by my boss. He simply wanted me to find good videos about wedding ceremonies or celebrations and write articles about it. There were no specific keywords provided that must be included on my writing. Thus, I had the liberty to write anything I want about the videos. I must say, the task he has given me was really great. Aside from being able to work for him, I was also given a chance to see some wedding music videos that have moved me in some ways. 

Nothing feels great that seeing happy couples fulfill their dreams of binding themselves in marriage. There is this sudden happiness in me knowing that I have seen some lovers who were able to survive the ups and downs of their relationships before marrying one another. Let me share to you one of those videos. This is one of my favorites (Rahim and Salima)! Please take some time to watch this and start feeling love.

"All my life, I've been waiting for this moment to finally meet a woman like you. I've waited and waited and I've always known you're gonna be there. I always thank Allah everyday that I'm with you. You're my best friend. You're my soul. You're my destiny. Every time I see you, I fall in love with you, over and over again." - Rahim

The background song used in this video is "Just Say Yes" by Snow Patrol. Here's my favorite line from the song: "Just say yes, there's nothing holding you back. It's not a test or a trick of mind. Only love."

If you want to see more of this, you can always visit Visual Masterpiece's site on Vimeo.

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Monday, November 21

The Beauty of Freelancing

When I started this blog last February 2008, all I ever wanted was to have an online journal where I can share all my thoughts and emotions without other people judging me. I never cared about monetizing it or even writing articles for moolah.  Some of my blogger friends before encouraged me to work hard on my blog so I could earn some money while doing the thing that I am passionate about. They even told me to register to different online accounts that offer opportunities to blog owners. But, I never listened to them. I did not have enough courage and confidence in myself. Honestly, I was too afraid to try it because I knew I will not make it unlike what they have achieved. So, I kept everything simple until last month when I began to discover the beauty of freelancing, online working and blog writing. 

It took me more than three years of blogging before I decided to take one step forward. On the 10th of October 2011, I joined Odesk and looked for online jobs that I could do during the sem break. Since my profile was a little dull, I placed The Coffee Chic blog on my portfolio url to make it easier for employers to see my original posts and articles. Thus, I started updating my page regularly and did all the best that I can to write interesting contents for my readers. Luckily, there were some bosses who admired my online page and hired me to do writing jobs. My first ever freelance job was content writing for different websites wherein I earn some dollars per hour. Yes, the rate was not fixed per article since I also do data entry jobs for the same boss. Even if I already have one contract, I still searched for more jobs that I could apply for. Again, another employer liked my blog and asked me to write articles for him. When I realized how great freelancing is, I registered to Elance. Fortunately, I was hired there as an article writer. All these great things, I owe to my blog. Because of this online journal, I began earning money on my own. At the same time, I have paid posts on this blog but I only have three because my focus is entirely on my contracts for Odesk and Elance

In just a matter of 1 month and ten days, I earned enough funds to make some changes for my blog and made my Paypal account active. Here are some of the great things I received after working hard.

♥ I got my own domain! (Though I lost my ranking in Alexa and Google, I still believe I made the right decision because having my own ".com" domain was something I have dreamed of.)  
♥ I had a blog make over! I now have my own custom-made design.
♥ I was able to host a mini-giveaway to express my gratitude to my visitors and readers. 
♥ I became one of the sponsors for a contest. (But I only paid $5. LOL)
♥ My gift to myself - My own 32 gb iPad 2 Wifi + 3g! 

This is the first ever item that I bought using the money from my own pocket! For the longest time, I have always depended on my parents to give me every single thing I want. So, can you imagine how happy I am for being able to get this for myself? I availed Globe's Super Unli Surf Plan 999. I paid the cash out in full and the advance payment for the first month. Who would thought that I can buy this tablet without asking anything from my parents? 

With my new iPad 2 Wifi + 3g, I can already go online anytime and anywhere. It is certainly what I needed especially that I still have two existing contracts in Odesk and one on Elance. By using this advanced tablet, I can still do my tasks even if I'm at school. I can still read the emails sent my by employers and talk to them on Skype. Most importantly, I can now update my blog and visit my friends' blogs without connecting to a Wi-Fi spot which is usually limited in my university. In fairness to Globe, the signal is really excellent! The Wi-Fi at home will be solely used by my younger brother allowing him to play online games better.


I know freelance jobs come and go. Whatever happens in the next coming days, like losing the contracts, I will have no worries and regrets. At least, I have given myself an advance Christmas gift. I really feel blessed. This is a great beginning I will never forget.

P.S. Anyway, I'm planning on making a new blog with a niche but I'm not yet sure if I can do it. I need to manage my time well in studying my lessons, doing my thesis, freelancing and keeping TCC updated. Since I have 0 PR and a low rank in Alexa, I am no longer qualified for paid posts. So, for now, I think I have to work on making my blog earn some traffic and rank higher. Do you have any suggestions on how I could do it?

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Saturday, November 19

Breaking Dawn (Part 1) Quotes

SPOILER ALERT: Do not continue reading this if you are planning to watch the movie on the coming days. There is nothing much to spoil anyway since the movie was based on the Breaking Dawn book. So, if you're a big fan of the Twilight saga, you'll certainly know the scenes on the film. As mentioned in my previous post, part one of Breaking Dawn movie was all about the wedding, the honeymoon, the pregnancy and the great ending. Bella's wedding dress was the most stunning thing ever!

"Jasper, what do vampires do for bachelor parties? You're not talking him to a strip club, are you?" - Bella

"I waited for a century to marry you miss Swan." - Edward

"What's a wedding without some family drama?" - Edward

"Edward will be a good husband. I know it because I'm a cop." - Charlie

"It's an extraordinary thing to meet someone who'll accept you for who you are... With Bella, I feel like I could finally begin." - Edward

"Everything is perfect now, Bella." - Edward

"This is how I will remember you." - Jacob

"She'll die." - Jacob "It's not our concern anymore." - Sam

"I love you so much, dad." - Bella "I love you too, Belle. Always have and always will." - Charlie

"Why can't you see how perfectly happy I am?" - Bella

"Last night was the best night of my existence." - Edward

"In sickness and in health, remember Bella?" - Edward

"I know it's impossible but I think I'm pregnant." - Bella

"You have a connection with her. May I could not understand it." - Edward

"I can't figure out why he thinks you'll listen to me. But you never really did before." - Jacob

"It's a miracle of something. I can feel him inside me." - Bella

"If you die, what's the point of you loving him and me loving you?" - Jacob

"Jake, don't go." - Bella "I know how this ends and I'm not gonna stick around to watch." - Jacob

"I wasn't born to follow you or anyone else." - Jacob

"You have to accept this for what it is." - Bella "You're not giving me much choice!" - Edward

"Edward, I'm sorry." - Bella "I can't live without you." - Edward

This is my most favorite movie line which was spoken by Edward. It's the sweetest!
"No measure of time with you will be long enough. But we'll start with forever."

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Friday, November 18

Breaking Dawn (Part 1)

Honestly, I'm not a big fan of the Twilight series especially that it is often compared with the Harry Potter series. My preference will always be for HP since it has touched me in ways I couldn't explain. But this doesn't mean that I don't like Twilight. What I'm trying to say is that I have developed more love and appreciation for J.K. Rowling's piece than that of Stephenie Meyer's. Despite all of these, I still believe that the Twilight saga is a wonderful creation. In fact, I have read all the four books and listened to one of its audio books. You can also call me a "team Bella and Edward" because I really admire them as a couple. The love between a vampire and a human person, who are completely different from one another, is truly inspiring and exceptional.

When the first movie of the saga was screened last 2008, I really made it to a point that I see the film on the big screen. As I can remember, my friends and I went out on for a dinner and movie date. After a great meal, we headed to GMall for the last full show of Twilight. In 2009, I watched the second installation, New Moon, with Abdel. In 2010, I also saw the movie Eclipse with him. And this year, I was again with Abdel for the part 1 of the last movie of the Twilight saga. Breaking Dawn's (Part 1) Philippine screening started today. It has been our tradition to go on movie dates at least once every week. For this week, we have chosen Breaking Dawn and I must say, it was the perfect choice! It kept us wanting for more!

How about you? Are you interested into watching the first part of the fourth installation of the Twilight movies? I will post some quotes and pictures tomorrow. There's a spoiler alert so you shouldn't read my next blog entry if you want to keep yourself excited for Breaking Dawn. Anyway, below is its official trailer..

P.S. Don't expect much from this movie. The cinematography is plain and simple. The story revolves plainly around the couple's wedding and Bella's pregnancy. Nonetheless, the movie is still very lovely!
 Credits to Yahoo! Movies for the video and picture used in this post.

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Join Gagay's Giveaway

Join Gagay's Giveaway

Thirty seven days to go before the best time of the year - Christmas. Everyone is probably excited for the upcoming holiday. Even I, myself, can't wait to celebrate the Christmas season with my loved ones! It is an important event that I always look forward to every end of the year. Who doesn't want this season when it is full of loving and sharing?

As an early Christmas treat to everyone, ate Gagay of GagayMD is having her Page Rank and Birthday Giveaway. I am one of the sponsors for this contest. Join us and celebrate the love. Below is a list of the amazing prizes:
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          ♥ 5 1-year Domain Hosting

Feel free to visit the contest page and participate! There are 26 winners all in all! Anyway, here's the link to all the sponsors for this great giveaway.

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Thursday, November 17

Only For You

Always remember that..

Take some time to read this letter from Him. He always have something to tell you.

From: GOD - The Boss
Reference: LIFE

This is God. Today, I will be handing all of your problems for you. I do not need your help. So, Have a nice day.

I love you.


And remember, if life happens to deliver a situation that you cannot handle, do not attempt to resolve it yourself. Kindly put it in the SFGTD (something for God to do) box. I will get to it in MY TIME. All situations will be resolved, but in My time, not yours.

Once the matter is placed into the box, do not hold it by worrying too much. Instead, focus on all the wonderful things that are present in your life right now.

If you find yourself stuck in traffic, don't despair. There are people in this world for whom driving is an unheard privilege.

Should you grieve the passing of another weekend; think of the woman in dire straits, working twelve hours a day and seven days a week just to feed her children.

Should you despair over a relationship gone bad; Think of the person who has never known what it's like to love and be loved in return.

Should you have a bad day at work; think of the man who has been out of work for years.

Should your car break down, leaving you miles aways from assistance; think of the paraplegic who would love the opportunity to take than walk.

Should you notice a new gray hair in the mirror; think of the cancer patient in chemo who wishes she has hair to examine.

Should you find yourself at a loss and pondering what is life all about, asking "what is my purpose", be thankful. There are those who didn't live long enough to get the opportunity.

Should you find yourself the victim of other people's bitterness, ignorance, smallness or insecurities... Remember, things could be worse. You could be one of them!

Now, you have a nice day.


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Which Smartphone Camera Has the Features You Want?

Cameras have become one of the biggest reasons people buy smartphones. But to be able to get the best photos possible, you need to get a smartphone with the right camera features. Here are some of today’s popular camera features to keep an eye out for when shopping for your next smartphone.
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Wednesday, November 16

Coffee Lovers' Indulgence

One of my favorite lyrics is taken from the song "I Finally Found Someone" by Bryan Adams. It says: "We started over coffee. We started out as friends. It's funny how from simple things, the best things begin." Every time I sing the song to myself, I remember how things between me and my special friend started. Because of our love for coffee, we became closer to one another. In fact, one of the first dates we had was at a coffee shop in Prime Square, Torres. 

Even before I met him, I already fell in love with coffee. I am often found reading, relaxing and studying at my favorite coffee place - Brew Crew's. There is always something in a cup of coffee that brings me happiness and excitement. But I realized that drinking different kinds of coffee mix is best shared with somebody. I prayed to my God that I may find someone who can be with me as I enjoy every cup of coffee. He answered my prayers and gave him to me. Since then, I developed a greater indulgence for coffee especially that I already have someone whom I can share it with. 

Some of our favorite coffee drinks include: Iced White Choco Mocha, Caramel Macchiato, Coffee Frappuccino, Hot Cappuccino, Caffe Latte and Instant Coffee (the most affordable!). These are the beverages we usually order but if a coffee shop has its signature drink, then, expect us to pick it! Espresso is good but we do not put preference over it.

Our latest coffee date was yesterday afternoon at Figaro Coffee Company in SM City. We ordered frosted coffee! I chose Coffee Caramel while he had Butterscoth Vanilla with Coffee Jelly. Sans rival cake was also a perfect addition to our simple rendezvous. 

Photos are included in this post. Sorry for the low image quality since I used my touch in taking them.

Sometimes, you meet someone and your life is changed completely. The song lyrics will always be a reminder of our getting-to-know-each-other moments. Who would have thought that those casual dates will bring us to path for a long term relationship? There are certain things in life that can turn out the best when we least expect them to.

Anyway, I am now working on placing the linky love for my first commentators. The same rule still applies. I will link the blog of the first person who leaves his or her comment on my latest post. Thank you!

Thank you for the first Coffee Talk ♥

Sunday, November 13

7 Secrets on How to Have Fun While Cooking

Our mood affects the meals that we prepare in the kitchen. While some are aching to give it their all in the kitchen, others need more than just a nudge. Cooking is a skill that we need to learn in order to survive. And if we continually stuff ourselves with salt-drenched fast foods, then we’re in for major health trouble. Cooking at home is inexpensive and healthier than eating out. And if preparing meals is something that you dread doing, here are few secrets and tips on how to make the kitchen your favorite place at home.

1. Cook with good company- It’s always fun to cook with family and good friends. Cooking is also a time to talk, socialize and catch up on each other. You can also share recipes and tips for an improved cooking experience. Cooking with lots of laughter and good conversation around you, never fail to lighten up anyone’s mood. Or how about do it with a loved one, like your kids, cooking with your kids will make the experience a lot happier.

2. Go with simple food recipes- Leave the multi-course meals to special events. With ordinary days you can do well with simple, laid-back and economical meals that don’t take long to cook. Reserve fancy meals to occasions that need elaborate cooking. Day to day dishes need not be upscale; it would only stress you out.

3. Live out a positive point of view- A positive outlook always does the trick. Think of this endeavor lightly, like when you're playing cooking games. It also helps to envision yourself as a flourishing cook. Look at cooking not as a menial task but rather as an opportunity for learning and creativity. If you’re unenthusiastic about cooking, it will reflect on the dishes that you’ve prepared. So be optimistic and feel good about cooking.

4. Relax while you cook- Learn to forget whatever it is that you’re stressing about. Relax, take a deep breath and leave your worries before you start cooking. Listening to music also helps ease the stress.

5. Relish the aroma of the different ingredients. Cooking is aromatic. Take a whiff of spices, fruits and vegetables laid on the table. It’s really good for the senses.

6. Take pictures. Taking pictures of your dish encourages you to improve your food presentation. It’s fun unleashing your creativity and keeping memories of your fun cooking memories.

7. Concoct your own signature recipe- Cooking experiments are fun and challenging. You can always perfect your dish through dozens of trial and errors.

An innate love for cooking starts in you. So ditch your worries and learn to defy your cooking fears.

Cooking Game article is provided by the Team of Kim Tyrone Agapito, owner of Web Strategy Blog promoting cooking games.

Saturday, November 12

Join The Coffee Chic's Mini Giveaway

I finally got everything I needed for my blog. From my domain to my new layout. What more can I ask for? To express my gratitude and appreciation to everyone who visits my blog, I am hosting a mini giveaway. I hope that you support me especially that this is my first ever giveaway. Thank you so much!

Here are the prizes for 5 possible winners:
+ 2 Robinsons Movie Passes
+ 1 Php 500 Bon Appetea Gift Certificates
+ $10 Paypal Cash
+ $5 Paypal Cash

Please don't forget to leave your coffee talks after submitting your entries! I need the comments for moderation and confirmation. The contest will end on November 30, 2011.

Expressing Gratitude

Thank you so much to Grace of Dress Up Your Blogs for the complete makeover. She is so good at giving every blog a fresh look. I'm glad I have chosen the right designer!

One of the things on my wish list was getting my own custom made design. I really wanted to get my own theme but I can't do it since I have no idea on how to order online and how to pay for it. I wasn't an active blogger for the past years making my Paypal account contain less funds. However, just recently, I discovered about the beauty of blogging and freelancing. Thus, I found some means of earning through the online activities. I have gained some funds making it possible for me to get my own domain and custom made design for my The Coffee Chic.

Once again, thanks to Grace for dressing up my blog. I really appreciate the things she did for me. If you want to get a new look for your online page, you can always contact her. See here portfolio designs here.

The long wait for the new look is finally over! (Some items on the side bar are still unorganized. I will work on them soon!) As promised, I will be hosting a mini-giveaway to express my gratitude to everyone who regularly visits my blog. At the same time, I'm doing it to gain more visitors since I lost my Google page ranking. I am hoping that you will participate in my upcoming giveaway. I will post it tonight!

Gagay.MDThank you also to Ate Gagay of Gagay MD for all the support and advice. She is one of my mentors in  the blogosphere. She has given me tips and ideas on how to become a good blogger. I really owe her a lot!

I can really say that she's a pro blogger. Aside from being a medical doctor student, she is also maintaining and updating many blogs. Her personal page is Gagay MD which will host a contest next week. She wants to have a "PR 3 and Birthday Thanksgiving" contest soon. To make her online party successful, she is inviting people from the blogging community to sponsor. You can click on this link to see the details of the sponsorship. If you want back links for your precious blog, then, sponsoring for this upcoming contest is a good idea.


11.11.11 - certainly one of the dates that I will never forget. Six consecutive 1 will always remind me of how great my November 11, 2011 went. There were many things that happened today which made me really happy. Allow me to highlight some of those things in my blog.

The "In Time" Movie

Another science fiction film has touched me in so many ways. It taught me lessons about life, love and time. I must say, Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried portrayed their roles very well. 

The film has a futuristic theme with its year set at 2161. The story is basically about the people who are genetically designed to stop aging at the age of 25. The primary currency used by the people is time (minutes, hours, days, years, decades). Those who want to extend their lives should save more time before their 25th birthday. Otherwise, they will ran out of time and eventually die. For the people living in New Greenwich, the place where Sylvia (Amanda S.) came, living is not a problem. They have more than enough time for themselves. In fact, most of the persons situated in the area have centuries which means that they can live longer. However, for Will's (Justin T.) society, the Ghetto, being able to complete a day is not easy. Persons should work hard in order to earn time and to live a little longer. They survive on a day to day basis. In order to have hours for tomorrow, they must earn more time today.  Rich people can live for more than a hundred years while poor people have limited time. Both the two characters met in the story and learned many things from each other. Though they came from two different worlds, they were able to connect well with one another. They teamed up as lovers who are helping people from the ghetto to extend their lives. By stealing time from the rich people and various banks, they have given individuals the chance to live more.

One of the lessons I learned from the movie is the value of time. Sometimes, we tend to postpone certain things needed to be done today thinking that we still have tomorrow. But what if we don't have enough time? What if, like the Ghetto people, we barely have hours to live? Will we be able to make every second count? We must always appreciate the time that we have right now and make use of it at the best ways possible. We must be thankful for every minute that we have. Other people are not given the chance to extend their lives just like what we have. Make every moment counts. Do everything you can for the day.

Time Spent With Him

Let the picture do the talking. (Captured using iTouch camera and edited using Instagram)


He fetched me at home today. I was late again but he never said anything about it. He patiently waited for thirty minutes before we headed to the mall for our lunch and movie date. He also gave me two bars of Snickers! It feels really great knowing that we still enjoy each other's company even if we have been dating for years now. 

How about you? How did you spend your 11-11-11?

First Commentator: Joy's Flair

Thursday, November 10

University Calendar

Second Semester SY 2011-2012
(posted as requested by a classmate)

November 3: Second Semester Classes Begin (College)
November 3-9: Manual Adding & Dropping of Courses (College)
November 10: University Mass for the Dead
November 14: BM/Accountancy Day/Computer Studies Day
November 16: Philo & Humanities Day / Nursing Day / NSM Division Day
November 18: SS & Engineering Day
December 3: End of Late Enrollment (College)
December 8: Immaculate Conception Day
December 12-17: Advisory Exam
January 2, 2012: Start of Classes
January 23-28: Midterm Exam of Graduating Students
January 30-31: PAASCU VISIT
February 1-3: College Days
February 10: Deadline of Midterm Grades for Graduating Students
February 6-11: Midterm Exam for Undergraduate Students
February 25: PE Night for PE 4
March 2: Deadline for Midterm Grades of Undergraduate Students
Mar 1-3: Final ExamS of Graduating Students
March 3: PE Night for PE 2
March 9: Deadline of Final Grades for Graduating Students
March 12: NSTP-CWTS Culminating Activity
March 12-17: Final Exams of Undergraduate Students
March 23: Baccalaureate Mass
March 24: Graduation Day


Latest Changes

This blog is under construction. 

For the past days, I have been very busy taking some actions in order to make my one and only blog better. Just recently, I discovered many great things about having this blog. I was presented with opportunities of not only earning online but also gaining new blogger friends. After almost four years on blogging, I now realize its purpose. 

Because of it, I decided to fix everything in my page. I started from getting my own domain and changing the old "The Coffee Chic" to "I am the Coffee Chic." This first change had many effects for my blog. Some of my external links were broken and my rankings in some sites instantly went down. My Google page rank even declined from PR2 to PR0 which means that I have to work on it again. Right now, I am just waiting for new layout to be completely installed and I will be back in business again!

To the bloggers whom I've exchanged linked with, forgive me if you cannot find your links in my page. I promise to fix them as soon as possible. For the mean time, I cannot give a linky love for my first commentator but I will post it after everything in my blog is okay.

Please support me on my upcoming mini-giveaway for the make-over of the old The Coffee Chic! I will post the details soon! Thank you so much. Anyway, I have also changed the username of my Facebook page. It is now facebook(dot)com/iamthecoffeechic. I hope you could like..


Wednesday, November 9


First of all, I would like to thank ate Rovie of  Anything about Bella and Jenny of Dabawenya for the Sunshine Award. This is not the first time I received something like this but it has been years since I got one. I really appreciate the heart-warming award. Once again, thank you to my blogger friends for sharing this to me.

Now, here's the rules for the recipient of Sunshine Award:

1.) Thank the person who gave this award and write a post about it.
2.) Answer the questions below.
3.) Pass it to 10 fabulous bloggers and send them message to let them know.

* Favorite color? Green!
* Favorite animal? Honestly, I'm not a pet-lover but if I have to choose, I'd pick puppies!
* Favorite number? 8 - Always my lucky number.
* Favorite drink? Pineapple juice! Coffee too, especially when shared with love ones!
*Facebook or Twitter? Both actually. I like updating my FB page and tweeting everything in Twitter.
* Your Passion? Loving. *chos* 
* Giving or getting presents? Giving!
* Favorite Day? Everyday! Always a happy day.
* Favorite flowers? Roses! I want the green ones!

And now in no particular order, the Sunshine Award goes to (drum beating)...

Krizza of Life's Trips and Tricks
KM of More Than Sexy
Haidene of A Neurotic's Neuroticism Overdrive
March of  The Labyrinth of Fickle and Sloppy Thoughts
Renz of The Travelling Nomad
Arvin of Written Feelings
Chano of Sayantifico2005
Yanie of Life Ascending
Jen of I Could Be the One
Albert of How to Become an Einstein


Tuesday, November 8

Crossed Fingers for the Last Semester

Two universities. Three courses. Five years. After everything that I've been through in college, I think March 2012 is the right month for me to graduate. I don't plan to extend it any longer. All that I want is to give mom and dad my diploma as soon as possible. Nothing is more important than making them feel happy and proud. I know, deep in my heart, that they deserve it.

Ever since I started studying for college, I never heard them demand anything from me. When I chose to take BS Biology at the University of the Philippines in Mindanao, they agreed and supported me with my decision. That time, I really wanted to become a Biologist or a Medical Doctor. But having attended the classes and performed lab experiments, I began to realize that it wasn't meant for me. So, I asked my parents if I could transfer to another university and shift to a new course. Again, without long negotiations, they granted my wish. I was enrolled at Ateneo de Davao University under the School of Business and Governance. I took up BS Accountancy which I started to really love. However, somewhere along the way, I experienced things I never wanted to. After a year of being an Accountancy student, I decided to shift again for a new course which is BS in Commerce and Management Accounting. Again, my parents backed up for the new decision I made. They never stopped believing in me despite all the inconsistencies that I had for the previous years.

To return all the good things my parents did for me, I promise myself that BSC-MA is going to be my final degree. So far, everything has been running smoothly and I only have one semester to go.  Hopefully, I will be able to finally attend my own graduation ceremony. As the title says, "Crossing fingers for the last semester." This time, I will never let anything get into the scene. I will pass the 15 units left and soon hand my diploma to the persons who never left me - Mama Gina and Papa Albert.

All my classes for the second semester are scheduled on the days of Tuesday and Thursday every week. I have no classes for the Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. My on-the-job training will also start on January 2012. This means that I could still keep an update of my blog without affecting my studies!

Sunday, November 6

The Yellow and the Red

This 10 minute video is worth your time. Sometimes, we have to listen to the two sides of the story before we could finally understand what is happening and learn about the real truth. For now, let me just share this video for I have no plan of expressing my thoughts about it. Honestly, I have many questions in mind. I think I have to read more books about the Philippine history, specifically during the days of the Martial Law and Edsa Revolution. The moment I understand more about the subject will be the time that I'll write about my thoughts.

This Filipino Visual artpiece is created, authored and directed by a conservative Filipino citizen, residing in the Philippines. The director/author/owner of the video does not intend to offend, insult, humiliate or intimidate his fellow Filipinos or any particular Filipino individual. We are not promoting hatred, violence and discrimination towards our own race. Nor do we promote stereotyping and denigration against any Filipino Individual.

The objective of the director/author/owner of the video is to promote an intelligent and civilized discussion about rectifying the flawed provisions of the Philippine's 1987 Constitution. Provisions that promote a protectionist government where only a few number of rich families benefit while the entire populace of the Philippines is mired in POVERTY, MEDIOCRITY and constant SUFFERING.

The opinion of the director/author/owner of the video is similar to the opinion of a growing number of disillusioned Educated and Enlightened Filipinos who simply wants to elevate their quality of life and get rid of poverty in our country once and for all by freeing up the economy and attracting foreign direct investments that brings job opportunities to the people. The 1987 constitution is responsible for restricting progress in the Philippines for 25 years. The 1987 Constitution must be rectified. This rectification movement must be supported by the people. But first, the people must be informed. Hence the very PURPOSE OF THIS VIDEO.

This is not Hate Speech. This is not Racial Vilification.

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